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By: Camaiti C.
Hoehn Honda
For the past many years, we have avoided getting our Hondas serviced here, but things have recently changed. Hoehn has hired a new service manager, Stacey Gregg, who is doing a fabulous job of turning the situation around. The young woman who greeted me in the driveway, Amanda, was polite and efficient, as was the service advisor. I have had problems with the GPS in my Accord, so Stacey went to bat for me and got me the newest version, at no cost to me. The installation took a while, so I had plenty of time to notice the difference between the way things have been and the way they are now. The waiting room has been designed to make everyone comfortable. There is a long counter for those who want to plug in their laptops, a separate play room for parents with children, a great cappucino machine, a jar of energy bars, newspapers, bottles of water, and more. I had my dog with me and an employee brought her a homemade dog cookie it. Judging by my dog's response, the cookie was delicious. As we were leaving, someone else gave her extras for the trip home. Everyone seemed focused on giving personalized service. Stacey kept me in the loop all morning, as the installation progressed, making sure that I knew where we were in the process. Everyone seemed like they were happy to be working there. The change in attitude was palpable. Now that this service dept. has first-class management and an obvious change in the culture, we will be going there again for service on both of our Hondas.
By: Adi B.
Hoehn Honda
We were in search for a new vehicle. We talked about getting a new car for a long time. We decided to go with a Honda Accord. A friend of ours referred us to Hoehn Honda in Carlsbad. We were assisted with Angelina. She may have given us the best customer service we have ever had. When she first met us she had a big welcoming smile. We told her what we were looking for and she found us the best car. She talked to us as if we were family. She did not try to pressure us in any way of getting a new car. She was very kind and welcoming. She offered us drinks and and snacks right when we sat down. She made sure to find us what we liked rather than what she had in her inventory. Luckily the car we wanted was in stock. She brought us out to test drive the car. She really made sure that we were satisfied with the car before we even sat down with numbers. When we sat down to crunch numbers she told us straight out that she isn't going to play the typical car salesperson game where we have to go back and forth with numbers. She took her time in finding us the best price. We walked out with a car and couldn't be any happier. We will definitely come back when we are purchasing another car and we strongly recommend that you do the same. We give her an A+++
By: Ediva K.
Ken Grody Ford - Carlsbad
Ken Grody Ford in Carlsbad was truly Awesome! My visit here was such a noteworthy one that I just needed to share it. My wife and I are getting ready to go into retirement and travel the U.S. and needed to buy a truck to pull our 5th Wheel trailer, so we went into Ken Grody Ford in Carlsbad. We ended up getting exactly what we were looking for which was a brand new Ford F-250 Lariat Crew Cab 4X4 (diesel) and couldn't be more pleased. Every aspect of our experience at this dealership was an incredible. From the moment we arrived at the dealership we could feel the difference. Ian Schoenberger was our Sales Consultant and his friendly, pleasant demeanor instantly put us at ease. He was extremely professional and had an extensive background and knowledge of trucks, there towing capacities, capabilities and limitations. His vast experience in this area coupled his understanding of the vehicles we were interested in was exceedingly beneficial to us and helped us greatly in making the right vehicle selection for our needs. There was No Sales Hype, No Pressure, just a true willingness and desire to educate and help us in any way possible; it was really a breath of fresh air!
By: Dhal L.
Ken Grody Ford - Carlsbad
My husband and I went in this weekend to just test drive SUV's. It was our first day looking and we weren't going to make any moves until later this summer. We pull into the lot and were greeted right away by Ryan. He showed us the new 2015 Ford Edge. We knew at that time that it was going to be out of our price range, but since we were only test driving today we thought that we would at least get a feel for the car. After the test drive we went in to talk numbers (again- just to get an idea of what we were looking at for later this summer). They of course came back with something way over our budget. Which we knew was going to happen. We let the sales manager, Shane, know this and let him know that it that was more just a browsing day. He ended up coming back with an offer on a new 2014 Edge that was really good, but again not something that we were willing to do at the time. This happened a few times until Shane came back with an offer that was too good to pass up.
By: Contre R.
Hoehn Honda
Salesman Dave is the BEST! TOP NOTCH customer service. I bought a new car loaded with features I totally didn't understand a couple of weeks ago. The salesman I bought it from showed me how to connect my phone and play music and that's it. He referred me to the disc in the glove box for further instruction. Who has time for that? I had to go back there today to deal with a new car license plate issue and I had a question about one of the features in the car and the salesman that sold me the car was not there. I asked Dave and he came out to the car and walked me through ALL the features an benefits and showed me how to utilize everything. He obviously had nothing to gain but just wanted to make sure I had excellent customer service. Very impressive! I wish I bought my car from Dave. I could have really enjoyed all these features sooner rather than driving around wondering when I'd have time to watch a disc. Thank you Dave! You rock! If looking for a car here ASK FOR DAVE!
By: Sybil H.
