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By: sskalin
Tom Perkins - Roofing Contractor
As the previous roofer seemed in capable of preventing our 20-25 year shingle roof from leaking (at 8 years old), we choose to go with Mr. Perkins. He came highly recommended from several different friends as being competitive in price, accurate in work and fast in service. He came out, identified, explained and showed my wife and I the different problems we were facing. In the process of doing the roof, Perkins and his crew further identified some problems with the actual timber of the roof that could not be seen while the shingles and plywood were in place. At no additonal cost to us, he and his crew fixed these issues which were the direct root of our leak problems. He did not ignore them or pretend NOT to see them as apperantly the last roofer had. Plenty of pictures were taken to show us how our roof problem was fixed and NOW Guaranteed NOT to have a problem. Several months later with lots of different wind and rain storms, we remain thoroughly satisfied with his companies work. Mr. Perkins comes highly recommended!
By: Ed R.
Tom Perkins - Roofing Contractor
I met Tom through my property management business and when I found out that he was a roofer I asked him to come out and give me an estimate on replacing my roof. He came out with one of his job supervisors and measured the roof and showed me the difference in the quality of the products he uses and the quality of the ones these fly-by-night outfits use and I knew he was right because a bunch of my neighbors had used those other guys so I knew what Tom was saying was dead on. Tom impressed me right from the beginning. I could tell he was a man of integrity and knew what he was talking about when it came to roofing so I awarded him the job. Everything happened exactly as he told me it would. He and his crew were prompt, courteous and professional. Tom was there the entire time the work was being done overseeing every aspect of the job. I could not be more pleased with my roof and job that Tom and his crew did for us. I recommend this man of integrity without reservation.
By: ckbowen
Tom Perkins - Roofing Contractor
What I expected to be a disturbing experience turned out to be a great learning experience. A friend recommended Tom Perkins to me when my insurance company said I must have repairs to the roof or they would not continue to insure my property. Mr. Perkins was quick to respond to my request for an inspection and quote. He fully explained what would need to be completed in order to replace the roof properly. I was very pleased that he and his crew were prompt, professional (no wasting time) and followed each step in the replacement process that he had said they would do. The roof looks like "professionals" did the work. The insurance agent came to inspect the roof and his words were, "wow - how straight, that looks great. you will have not problems with the insurance being renewed". I have no hesitation in recommending Tom Perkins and his crew. P.S. the price was very competitive also.
By: awhiteincarrollton
Tom Perkins - Roofing Contractor
Tom Perkins is a very honest and knowledgeable man in a world where both of these characteristics of business owners are dissipating. Tom always kept my husband and I updated with the steps regarding the re-roofing of our home and always answered his phone and emails. Tom is very conscious of communication. He keeps his costs down but doesn't cut corners on service or materials. He also takes pictures which is very important when dealing with your insurance company. He came out with his crew and re-roofed our home on a Sunday! Tom is such a nice and trustworthy person and I will recommend him to anyone looking for all the services he provides from full service roofing to consulting. We're so happy we chose Tom and his crew and he does not disappoint. We obtained 8 estimates and we chose Tom...I think that says it all.
By: John B.
Tom Perkins - Roofing Contractor
We had leak around our fireplace that had gotten worse over the last two years. I did some research for roofing crews in our area. When I found Mr. Perkins on YP and read the reviews I knew he was the man for the job. I contacted Mr. Perkins and as promised he contacted us a few days later to come look at the issue. He explained what the issue was and what he would charge to make it right. He showed up at the time he stated he and his crew would be there to do the work and completed the repair that morning. He photographed what he found and what repairs he made. Once again poor workmanship when the home was built was the issue. We have had a couple of rain events since the repair and NO LEAK!! I recommend Tom Perkins for your roofing needs. Thanks Tom and crew for a great job!!!
By: labarto
Tom Perkins - Roofing Contractor
Found evidence of new water damage in my ceiling around the fireplace chimney and I called Tom Perkins, "FLASHING EXPERT". He came out the very next morning and identified my problem. Returned the very next day to fix my problem ahead of the next rain storm. He was prompt, courteous and even re-negotiated my bill DOWN by $100 after actually removing some shingles to better see what was needed. He even helped me fix a gutter guard (and cleaned out the leaves) while his ladder was up there! What great customer service! He also sent me digital photos of before and after up there on the roof. It is a real pleasure to have an honest, experienced professional doing critical work on my home, my largest investment. I HIGHLY recommend Tom to do all of your roofing repairs.
By: Julia K.
Tom Perkins - Roofing Contractor
I am so excited about my new roof provided by Tom Perkins Roofing Contractors!!! I initially had three estimates. Everything that Mr. Perkins offered in his proposal was superior to the offerings of his competitors. The competitors recommended "short cuts" in the completion of my roof and offered lesser quality materials. The materials that Mr. Perkins used were pristine and of the highest quality. Mr. Perkin's crew has worked with him for 12 years . They all take great pride in their work and took no short cuts. All work was done on time and within' budget. I had some time to chat with Tom and grew to understand that he is a man of highest values and morals led by his commitment to his heritage. It was truly a pleasure working with Tom and his crew.
By: Steve B.
Tom Perkins - Roofing Contractor
I contacted several roof contractors when I needed my roof replaced, and decided to chose Tom Perkins. His prices were very reasonable and it took the time to explain everything in great detail as far as how the roof would be installed. He told me it would take about two days, and he completed the job within that time despite having to stop several times during our pop-up showers. The shingles and the dumpster arrived as promised, he arrived on time and his crew did a professional job. Tom is a last of a breed, a man who takes pride in his work and his word. He is a good man and does a professional job on time, and for the price he quoted. I highly recommend him.
By: Charlotte H.
Tom Perkins - Roofing Contractor
Perkins returned our calls quickly and at the time we requested he call. He explained what needed to be done in detail and how much it cost. The supplies arrived on time. The driver asked where the pipes were in the yard and avoided driving on them. Perkins, also, took care to avoid where the underground pipes were. No damage was done to the pipes. Perkins and his crew arrived when he said they would. They covered the a/c before they started and worked steadily and finished quickly. Perkins saw that all the leaks were sealed. The crew cleaned up – old roofing, new roofing, nails, papers – everything – before they left. The new roof is beautiful.
By: p.j.kucsera
Tom Perkins - Roofing Contractor
What a pleasure...It may seem strange to say that having to have your roof replaced was a pleasure; however, after meeting and discussing the job with Mr. Perkins it was a pleasure to meet someone who still cared about doing a quality job at an extremely fair price. Tom, as you will call him once you meet him, explained every detail involved in the job and even explained his costs. I would recommend Tom Perkins and his crew to anyone because it was a pleasure to have a job done where attention to detail and workmanship still mattered. If you need a roof replaced or repaired you will not find anyone better than Tom and his crew.
Tips & Advices
The most common types of roofing material are:
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Slate shingles
  • Concrete roofing
Metal roofing material and algae-resistant asphalt shingles are the appropriate roofing material for rainy climates.
Houses located in  areas which are prone to wildfires, should avoid the use of flammable roofing materials such as wood shingles.
Not only should you ask to get in contact with past clients, it is also recommended that  homeowners visit projects currently underway to see how the contractor or company actually performs during a job. You can also go online and check out other customer reviews.
Reputable roofers do offer a warranty against poor workmanship. Additionally, the material used often carries a warranty from the manufacturer against defects (assuming proper installation). It is the homeowner’s responsibility to check on the availability of all such warranties before any work is performed.

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