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By: godoy07
Best Buy
Nicest people, fast service. I drive farther just to go to this best buy.
By: Alex S.
CPR Cell Phone Repair Carmel
I cracked the screen on my Nexus 4 and investigated my options.Fix it myself: Parts $80 Time: three days to get the part 4 hours labor at leastMail in service: $180 with a year warranty Time: one business week turnaroundCell Phone CPR: $135 with 6 months warranty Time: About a business week.I went with cellphone CPR in Carmel, IN because of the price and location. I paid half upfront and the part was in by the end of the week and I had the repaired phone in my hand by Friday. I immediately noticed that the screen was of greatly a lower quality than the factory one I had come to know. It felt more like a composite polymer than glass and the phone itself was subsequently lighter. Fine I thought, at least the phone works well; this beats buying a new phone. However, as I inspected the screen more I noticed that it did not perfectly fit the phone and or was fitted poorly by the staff. I realized I could get a fingernail between the screen and the phone itself. This looseness was also noticeable when pressing the screen. It gave way a bit. This finally resulted in some disruption to the digitalizer and I promptly took it back.It took them another few days to get another part, about which I asked whether they were happy with the quality thereof to which they replied yes. I told them this fitting issue might be an issue with who supplies their distributor. They expressed confidence in this new piece which they installed. This second screen had the same fitting issues. I could still get a nail between the phone and screen and I noticed that I could not use my phone to browse while I took a call. I took the phone in again to address these issues. They said they could just adjust the sensitivity of my phone to the light that was getting in to the phone since the screen was poorly fitted, as opposed to actually fixing the problem. Eventually they ordered another (3rd) screen and when this arrived I went yet again to get it fixed. I can make calls and use my phone, but now I have white spots on my screen and the screen still is not properly fitted. They ordered another screen (4th), this time from a different industrial batch, but when it came in they concluded that it was as terrible as the previous ones so they ordered yet another, this time finally from a different source or at least I was told (5th). They told me they had the part. I came in and dropped off my phone with an hour left of their work day and came the next day to pick it up. Apparently the person who took the phone in did not leave any written instructions for the following day's staff and they were unable to do anything with the phone. It has now taken over a month, eight visits, missed interviews and has still cost me $135. If I were you I would choose another option, perhaps just buy a new phone, try another repair shop, or resign yourself to the cell phone hell that is this institution.
By: gandk07
Best Buy
i ordered 2 products online. i was given one correct product and one that was not right. it was 2 computer programs. both of the items were placed in a bag and took them home. when i found out about the mistake i called the store. i was told that just to bring it back. i am sorry i think that if the store makes a mistake they should do something for the customer. to make matters even better i live about 50 miles away from the store. this is not the stores fault about how far i live, but it was the closest store to me that had the product in stock. so when i return this it will be the last time i will be in a best buy store.

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