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By: bingo72
Pyramid Sprinklers Inc
Terry and his crew service 6 zones at my home in Milford. They do an excellent job. When they are done you can't tell they were even there. They taught me how to turn the system on and off, or bypass the different zones and how the system works, ect. This I greatly appreciated. They made it easy for me to understand. And if I do have a question, which I have had a few, they have been very prompt returning my calls and very informative. I repair cars, so I was out of my element here. Pyramid Sprinklers is Very highly recommended by me!
By: lstanle4
Pyramid Sprinklers Inc
Had a 6 zone system installed and because they had a small crew, 2 people, it took them all day (8 hours). Most of the time spent was hand digging because of all the existings lines (cable, phone - my yard has 3 junction boxes for the neighbors lines) in the yard. The crew was curteous and showed me how to program the timer and adjust the different heads.
Tips & Advices
On average, each station in a home sprinkler system uses roughly 16 gallons of water per minute. The amount of water used by your home's sprinkler system will depend on how many stations are in the system, how many days a week you water, and how many minutes each station runs for with each cycle.
A sprinkler system requires basic maintenance. The backflow prevention unit should be checked by a state-certified tester each spring. You should also regularly check for signs of leakage and damage to the sprinkler heads or piping. Also, the sprinkler heads may need to be occasionally adjusted to make sure water is being directed to your landscape and not your pavement.
A sprinkler system is more effective than watering by hand. It's possible to waste water when watering plants by hand, but a sprinkler system delivers the ideal amount of water for your landscape, and nothing more. The most effective sprinkler systems come with soil sensors that can ascertain your soil's moisture level. These systems will stop watering once it's determined that the soil has reached an ideal level of moisture.
The amount of time it takes for your lawn to heal after installing a sprinkler system will depend on the current condition of your lawn. However, in most cases, a sprinkler system can restore a lawn to wellness in four to six weeks. If you hire a professional sprinkler company to handle the installation, they will often schedule follow-up visits to make sure your lawn is on the right track.
Automatic sprinkler systems will not use more water. These systems are designed to deliver the ideal amount of water for your landscape, and they can actually save you money in water costs over the long term. These systems operate intelligently--for example, many are equipped with sensors that will shut the system down if it is raining.

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