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  • This Place Closed

    B-Side was a fun place with good food and reasonable drinks. Unfortunately, it closed earlier this year. No idea if there are plans to reopen it. Tommy Doyle's, Cambridge Brewing Company and Flattop Johnny's at One Kendall Square are just a little further down Hampshire St. -- go there instead!

  • Fantastic place, wish I had found it sooner!

    After staying in Boston as a visitor for a week, I was searching for great food and drinks at a good price and luckily happened upon B Side. What a find!!! We called ahead for seating and were seated immediately. The decor is retro chic, the music an eclectic mix of vintage country to current college/alternative. Unlike the previous bad review of the service, our server was very attentive, pleasant, and suggested the BEST appetizer on the menu...the baked gouda cheese with garlic cream sauce. Okay, for just $10 bucks, this black iron skillet full of melted heaven could feed 4 people easy. My partner and I split the Chicken BLT sandwich and it was really good. Beers were cold and cheap. What more could you ask for? Wish I lived in Boston and could hang out here all the time! Believe me, you won't be disappointed.

  • Used to be a great place.

    I don't really know what has happened to the B-side in the past year or so. The place used to be great. I would rave about it to friends and family. The food and drinks were incredible. That was then.

    As of late, the service has been getting slower and slower. The food has taken a nosedive. I was willing to overlook several of the deficits in the recent months, but due to my last visit this week, I can officially say it will be my final visit to this once great institution.

    The short of the story is I went there with a friend. We got a table. The waitress walked by us at least 6 times without acknowledging us. She was busy waiting on the people who had sat after us. However, after twenty minutes with not so much as a water or a ""I'll be right with you"", we decided to take off. I talked to the hostess on the way out and she said she would comp the food and would send the waitress right over. Now, since it was getting late and I didn't want to drive to another location, we agreed. We sat back down. Several minutes later we were still there, waiting at the table. The waitress finally came by, but, instead of stopping to take our order, she gave a dirty look and kept going. At that point, I decided I would no longer put up with this horrid lack of service.

    When talking with the hostess on the way out, I told her what had transpired and asked to speak to someone who was in charge. Her response? ""There really isn't anyone in charge here right now."" At that point, I had given up all hope of the B-Side Lounge remaining what it had once been, a friendly, local hang with great food and drinks. It's now the complete opposite.

    One good thing did come out of this though, I found a great place with better food and drinks! Oddly enough, the place is called The West Side and it's on Mass Ave. in Cambridge. Save yourself an hour of frustration and just head over there first.


    My friend and I stopped here for appetizers and drinks. Drinks are excellent, especially the beer. Excellent crowd, 30's to 40's. Excellent location and staff. The waitress are very friendly and chatty. Need I say more? You should try the B-Side.

  • Eh

    On a Friday Night:
    Semi crowded place filled with over 30 people
    Althought I think most of them were closer to their 40's

    The food is whatever, not many choices.

  • Hitt or Miss

    I love this place too, but the other reviews pretty much some it up; hipster crowd, great drinks, gets crowded at night. I'd have to say the food is hitt or miss; sometimes there's nothing on the menu that I'd like but just yesterday my friend and I ordered the fennel salad (with tasty chunks of thick-cut bacon mmmm), a braised pork shank, and the ""pig tostada"", all of which were excellent. Basically, they like to get creative here, so have an open mind and don't expect to be dazzled everytime. But it ranks tops for atmosphere and the waitstaff is always happy to please.

  • Best guest service, Great brunch

    I've always been a big fan of the B Side. The food is always outstanding and the drinks are perfectly made. So I was delighted to hear that they started serving Saturday brunch as i usually work sundays but brunch being my favourite meal to have out, I was more than curious to check out what they had on offer. Feeling a little ill from the previous night, I just had to check out the Columbian Hangover Plate. It was so freakin delicious especially when accompanied by a spicy Bloody Mary. An hour later I was good to go, feeling so good in fact that I started working on Sundays hangover. If only they had a delivery service.....

  • B-Side, I Want to Love You

    You are so stylish, your food is tasty and your drinks are fun. But, that orange juice I ordered for brunch without bothering to ask the price, why did it have to cost $6? It did not contain champagne, and it wasn't all that special. The moderately okay margarita, why was it $8? Cool as you may be, this is not New York City.

    B-Side waitstaff, you are very hip, but you are not all that. No need for the attitude. And if you stopped by my table a little more often, I might even order another of those expensive drinks.

    I've given you lots of chances, B-Side. A few years back you used to knock my socks off. But lately, every time I think about visiting you, I think twice, because it's no fun to eat out when you feel like you're being ripped off.

  • Some facts, to confuse the situation

    The other reviews here can't seem to agree on whether the place is overpriced or a good value. So here are the facts: Entrees are about $20, appetizers are about $10, mixed drinks are about $7, and beers are about $4.

    There are only 3 sandwiches on the menu, and none of them is a burger.

  • Don't eat here

    I went in a group of 6 on the sunday evening of memorial day weekend. The place was pretty empty. Two of us ordered medium-rare steaks, one ordered medium well. After about 30 minutes, the three non-steak orders came out. Then 5 or 10 minutes later the waitress informed us that the steaks were overcooked, and rather than give them to us, we'd have to wait for new ones. that took almost another 30 minutes; by the time the steaks came (very rare) everyone else was finished and ready to go. they took 3 beers off our tab, but still, that was a bad call I think to not give us any options early on, such as getting our food all at once, letting us change our orders to something quicker, etc. really, they should have taken the food off our bill at least. I'll never eat there again.

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