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By: Emily B.
91 Wood Fired Oven
Let me just first say that I used to love coming to this restaurant. I use to come weekly, sometimes multiple times a week, either on my own, treating a friend, getting carry-out or going on a date. I was a single girl at the time and I had every guy take me here I loved it so much (let me tell you, I went on a lot of dates!) I always ordered the same thing and the staff was getting to know me and i always felt appreciated as a customer. Once when I had a problem, they over compensated to take care of that, and I appreciated it very much. That being said, I went here last Valentines Day with my now Fiancee. We made reservations for 7, which was a smart idea because the place was packed at 7:30 and people with reservations for later were left waiting at the front for quite a while. I was told that they were not allowed to go off menu for that night because of how busy it would be, but the waitress asked for permission from the manager since I was a regular. (I always order off the menu). However, the rest of the night did not go well. Usually you are allowed to have as much bread and delicious balsamic reduction as your heart desires, but this time we were only allowed one plate :( Even though we got there before the rush, we waited over an hour for our food. As a consolation we were offered a small antipasti plate, but it left a lot to be desired. It had ritz crackers on it with the cheese and olives which I found off putting because I come to this restaurant for unconventional and fresh prepared items that aren't prepackaged or laden with preservatives. When we finally did get our food, the underneath of the crust of my fiancees pizza was burnt and my steak was cooked so far over medium that it was like leather. This is not the norm for this restaurant but because it took so long to get the food, we just accepted it for fear it would take even longer to get replacements. At the end of the night we were given a card for a free pizza with purchase of another meal on a future visit, but it was something they had already planned to do for all the customers, and not something that seemed special to make up for the slow service or poor quality of the food. I haven't been back there since. Even though I have eaten there many times before without incident, this time just put me off and left a bad taste in my mouth, pun intended. I know it sounds like they just had a bad night and I am a whiner who does things like order complicated items off the menu, but I'm really not. It's just items from their kids menu as I have had bariatric surgery followed by additional weight loss from working out, and can only fit a small portion of food in my stomach - and goat cheese over steak and their 91 mac is usually to-die-for. Even though I do continue to sometimes go to their other restaurants (like Table 6) I don't know if I can muster up the courage to give them another shot.It was supposed to be a special night for me and my fiancee, and was actually our first date out since the birth of my then two-month old child, but it wasn't special at all.
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By: Shirley Y.
Italo's Pizza
Placed order today for lg works pizza and chicken dinner ! The worst pizza I have ordered , it been a while since I ordered because it was not good then , gave it another chance . Hardly any sauce , cheese , pepperoni , sausage barely see it ! But on top was a zillion peppers & fair amount of mushrooms . It was not hot , veggies over took the pizza ! Wasted 15.00& 5.00 for a chicken dinner that was dried out small pieces w/ 4 little potatoes & a very small coleslaw , I called and explained ,young man said he was sorry and I said I will not be back ! No offer of refund or anything ! Take my advice , terrible food ! No need to drive pass the best , pizza oven !!!
By: angelau
Papa John's Pizza
I would normally give papa Johns a higher score but unfortunately they messed up my order and this is not the first time. I ordered a pizza with extra cheese, mushrooms and 3 extra Special Garlic. When my pizza arrived it only had 1 Special Garlic but yet I was charged for the 3 extras. I have enough papa rewards to get a free pizza on my next order but that very well may be the last time I ever order papa johns pizza. If this was the first time they messed up my order I'd be more understanding but it's not.
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By: Jenna J.
Italo's Pizza
I called in and ordered a simple 10 wing regular hot buffalo wings to be delivered. They took over a hour and I had called them I talked to Brandon about this incident and he said to give the delieverer 10 minutes. She did not show but I didn't call again. Brandon just showed up with a fresh order for me. This shop is amazing and cares about all their customers weither bug order or small. Thank you
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By: Greg G.
Happy's Pizza
3rd time I've had it. Tried it a few times when they first opened in the area. Believe me when I say it's nothing special and comparable to most grocery store freezer brands. The only reason I've had it 3 times is because I believe everyone deserves a second chance and the 3rd was only because they had 2 mediums for 9.99
By: marsha.humes
The Pizza Oven
Been eating Pizza Oven for many years, It IS the best!! Just tried their pasta with meat sauce last night. Very good (and I am picky) and always love their chicken. Best place in town for pizza. (Don't pay any attention to that "nay" sayer he must prefer cardboard to real pizza.
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By: Penniec C.
Little Caesars
this used to be good pizza, but not anymore. back in the day when they good you 2 pizzas and why the said pizza pizza it was good pizza, when they started selling it for 5. it went downhill but was still a decent pizza, but now it's not even edible.
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By: Allen M.
Papa Bears Pizza Oven
we ordered pizza from these people, and they had our pizza's to the motel in no time and this pizza was outstandind best pizza I've ever eaten. These guy's know what they are doing keep up the great work guy's, you guy's really rock.
By: Jonny N.
Italo's Pizza
the new owner is the best and rocks, he has been working really hard to turn the place around after the previous owner just about ran it into.the ground! give them shot u won't be disappointed!
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By: Penniec C.
Gionino's Pizzeria
I love this pizza, it's one of my favorites. I eat there a lot. I've only ever tried the pizza so I don't know what the rest of their menu is like, but I'm sure it's just as good as the pizza.

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