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By: breeanneboyle
Abc Pest Control
ABC Pest Control is the best pest agency around. I called them because I had a severe pest issue in both my house and in my lawn. I called around to try and get the best price for both services and I found ABC. They had the best prices and they were the most polite and helpful. I scheduled the services and the person who helped me set it up was fantastic. She answered all of my questions and was very nice. The techs that they sent to my home were professional and helpful. Thanks ABC Pest Control!
By: matthew5
Abc Pest Control
Had another great experience with them with a (luckily) minor ant issue. I called and described the issue, they even taught me a lot about ants. They came out the next day, and called before arriving on time. Issue was small, but they checked around for more to be safe.Fast and to the point, no fuss at all.I will continue to use ABC for all my pest control needs.Once I find somebody I trust, I stick with them.
By: Evelyn B.
Pest Away Inc
Been having Mike do my home and yard for several years now I find him very professional and helpful he keeps us bug free and he is very affordable wouldn't want anyone else ! I especially like to go outside barefoot and not worry about fire ants there are none thanks Mike.
By: capecoralflorida
Abc Pest Control
ABC Pest Control did a fantastic job on my property, properly handling my delicate shrubs and small trees as I instructed them. They have treated my home for years without any problems or issues, and they recently started handling my yard. I have no complaints!
By: hugoweaving4ever
Abc Pest Control
ABC Pest Control is great. They make sure my lawn is in order and in check. I never have any pest issues within my house. When they service my house, they are always thorough. I am just really glad that I was introduced to this company.
By: marissab9
Abc Pest Control
For the past twenty years, ABC Pest Control has been providing pest and termite control for us. They come to our house every month for maintenance and we have never had any complaints about them. We couldn't ask for better service.
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By: Holly S.
Bugs Patrol, LLC
Rare to have this type of service anymore. I highly recommend Alex and Bugs Patrol LLC for home or business. Reasonably priced, very responsive and amazing customer service. What more can you ask for.....
By: blooming26
ABC Naples Exterminating Co
ABC Pest Control is the best pest control company in the area. I have my house inspected by them on a regular basis and they are always courteous and timely. I would highly recommend them!
By: Karen P.
Bugs Patrol, LLC
I personally have been very pleased with the service I have observed I would highly recommend Alex and his company.Karen Pratt
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By: Robert B.
Paul Chappell Pest Control
Paul Chappell has been taking care of our home for fifteen years and I would recommend his service to everyone.
Tips & Advices
Certain key differences separate bees from wasps and hornets. Hornets are usually 1 to 1.5 inches in length, and they may be black and white or brownish-reddish in color. They can can become very hostile if their nest is disturbed. Wasps are usually under an inch in length, and they come in a wide variety of colors. Yellow jacket wasps can be hostile, but paper wasps aren't likely to sting unless they perceive a threat.
Both live bee removal and extermination work quite successfully to get rid of bees. However, with extermination, the pesticides used may contaminate other beehives in the community, and this may wipe out local colonies. With live bee removal, bees are trapped and relocated without the use of harmful pesticides. This type of bee removal can be a lot kinder to the local ecology.
Yes, there are several steps you can take to keep bees away from your property. Bees will be attracted to structures that can house their nests, so it's a good idea to minimize outdoor clutter by removing items such as unused appliances and lawn equipment from your yard. If you have previously had a bee problem, make sure the hive and all traces of honeycomb are completely removed, since these bear pheromones that might attract new colonies.
The bee removal process can be handled very swiftly if it is tackled by professionals. If you have a hive on your property, bee removal experts can locate it and remove it within an hour or two. Bee removal professionals have the resources and training to ensure that the process is handled both quickly and safely.
Unlike other types of bee removal, live bee removal does not kill bees. Instead, this type of bee removal relocates bees to an agricultural locale or bee apiary where their pollination abilities can provide maximum value. Live bee removal is available to both commercial and residential customers, and it works to support and preserve the dwindling bee population.

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