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By: Dean R.
Dean's Mobile Small Engine
I have been calling on Dean for many years now. He has extensive experience repairing outdoor power equipment and delivers exceptional service! He can regularly make the service call inside of a week. When he leaves, you usually have your machine back in service! What more can you ask for?! His prices are pretty much what you would pay at a repair shop except; you don't have pick-up & delivery fees, you don't have to struggle loading & unloading your equipment taking it to & from the repair shop, and you NEVER have to wait 3-4 weeks before you get your equipment back in service. His goal is to leave the customer with reliable, dependable equipment, that can be started & used the way it's supposed to be. He stands behind all his repairs, even if it means additional trips to correct an issue. He is also very informative as to what his customers can do on their part as to avoiding repetitive costly repairs. I won't go to anyone else, EVER!! It's like having your very own personal mechanic that makes house calls. Very convenient & would definitely recommend his service!!
By: nancy.gladkinhessler
Dean's Mobile Small Engine
Great service! Dean came out ASAP and repaired my 15 year old garden tractor, making it run and cut like brand new! He took apart the carb, cleaned it well, installed blades, balanced the deck and checked over all systems (fuel, electrical, etc.) to be sure everything was running correctly. He was not in any hurry to move on to the next customer, and made sure the tractor was cutting correctly and evenly by watching as it mowed a few paths. I discovered Dean cares for lawn equipment for area golf courses, so he really knows his mowers! He even gave me pointers on proper and preventative maintenance, so my tractor will stay running like new for many years to come. As a side note, his fee was WAY too cheap for his expertise! I'll definitely save his number!
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By: Nancy S.
Dean's Mobile Small Engine
He was a life saver for me today!!! My husband was mowing the lawn and the mower stopped mid way through. Went looking for places that would be able to fix mower but a lot were closed due to holiday weekend. Found Dean's Mobile and called him and within an hour Dean was here to fix our lawn mower. Will use in future if needed. Very professional and prompt and also reasonable prices. Thank you Dean!
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By: Linda T.
Dean's Mobile Small Engine
Dean is an excemptial person.he is prompt and very knowledgeable when it comes to small engine repair.dean came out to repair my tractor which was not starting.dean. thoughly inspected the engine and explained. In detail. The components on the engine.tractor is running very well.i would highly recommend deans mobile service
Tips & Advices
When a lawn mower issue arises, it generally results in the either the mower’s inability to start or its inability to cut properly. The most common causes of these issues include:
  • Clogged air filter
  • Flooded engine
  • Dead spark plug
  • Overfilling of oil
  • Dull cutting blade
  • A dirty undercarriage
  • Gasoline or oil that is too old and has gone stale
  • Overheated engine
Reel mowers are those without engines that use a series of vertically spinning blades to slice the grass, much like a pair of scissors would. These mowers are typically smaller and are pushed manually by an operator. But larger reel mowers can be towed behind tractors or multipurpose vehicles, which is how most golf course lawns are maintained. These mowers make shallow cuts and disperse the clippings broadly back over the lawn. This is known as grasscycling. a form of self-fertilizing, and is generally considered to be good for the grass’ health and longevity. Rotary mowers generally have a single blade that spins horizontally and is powered by a small gas or electric engine. These mowers can be adjusted to cut thick or shallow grass and disperse the clippings neatly to one side, greatly easing the process of clean up. Rotary mowers can be pushed manually, ridden by a driver, or towed behind tractors and multipurpose vehicles.
  • Clean blades and the undercarriage of clippings and dirt at least once per year to prevent rusting
  • Change oil, air filter, and spark plug once every one to two  years
  • If the mower is being stored for a long period of time, such as during the winter, drain the remaining gas and oil
Lawn mower spark plugs should be changed every one to two  years.
Lawn mower blades should be sharpened every one to two 1 to 2 months, or around twice each season.

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