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  • Unsanitary and Dirty

    This is a horrible establishment!!! I went to have my first wax done and I am horrified. I am low on funds and my anniversary is tomorrow. I was looking to do something "special". I came out horrified.

    DO NOT GO TO THIS SALON unless you want to walk out with an infection.

    Let me tell you why this salon is unsanitary and violating state board and OSHA health and sanitary regulations and laws:

    I went in to have a brazilian and a brow wax. She did the brow wax first. She never washed her hands or used sanitizer before beginning!! I closed my eyes during the first part of the brazilian because of nerves only to open them and see she was not wearing gloves, she was only using one applicator and "double dipping"(Think about this...She waxed my private areas, dipped the applicator back in the pot and tomorrow it could be your eyebrows or upper lip she is waxing with the same wax! The heat of the wax does not kill bacteria.). She did the front, the back and then went back to the front! She only used one piece of muslim to remove all the hair. The room was disgusting, and don't even get me started on all the health violations in the bathroom; no toilet seat covers, the soap was watered down, the paper towels were on the back of the dirty toilet, and the floor was a mess. Basically the place is one huge health violation.

    I guess you are wondering why I stayed to even get waxed? Well, when you are super low on money and really want to do something special for your spouse you do things you normally wouldn't do, including putting yourself in harm's way. I paid her and left only to go home and do a thorough scrub down. In the shower I noticed what a horrible job she had done anyways, she had left huge patches of hair and my eyebrows looked ridiculous. I called to inform her I was coming back to get a refund and I would be calling state boards, OSHA and the health inspector. I have since made reports with all three. I am also trying to spread the word through yelp and any other review sites I can find. I don't want anyone else to have to go through that experience. I put myself at risk for infection. Please help spread the word about this salon, do not go there and encourage friends to avoid it as well.

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