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By: Sullivan S.
Pets In The Park
The people on this thread know absolutely nothing and are so biased. I have never had a problem with ANY of my animals. The fish don't have Ick** (spell it right next time and maybe I'd believe you). They test the water weekly. Hence, why I take my tank water in to be tested by them. The whole staff knows everything they talk about and know even more than my vet. No, the animals are not abused. I have been in there several times when they are cleaning cages, treating animals for sickness they got from the BREEDER, not the store, or just playing with them. Petco? Really? They mistreat their animals more than any other store I've been to. I've never had a bad experience here. Never had a bad animal. They always take care of me. If you aren't stupid, they won't treat you like you are. Some people aren't cut out to own pets, seems like the few of you on this thread need to stop buying animals. You don't work there, you don't know what goes on there. The animals are very well taken care of and handled properly almost everyday to get used to being held. Also, some of that saltwater algae is there so the fish can't see in each other's tanks and get stressed out. No, it's not disgusting. It's practical. The fish are happier and safer when they aren't trying to get through the glass to eat the other fish. Again, I have never been to a place so knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend this store to everyone.
By: Doris M.
Pets In The Park
I bought a Blue front Amazon parrot from Pets in the park. This is the best bird . Yes I could have got one online but I wouldn't have know how the bird was treated .I went into Pets in the park and always found the sale Girls taken care of the animals holding them and cleaning the cages .the bird I got was loved and cared for ......I would love to get another bird soon from there .....I don't understand why there are people out there so rude put the store down The sales people know more about the pets then any other pet stores ...that is a fact ....
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By: khuffman
Love the variety of natural and by product free foods! They have a great grain free food as well! Thank you petco for coming to butler!
Tips & Advices
Pet owners usually sign a waiver stating that any injury or illness a dog suffers while at daycare is the responsibility of the owner. However, most facilities carry liability insurance and pet business insurance in the event of a serious incident. To prevent illness, facilities are strict about requiring proof of vaccination and general health from a veterinarian prior to accepting a dog. However, in an off-leash setting, scuffles or fights might occur. Reputable facilities will often hire vet assistants who can treat minor injuries and under-the-weather dogs.  For anything more serious, a good daycare should make it a priority to get the dog to a vet, and get in immediate contact with the owner.

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