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By: Aubrnfan256 ..
Stonemill Apartments
My time at Stone Mill was fairly uneventful until it was time to move out. Sure, I had my share of maintenance issues but for the most part my issues were taken care of promptly. Upon receipt of the apartment, I did my inspection. I was in a bit of a time crunch to get the apartment so the previous tenant moved out only days before. I was told that was (used resident by name)’s apartment so it should be clean. The only thing management had cleaned in the apartment were the carpets. I did my inspection and everything did seem clean enough. I noticed later that the last person to paint the apartment was a huge amateur with paint sprayer. The bathtub seemed satisfactory to me. It definitely looked used but nothing I didn’t expect at an apartment. I lived there for a little over year with only a few issues with noise. My neighbor was a smoker and it never failed to seep into my apartment somehow under the sink. If you opened the cabinet doors under the sink, the smell would just about knock you down. I complained about it a few times but there wasn’t much that could be done. My issues with Stone Mill did not arise until I moved out. On move out day, my mother spent the entire day cleaning that apartment. Everything was back to the way I received it, if not cleaner. Almost two months past and I finally remember I never received my deposit in the mail. I called and spoke with Deborah, she said she would have to look into it and call me back. I waited a few days and never received a phone call. So I call her again. She says that she pulled my file and unfortunately the tub had to be reglazed because it was too dirty for the cleaning professionals. I tell her that is impossible because I made sure everything was as clean as when I received it. There is no way that after only a year worth of use that a tub requires reglazing. She basically told me the tub was never cleaned which is false. I explained that this is some mistake because I inspected everything myself after my mother was on her hands and knees cleaning every inch. She said that it was on her inspection report and even the professional cleaners remarked at how dirty the entire apartment was. I am not in the habit of showering or bathing in a tub that is so filthy it cannot be professionally cleaned. I was appalled by the lies. I read the reviews for this place before selecting it. All around positive except there were a few reviews mentioning the scams at move out. I just figured those people may have been a little messier than they realized. I am here to reiterate what others have said before me. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR DEPOSIT BACK. Fortunately for me, my deposit was only $150 because I have excellent credit. However, for those that don’t and must pay a higher deposit amount, beware! The reglazing fee and my deposit just happen to be the exact same amount. I have a few pictures of the apartment on the day I moved out but unfortunately I took these for only memories sake. I did not take any of the bathroom. So IF you have to live here. TAKE PICTURES OF EVERY DETAIL BEFORE YOU MOVE OUT FOR PROOF.

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