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By: ayanamariemia
Fashion Nails
One of the best acrylic nail jobs (if not the best) that I have had.I came in shortly after opening time on Saturday (9am), desperate to have a messy acrylic job done a week earlier fixed. I had read another review on this nail salon in which the patron was seeking to get acrylic nail job fixed and was pleased with the work, so I figured, why not? It's around the corner from me and I can get to the gym pretty early afterwards.I was the first customer to arrive and when asked what I wanted done I shamefully said that I wasn't sure as I wanted to know if they could possibly fix another tech's from another salon's work.They took a look at my nails and said that it was fixable. Great! As Kim is filing down the acrylic I am shocked at how much acrylic the previous tech had applied - it was like it was literally snowing on the counter.They suggested that I get a fill, which I was going to get anyway because it had been a week, so I might as well.Color selection was pretty decent and I picked a tannish/beige color with a dark royal type blue for one finger of each hand and the color combo was beautiful.My nails looked so natural that if I didn't know any better I would've thought they were mine.Another super plus was the fact that they were super friendly and approachable. I noticed they knew customers by first name, which is awesome because 1. they pay attention to detail and 2. They have repeat customers.They made conversation with everyone and it wasn't forced whatsoever.I believe I have found my new nail salon - stoked!! (0:
By: honest1_9999
Luv Manicures & Pedicures Canton
i've been here probably 10 or so times, and every time i leave asking myself why i went back. kind of like a boyfriend you need to get away from but don't. first of all, the website says a 'classic' manicure should be 25-30 minutes...i've never left there in under an hour. i don't have time to sit there for an hour and 40 minutes just basically getting polish changed. second of all, every employee i've ever dealt with (except one, whom i found out quit, no surprise) always has an attitude and a dirty mouth around customers and are wicked to their co-workers. i don't know what happens behind closed doors, but they truly seem like they hate their job. and all i have to say is if you hate your job that much, please don't work with the public. third and last, i think the prices and all the stupid charges are obnoxious. $6 charge for gel polish? give me a break. i walked out of there paying 40 dollars for literally a little nail filing which you can't even tell i had, and polish, and to be the nail techs therapist about the "lazy" people at the front desk. the people at the front desk are always very nice and friendly.
By: ashrich22
Luv Manicures & Pedicures Canton
I'm sorry to see so many negative reviews with this place. I was happy with my services. The first time I went was to get my eye brows waxed. I liked the waxing room and rge tech was nice and did a good job, but it was $14 andhair was growing back a week later so I don't think I'll get that done there again. The second time I went I hot a opi gel manicure and sugar scrub pedicure. I was very happy with both services. The pedicure was very relaxing, I don't really like to chat, I'd rather relax. She did a good job on my feet! It was my first time getting a gel manicure and I was very happy! I'm going on 2weeks and its still shiny and no chips! I'm very picky about my nails and I'm very happy with everything. The staff was very friendly and the salon was clean. I've been to many different nail salons and I will definitely come back to this luv. C'Anne was very good!
By: doxie_mom
Luv Manicures & Pedicures Canton
Just went this past Sunday and the construction was complete. Very nice looking. Got the mani/pedi for $30 which is a good deal. Have gone to the Livonia location in the past and do not like having the manicure done while sitting in the chair soaking your feet for the pedicure. It is very awkward and I wish Luv would stop this practice. You have to hold your hands at an uncomfortable angle and my tech and the one next to us were jostling for space on the same side. This may be why I've never been happy with the polish on my nails, always a bit sloppy and not covering the entire nail. Satisfied with the pedicure as more attention is given and the polish is put on much better.
By: grj_wsr
The Salon
This is a very professional, cozy, and beautiful salon. There is lots of attention to detail and that extra personal touch; that is because it is just you, and Nancy! There is no snobbiness, no pushiness, none of that ugly salon cattiness that you sometimes find going to a salon (or really any place with 15+ females in one room). I love that I only just met her, but she feels like I have known her for ever. It is a very comfortable and fun environment and experience at a very reasonable cost. I went from brunette to a pretty light colored (for me) highlighted locks, and I absolutely love my hair!
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By: Kaylee B.
Luv Manicures & Pedicures Canton
If you want nails that will last long, DO NOT GO HERE! I got a full set of acrylic nails done. Four days later, yes FOUR, I was simply zipping up my jacket when the tip of my nail completely chipped and fell off! Then, as i was opening a piece of mail, the same thing happened. I called to complain and they said that wouldn't have someone in that does acrylic nails until 3 days from then. What kind of nail place doesn't have a person who does acrylic nails there all the time?? I would not recommend going here.
By: Kelley W.
Ashka Salon
Over the past few years I have gone to Ashka for services ranging from facials, pedicures and peels, to haircuts for myself, my husband and even my kids. I have always been pleased with the service as well as the friendly staff and well kept facility. As a resident of a nearby neighborhood, Cherry Hill Village we appreciate their kind donation to the Cherry Hill Village “Christmas in the Village." The donation by Ashka generosity helped us to support the Canton Goodfellows.
By: jessica.marbury
Luv Manicures & Pedicures Canton
What an AWESOME salon! The idea is genius! American owned! Professional, clean! ALL OF THE ABOVE! If you spring for one of the more expensive services you'll get more bang for your buck! A lot of people complain about the way this place does manicures at the pedicure chair! That is only if you are getting an express! If you don't like it pay a little more and you can go to a table! Those techs are not going to spend all day with your cheap behind!
By: ceehay
Luv Manicures & Pedicures Canton
I came to Luv to get a full acrylic set and I was very impressed! I have always went to the salons in the mall and have never been happy with my nails. I always have to go home and fix them myself to get the right length and shape. I left here so happy, my nails were EXACTLY the way that I wanted them. I love it, they understand me and I understand them! Can't wait to go back for my fill in!
By: kjjoy89
Luv Manicures & Pedicures Canton
I was very happy with my visit. I was early for my appt. and they got me in right away so I wouldn't have to wait. The nail tech was very friendly and did a great job. I got a french manicure pedi with the sugar foot and leg scrub. ($42) I thought the atmosphere was very professional and I am taking some of my girlfriends with me next time I go for a "girls day."

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