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By: Monica P.
Verber Family Dentistry
I've been seeing Dr. Stephen Verber since 1976. Even though I moved from the area, I still make the 2 hour trip to keep Dr. Verber as my dentist! It's wonderful to have such modern equipment in this Dental Care provider's office so they could take and develop x-rays right there and very speedily too! This Dental Care provider can be reached day or night through their answering service, and they really try to get me in the next day if I'm having an emergency. I always feel confident when I talk with the staff. Maria and Nicole have been with the practice for years and are great. They seem to really care about helping me and giving me the answers that I need. I schedule appointments for my 88 year old mother and myself so they coordinate. The staff is great accommodating the two of us and very patient with my mother. Because of impending bad weather, I had to cancel our appointments last minute. I called the office on a Sunday morning. I left a voicemail expecting a call the following day. Nicole returned my call within the hour.There's no question I would recommend this provider to anyone!
By: Dana Z.
West Shore Family Dentistry
Today was my first visit at West Shore Family Dentistry and it was amazing. Ever since I have been a child I have had one bad experience after another at the dentist which has given me great trepidation when going to the dentist so I have avoided it as much as I could unless absolutely necessary. Today I decided it was time to allay my fears and go for the sake of my dental health. Everyone from the front office to the dental asst. to the hygienist was wonderful. I saw Dr. Yelk and found out the some of the work I was told I needed by another dentist wasn't necessary. He was able to take care of some of the work today and gave me complete details of the work still needed. He really helped me put my fears of going to the dentist to rest and made me feel very comfortable about the other work I still need to have done. I will continue to go to West Shore Family Dentistry and will be taking my son as well. Thanks to the entire staff and Dr. Yelk for helping me regain confidence about going to the dentist.
By: kimmy.q
West Shore Family Dentistry
Dr. Yelk did an amazing job of helping my mother get her smile back. At age 85, she needed new partial dentures (she'd had hers for 10 - 15 years with no problems, but then her front tooth got rotten and eventually chipped ), but everyone we went to wanted to pull ALL of her remaining teeth and give her full dentures. She didn't want that, and I didn't want that for her. Then we went to Dr. Yelk, and he said - no problem! On our first visit, he extracted her front tooth and made a replacement tooth for her dentures. She left smiling without feeling embarrassed for the first time in months! When we returned, she had two more teeth extracted and got new partial dentures, which were comfortable and affordable for her. I have gone to Dr. Yelk ever since and have found the same kind of genuine caring as well as great dental care.
By: Harry F.
Verber Family Dentistry
Seems like my whole life I’ve been going to dentists and dreading not only the visit, but the following days where my bite never feels right. But the Verber practice is a whole new experience. The people are very friendly and welcoming, the hygienists very sensitive (it’s nice to have my teeth cleaned without pain!), and for the first time ever, I actually leave the dental visit feeling better than when I arrived. They emphasize the importance of proper occlusion — i.e., getting the bite right is one of the keys to good dental health. It makes sense, and it works!
By: A S.
Verber Family Dentistry
I've always loved going to the dentist, but coming to Verber Family Dentistry is by far the best office I have ever been to. Everything, from the moment I walk in the door to the moment I walk out the door, makes me feel like I am someone there. The front desk is attentive and courteous, hygienists are fantastic and the doctors and assistants are exceptional. Everyone is happy, friendly and above all very professional...any time I have a friend who tells me they are looking for a new dentist, I send them to Verber Family Dentistry.
By: Tj F.
Wetzel Periodontics & Dental Implants
Had to go in for a routine clean and checkup. Staff was very warm and friendly on my arrival, and I was seen swiftly. Once in the chair I let my provider know my fear of the Dentist. She assured me we could go at a pace that would be comfortable. I felt relaxed and knew that I would be in good hands. Would certainly recommend and will definitely be returning for any other service I may need.
Verber Family Dentistry
I hated going to the dentist until now. They are very friendly and let you know every step. They comfort you and make it a pleasure going to the dentist. The office staff is very friendly as well and its very inviting. They also went the extra step to do research on my behalf to make sure my insurance was excepted even before setting my appointment.
By: Courtney R.
Verber Family Dentistry
I have never liked the dentist, and been pretty anxious about going since I can remember. I took a chance with Verber Family Dentistry and was VERY impressed! From the front desk staff to the hygienist to the doctor, they were all patient and professional with me!! I'd would recommend this office to ANYONE!!
By: Alan S.
Verber Family Dentistry
I had a great experience at Verber. The receptionist was very kind, I had next to no wait, and the assistant was friendly and knowledgeable. The whole staff just, really impressed me. They set a great environment, especially for a dental office.
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By: Tony K.
Wetzel Periodontics & Dental Implants
Great cleaning. On time. Dr Wetzel was kind and relaxed, not pushy like other places I've been. Hygienist was excellent, my teeth felt very clean but I wasn't in pain the whole time.
Tips & Advices
To prevent periodontal disease, it's important to brush your teeth after meals, since this prevents food debris from getting lodged between your teeth and gums and causing plaque. Daily flossing should also be a key part of your oral health regimen, since this removes food particles and plaque that a toothbrush may not be able to reach. Smoking increases the risk of gum disease, so avoid this habit if you want to maintain healthy gums.
Certain periodontal treatments are completely painless and gentle enough to be administered without anesthesia. Treatments such as deep scaling, root planing, and those involving surgery are performed with the help of a local anesthetic or a sedative.
One of the most common types of treatments performed by periodontists is gum grafting. This is a surgical procedure that grafts your gum tissue to reverse gum recession, and it can prevent further recession and bone loss. Periodontists also perform laser treatment for gum disease, dental implant installation, pocket reduction procedures, and dental crown lengthening.
In periodontal treatment that involves surgery, many periodontists use a local anesthetic that works to completely numb the area being treated. Oral or IV sedation can also be used, and with this approach, you'll either be completely asleep, or drift in and out of sleep while the procedure is being performed.
Gum disease can be treated with the help of a dentist or periodontist. If gum disease is in its early stages, a professional cleaning will remove tartar before it leads to infection that can cause a more serious condition. With advanced cases of gum disease, infected gums can be treated with scaling and root planing.

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