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By: Bonnie K.
Reliable Automotive
Jake and crew are the BEST! We broke down in Carlsbad - problems with our EGR valve in our 2004 Ford F-350 diesel. We had replaced the EGR valve 2000 miles previously due to carbon crystal build-up causing it to stick open, and then had to have it cleaned out AGAIN for more carbon crystals clogging it up after an addition 1500 miles. Jake didn't just clean it out again and send us on our merry way, he actually figured out what was causing all of our problems and repaired that so it wouldn't happen again. It was a crack in the EGR COOLER that was leaking coolant into the EGR cooler and EGR valve forming coolant crystals which when covered with soot looked like carbon crystals. He was able to show us what had been going on in our truck's engine and explain it in easy to understand terms. Jake and his crew worked a lot of overtime two days in a row in order to get our truck back to us relatively quickly. We selected Reliable Automotive based on a recommendation from One Stop Diesel Repair in Carlsbad, NM - called them and they only work on big rigs, not F-350s. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found Jake and Reliable Automotive.
By: davenothere
Flemings Auto Repair
Clutch broke in Artesia on Monday evening and I had the car towed to Fleming's. Tuesday morning they called me and said they would get the parts by Wednesday and have the car done on Thursday. Well, the car is from Wisconsin and has a lot of salt rust so a couple of bolts broke off. They called me Thursday and let me know that they would have to charge me for the broken parts, but they would cover the front end alignment because the car wouldn't be done until Friday.Considering the emergency broken clutch and the rusted undercarriage, I was still quite impressed with the customer service and and quick-turn.Good shop, Chris, Cliff and the rest of the team - I am a happy customer!
By: james2056
David's Auto Repair
Little out of the way but worth the trip. Great mechanic. I took my car in for alternator. He noticed ac leaking got all fixed works great . i will go backHappy Customer
By: james.bushman.5
Reliable Automotive
This place is great #1 Automotive shop in carlsbad nm.
Tips & Advices
If you have comprehensive coverage, some - if not all - of the windshield repair and replacement costs are covered by the insurance company. Check with your insurance company to inquire about what they are able to pay. It’s also important to consider the deductible. If the cost of the replacement/repair is greater than the current deductible, the insurance company can cover the difference. But if the repair costs are less than the deductible, you will have to pay the full cost out of pocket.
Generally, most professionals can install a new windshield in around one hour and can make repairs in less than 30 minutes.
Wait 24 hours before entering a car wash with a new or repaired windshield. The high water pressures and cleaning chemicals could damage the windshield adhesive.
Most professional installers advise waiting an hour before driving again with a new or repaired windshield.
The cost of replacing a windshield can vary even more than getting it repaired, because the vehicle’s make and model, not the severity of the crack/chip, determine costs. Newer and higher-end vehicles cost more to have their windshields replaced because certain manufacturers use modified or proprietary glass types.

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