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By: Keri M.
Bunkey's Car Wash
I filled my tank, paying at the pump, before pulling around to the car wash. While I was filling my tank, I emptied the trash out of my car so I wasn't really paying attention to how much I pumped and I never get a receipt since I just end up throwing them away. I pulled around and the gentleman who took my car was very helpful. When I went in to pay and wait, the man behind the counter tried to charge me $20 for gas. I told him I had paid at the pump and was here to pay for my car wash. He refused to back down, demanded to see a receipt and was becoming very belligerent. He was leaning over the counter at me and was EXTREMELY intimidating. Fortunately, the 2nd man behind the counter asked me if I had the card I'd used. I produced it and man #2 recommended man #1 look it up in the computer to check my story. The charge was there so he couldn't demand the $20 any more but then he started yelling at me for not coming in to pay since I could have saved 15 cents/gallon. He was berating me because "It's posted right there on the pump!" I didn't notice it, I honestly didn't even notice the price of the gas, again, busy with the trash thing. Man #2 said something about man #1 having lost some money from a pump. I didn't listen as it certainly wasn't my fault. I walked away and sat down to wait for my car. I looked up and saw it was being dried so I sat back down. A few minutes later, I looked up again and noticed it had been moved into a parking spot. I asked man #2 if my car was done to which he replied, "Yeah. They honked the horn when they were finished." No one had told me to listen for a horn. Every other place I've ever had my car washed, the people come tell me when it's done. I muttered something under my breath about not being told to listen for a horn while I was thinking to myself, are we trained animals?!?! But I really just wanted to get out of there at that point. I got in and drove 1.5 miles home. When I got out, I noticed several spots still on my car. I can say STILL because they were the spots I'd noticed BEFORE getting my car washed which was the impetus for me getting it done to begin with! I wiped them off but there's no way the people who had hand dried my car could have missed them. They were very obvious. I am giving them 2 stars only because of the gentleman with whom I initially interacted. He was very good. Too bad everything else about this interaction was so terrible. I will never go back, even for gas.
By: dean2222
The Car Wash Lodge
I must say this is the best car wash I have ever used. The express option was awesome, for $8.00 my car was clean and dry and the process took approx. one minute, with this option they offer the use of free vacuum's and complimentary towel's with window cleaner. I have also used the full service option, the car was detailed to perfection. The staff was courteous and respectful and I had very little waiting time. What a great place! The really cool thing is you can buy a full service wash and go next door to Harris Teeter to shop, food shopping and car wash all done at once! I used to be a Bunky's customer, not anymore!
By: B nicole B.
The Car Wash Lodge
I love this place. They treat my cars so well. I drop it off and go to work and come back in like an hour or so. If you are worried about the actual car wash messing up your car they have a handwash option. If you have a new car I would recommend that. Even though my brand new mustang has been doing just fine going thru the wash.
By: eliteadvgroup
The Car Wash Lodge
They have done a phenomenal job on my vehicle! I go there monthly and I have referred many friends. I cannot get over the detail that these guys do at such a low rate. I have paid over 300 in detail services in the past, and none of come near the quality that these guys can!
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By: jim.petty2
Bunkey's Car Wash
Excellent customer service! I have always received above and beyond customer service at this bunkey's of Cary @ 11092morrow Baines ct

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