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By: drslyv
Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
I liked the place. It was certainly not fancy and nobody is going to claim it a five star resort but...there is a certain charm to the resort. It speaks to relaxation and reading a good book. Close enough to the So. Cal jungle to be convenient for those that live around there (I don't) but definitely far enough removed to give one a sense of getting away from it all.We spent 3 nights there and while we ate in the restaurant for dinner one day (its OK) we went to town for Mexican food another night and picked up some groceries which worked out perfectly. Dinner on the grill, breakfast of cereal and fruit, sandwiches by the pool and under the trees. Very nice memories.
By: blancr
Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
Used to be that my daughter's weekends were to grab some friends and head to the mall or wherever and we wouldn't see her again until Sunday night. Then we decided to let her have her own room at SSR when we come up to play. She can bring a friend of her choice and they can do whatever they want to at the ranch. She loves it! Her favorites are the horseback riding and laying by the pool. And, while she would avoid us during ranch stays at first she is now relaxing and hanging out with us more and more during the visits. Her friends love it too. "We're going to Monica's country club for the weekend!". Makes me feel like a smart parent again. (yeah!)
By: mandiepow
Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
My sister purchased a property in that area several years ago and so had my brother. I thought I should find out what this place is all about. We booked a stay which included an appointment to see the ranch for the next weekend.The place was just so beautiful. That is what I noticed right away. Then, of course, I noticed the amenities and knew how much my kids would like them because they play golf. I also knew they would like the boating and shooting range as well.We bought a two-acre lot while we were there but have no immediate plans to build. We just want to enjoy the place, take the kids down, and we hope to invite some other couples down with us.
By: rugg66
Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
Like another world... you get to Silver Saddle Ranch and within an hour you can feel the stress leaving your body. The cold beer by the pool may have helped the relaxation but truly, it was just the overall feeling of the place. Very laid back, quiet, shady, I loved it. What I really noticed was how our whole family just wandered off and did whatever we wanted to with or without each other. There was no way to get lost and it was clearly safe for the kids...so, we got to relax. Her by the pool and me... skeet shooting! I seriously had thoughts about how I could just stay there and not go back to work.....ha! ...have another beer.
By: janjoe
Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
It is very quite there when we went in February. That was great for us because we wanted some R&R but the kids were a little upset that most of the activities were only opened on the weekend. It did make them get out and find fun for themselves which was better than having someone always provide it for them.Restaurant was very nice and the service everywhere was wonderful. My favorite part was walking around the park and listening to the ducks. My husband loved the big Hot tub and soaking in it at night when the stars were out. Good for families but mid week better for couples looking for quiet.
By: jimj2020
Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
Neat place to hang out for the weekend. They have a big resort area in the middle of the ddesert, but have tons of trees so it is really shadely and nice. Ponds, streams, loads of activities to do, and a decent restaurant alongside a small but fun bar. It is a private resort for people who buy into their land ownership program. We got their by invitation - take a tour, spend the night, have some fun. We liked it a bunch, only wish we were in a position to buy into the land. Maybe next year.
By: charleslud
Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
Very good place to just chill and unwind. Not expensive, not pretentious, lots to do if you want to stay busy or lots of shade trees if you don't. Limited menu and wine list means "Chablis" so bring your own if yhou want special. Otherwise, a great way to hang out for the weekend.
By: samid45
Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
Think...Desert Oasis. Imagine riding up to a desert oasis and that is kind of what it feels like pulling up to the ranch. Silver Saddle ranch is a surprise to say the least. Tip: get your gas filled in California City. They don't have a gas station at the ranch.
By: Frank L.
Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
Totally NOT a SoCall experience. More like country farm transplanted to middle of nowhere. Very relaxing place with plenty of toys to enjoy. Pool was a little cold but it is "wintertime". Hot tub was excellent.

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