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By: k-dawg
The Preowned Store
I went here to the Preowned Jeep Store to look around at some Jeeps and when I pulled in wow! it was like I was a kid and had just landed at the candy store! There was so many Jeeps to look at! I was looking around and a guy named Brittan came to me and introduced himself and told me to feel free to look around as long as I wanted and if I had any questions or seen any I wanted to check out and drive to let him know. I drove one and returned and he told me if that wasn't the one I wanted to pick out another and test drive it. I test drove 4 different Jeeps before I found the one I wanted. I asked Brittan and another guy there named Gary some questions like if I wanted these wheels and not those, or this top and not that one and etc. They told me no problem! whatever I wanted they would see to it that it was just as I wished. They were so nice and friendly and helpful and very patient with me. They didn't try to rush me or force me into anything like any other dealership that I have been to. The price was right, the payment was right and I was right for going there. By time I left there I had met several of the other people that worked there, Big Tim, Little Tim, Charlie, Christy and I felt like I was part of the family. Everybody made me feel welcome and I just want them all to know how much I appreciate each one of them. Some reviews I read must have got mixed up with another store cause there is no way they could have been talking about this one! So for anyone looking to buy a Jeep, the preowned Jeep Store in Cartersville Ga. is the RIGHT PLACE. Since I bought my Jeep there, I have had no problems and I love my Jeep!!!!!! I am a very satisfied customer!!!!
By: Allison C.
Preowned Truck Store
Bought a 1999 Cherokee here on April 24. It's a nice vehicle, although they overcharged the A/C so it blew out the compressor and I now have to replace it. At the time, they gave us a temp tag good through May 24. Chris (the owner/manager) said that the title may take up to 3 weeks, but no worries, we would surely have it in plenty of time to register the vehicle before the temp tag expired. May 24th has come and gone. Still no tag. And getting them to respond, call back or otherwise make good is like pulling teeth. So, I have been without my vehicle since Saturday. And I am STILL waiting on my title. I was told this morning when I called that "someone" who could help with the title would be in around 1pm today. They've also told me that they've been short staffed. These are not my problems. My problem is their inability to complete a simple task in over a month! So, roll the dice and take your chances. You might end up with a good vehicle that you can't drive.
By: Big T.
The Preowned Store
Wanted to trade in my beat up Jeep Wrangler TJ for one in better condition. Heard about these guys so my wife and I went to check them out. This is not your typical used car place. They are a low pressure, take your time, answer any questions, friendly group. They let you test drive any and as many as you'd like. We didn't buy at that time but came back a few days later and worked out a deal on a great looking, low mileage, customized Wrangler JK. I was able to trade in my old Wrangler for far more than I was expecting. Before signing the deal I was made aware of the possibility of an engine light issue but was told to bring it in if it came on. It came on and I took it in. Though it took a little time, Charlie and his crew were able to find the problem and fix it at their own cost, even though it was 30 days past the purchase date. If you're looking for a great deal on a used jeep I would definitely recommend this store.
By: Kirb B.
The Preowned Store
This place was great. Super helpful staff and a very wide selection of really nice Jeeps. It was very hot when we were out looking for our Jeep and one of the young ladies on the staff brought us out a cold water complete with a free koozie! Talk about service!We test drove 5 different Jeeps during our visit and all of them seemed to be in very good condition. When we found the one we wanted to make an offer on, they were very reasonable and even let us do a tire swap for free. I have never seen that in a dealership but it was wonderful. They even charged the air conditioner before they gave us the keys, most places would make you do it on your own or at least pay for it.All in all this was a very good experience and if you are looking for a nice, clean, used Jeep at a reasonable price, I would recommend that you stop here to look.
By: Ange N.
The Preowned Store
Bought and used Jeep and absolutely love it!!! You need to visit this place if you are even THINKING about getting a Jeep!!!! Two weeks after I got it, it rained for the 1st time and we discovered a fairly large hole in the back curtain and it let in a good amount of water. Now I know I bought a (very) used Jeep and that these things are sometimes missed. I called the guys up and they were able to get me in the next day. They replaced the old soft top with a brand new one, no questions asked. They apologized for the inconvenience (1.5 hour drive down from Chattanooga) and told me to let them know if I had any other problems. They were wonderful and really took care of me! I highly recommend that you check them out!
By: Chelsea I.
The Preowned Store
I bought a jeep absolutely love it. The staff are some of the friendliest I've ever encountered. They go the extra mile to ensure you get all the options you want on your Jeep. From the moment I stepped on the lot, it was unlike any used car lot I'd ever been to. They don't try to sell you a vehicle just for the sake of a sale, they do their best to get you the vehicle you truly want. If that means swapping options from one Jeep to another, they get it done. Every member of the staff was overly nice and accommodating. I will definitely recommend this place to any of my friends looking to buy a Jeep. A huge thank you to every member of the staff that made my buying experience truly one of a kind.
By: Garth M.
The Preowned Store
I thought I was thrilled when I found The Pre-Owned Jeep Store online...you should have seen how ecstatic I was when I drove through the gates! Seeing all the Wranglers (and other Jeeps) on the lot made me feel like I'd returned to the mother ship after floating in lonely space for too long :-) I owned a TJ over 10 years ago, and don't recall why I even got rid of it, but I've always missed it. Now that the time has come to get another one, I knew this was the place to make my purchase. I had a great experience with them - so great that it was SHORT - between my first telephone call with "Little Tim" on the sales team to my purchase was about 6 hours.
By: Tamqrah B.
The Preowned Store
If you're looking to buy a jeep then ya gotta go here to the preowned jeep store. These guys will make you feel right at home and will not pressure you and you will be buying a great jeep that will be dependable and get you back and forth to where ever you're going whether its on the road or off road. I know these things to be a fact because I have purchased two jeeps from here and they are awesome! I've had no trouble with mine at all. They have so many to choose from. Before you go buy anywhere else ya need to go here first, you'll be glad you did! You'll get the best service, meet the best people, and drive away in the best jeeps.
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By: Tina C.
R & J Motors
An auction dealer told me about R & J Motors and how honest they are. I had to help my daughter purchase her first car. I told Randy how important her safety was and he totally understood. Needless to say I bought my daughters first car there. Never a problem. She was in a bad car accident that toteled that car and when it was time to buy another car...she went back to Randy at R & J. A family friend recently went there and bought her first car there...then last week a co-worker just bought a car there. My youngest daughter is about ready for her first car...we will be going to see Randy at R & J Motors!!!
By: Beti E.
The Preowned Store
It's rare that you see people go so far, and happily, out of there way to make sure that you are completely happy with your jeep! Let's face it, these are preowned vehicles and there will obviously be imperfections and most sellers would have sold you the jeep and said, enjoy, and you would go on your merry way and start repairing stuff. Not these people, They do as much as they can to make you happy even without you asking. This is probably the best car buying experience I have ever had. They even gave me a sandwich one day! Big 5 stars from me! Thanks, I'm going really enjoy my jeep.

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