Ken Grody Ford - Carlsbad
I don't think I have ever had a better customer experience than I have with Ken Grody Carlsbad Ford. These guys have bent over backwards to make sure my experience was the best it could be. I bought a used truck and had a few small problems which they took care of immediately. Not only did they take care of my issues they did another full inspection and fixed everything they could find no matter how minor to ensure my customer experience was the best it could be. They also paid for a rental car for the day and reimbursed me for my gas to drive down from the Bay Area. These guys have been in constant contact with me from the day I bought my truck. Regardless of the hassle I had to deal with, the Ken Grody Carlsbad management has been amazing at reducing the hassle. My salesman Eric Flores has also been amazing at getting things going for me and checking up on me throughout my experience. Great job Eric thanks for taking care of me even after the sale.
By: Arlin D.
Ken Grody Ford - Carlsbad
I drove down from orange county to buy a new Ford Explorer and my experience was incredible. I was welcomed (not pressured at all!) by several staff members and then Kurt Maletych (one of the owners and the General Manager) came out and personally made sure everything was absolutely perfect during my new vehicle purchase. I got a better price than any other Ford dealership I visited, and the paperwork process only took 10 minutes. They gave me a really high value for my trade-in and made sure we knew how to use all the features on our awesome new Ford Explorer Sport. These guys are five stars all the way, this is my second purchase from them and I have referred four friends to this dealership. I would never buy a Ford anywhere else. I bought a 2016 Ford Explorer sport with the magnetic gray color, I absolutely love my SUV and the Ken Grody team in Carlsbad made my experience that much better. Nothing but great things to say about everyone there.
By: Cy T.
Hoehn Honda
We have owned Honda's for many years now and have frequently had them serviced and repaired at Hoehn. I have no complaints about their service or their work. Recently, our second car, a 2001 Honda Civic, was starting to get temperamental. After being parked for a while, sometimes it didn't want to start. Looked up the issue on Google and found that it is a common symptom of a faulty fuel pump relay. I bought one on Amazon, but couldn't get the old one out. Luckily the car started this time, and I ran up to Hoehn to get the relay installed. I went in without an appointment and explained my problem. I expected to get a lecture on the issues of self-diagnosis and a substantial bill to install. The service rep listened and said, "Oh. Let me get one of our mechanics to come out and install it for you." Ten minutes later my new relay was installed at no charge, and I was on my way. Now that is how to treat a customer!
By: Kay H.
Hoehn Honda
What a wonderful and dynamic team at Hoehn Honda! Upon arrival, smiling faces greeted me and immediately made me feel at home. Salesman Tony Thompson was able to get me an incredible deal on a gorgeous new Civic. Since it was my first time leasing, he took his time explaining the benefits of leasing, while patiently answering all of my questions. His knowledge, expertise, and friendly outgoing demeanor made car buying an enjoyable experience. He showed me all of the useful features on my car and even followed up with me the next day to see how I was getting on with my new ride! Additionally, Lauren Humphries in the finance department expedited the paperwork to make the process fast and efficient. She was friendly and engaging, while thoroughly going over all of the pertinent payment information. In all, I feel that Hoehn and their team of experts deserve high praise for customer satisfaction. I will definitely be back!
By: Uva V.
Hoehn Honda
Since I already knew what I wanted, Angelina Calaguian got right to work trying to find the right car for me. I had very specific color black upholstery. Kristy Garza was there as well, offering suggestions. It took awhile but I finally found the color combination for me and I love my new car. Both Angelina and Kristy worked hard to make sure I got exactly what I wanted and they did it with great patience. Angelina handled the paper work really efficiently with clear understandable explanations. The whole process went very smoothly. I also have to commend Terry Rumford for the terrific job she did handling the financial part of the process....again with clear and understandable explanations. She also arranged a refund on the extended warranty on my old car. Finally both Angelina and Kristy transferred everything from my old car to my new car. I left Hoehn Honda a very happy new car owner!
Tips & Advices
Many dental technologists are trained on the job, starting with simple tasks and progressing over the years to handle more complex responsibilities as they gather more experience. Formal training is available, and it involves getting an accredited two-year associate degree. Dental technologists can also obtain certification, which involves passing a certified dental technician exam.
Many dental labs provide guarantees for their work, and they will replace or repair a product if it fails. The timespan covered by this guarantee varies from product to product. For example, screw-retained implant abutments often come with a 20-year guarantee. Transition crowns and bridges are usually guaranteed for up to two years.
Many dental labs offer pickup and delivery services. They will send a driver to a dental office for pick up, and, once the work is finished, they will have the driver deliver the product to your office. Many dental labs offer this service at no additional charge.
Patients rarely deal with dental labs directly. In most cases, dental labs communicate only with a patient's dentist, building products based on dental molds that the dentist has taken. However, a small percentage of dentists operate in-house dental labs, and in these cases, patients can communicate directly with dental lab technicians.
In most states, dental technicians aren't legally required to obtain certification. However, if a dental lab wishes to obtain certification, the lab must be supervised by a certified dental technician, or CDT. To maintain certification, a CDT has to commit to continuing education. CDTs can choose specialties such as implants, orthodontics, ceramics, and complete dentures.

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