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By: djs333
Chuze Fitness
I really like this gym. It's clean and has many many exercise machines in nearly new condition. I was surprised at how big the place was when I got there the first time, couldn't believe I was getting all of that for $10 a month. Sure, there is a $30-40 annual fee, but its not really hidden, and divide that $40 out over 12 months and it is around $3 a month. So the monthly cost is still only about $13. The classes are great, I've been doing yoga at studios for years and the yoga classes at Chuze are good enough for me. There aren't tons of classes, maybe 35 different classes each week; I wish there were more, but I feel this is very fair for what I pay each month. Membership change fee is only $10 if you want to change packages to a cheaper or more expensive membership. I believe that the other reviewer on this page is mistaken, I don't think there is any fee to cancel, maybe the $10 change fee.I have never seen a machine be out-of-order here. Everything is very clean, and they have sanitizer spray and paper towels throughout the building for regularly wiping down the equipment. Staff is super courteous and helpful. And they even have surprise perks, like on the last wednesday of each month they give out tons of free pizza all evening as customer appreciation. I know what you are thinking, why give pizza to people that are working out. But let me tell you, after an hour of lifting or cardio, a couple pieces of pizza really hits the spot. There may be other secret perks like this, but this is the only one I have stumbled on so far.
By: karmalitame
At first class I was sincerely impressed by the level of intensity in these classes. Have taken mega reformer classes at Fitness Movement and Coreology both amazing SOCAL studios and am familiar with the equipment. I love that there are combination classes with the mega reformer and Cycke. There is quite a different vibe between classes if you can get in. They will sell you a package anf then it's difficult to schedule a class. Could deal with that by good planning. The inconsistency between instructors is the reason for a low rating though. I don't have the time or want to waste the money on an instructor who is condescending to those new to the rquipment and cold. I don't mind being pushed really intensely on the equipment but have had enough experience with personal trainers to recognize greatness and personality conflicts from trainers who are inappropriately more about making their classes elite and inaccessible than motivating and accessible. Had one spin instructor who was spectacular here and highly recommend his Tuesday morning cycle class but there is another one who after three classes with her (she teaches frequently) found her to be negative and unhelpful to newer participants. Her attitude is off putting. Unfortunately that taints the experience enough for me to find another studio because there is plenty of competition. If what you're looking for is easy access to classes and consistent instructors this is not the studio for you. Me either.

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