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By: A N.
A Notary
I'm sorry Mr. Roxbury that you feel you were treated rudely with the customer service when you were in our notary office in October. However, after speaking with the employee who handled the transfer and getting all the details I understand that you called before seven and told the agent that you couldn't be there till almost closing, and ask them if they would stay over a FEW minutes. My employees will always stay for a customer as long as the customer has the correct documents and they don't have somewhere else to be. On this night the agent did tell you that they had an appointment at 7:30 and agreed to stay over a FEW minutes provided you came into the office with the documentation she specified. Since you didn't have the docs needed when you came in, what should have taken 10 minutes took 41 minutes. It would have been kind of you knowing that you didn't have the correct docs to come in the next day when you did. Because the proper docs were not brought into the office as asked, phone calls and faxing had to be done. The agent didn't leave the office until 7:31, and was late for their appointment. The agent didn't ask you to leave, they were professional and finished the transfer. I know other notary offices that would have told you to leave. But the employee stayed over 31 minutes, which I would say is a little more that a FEW. As for the fees, 80% of the $178.00 fees were state fees, no getting around them. I think you are calling a frustrated agent rude, which is two completly different things. We try in our office to give the best customer service we can, however sometimes it requires a little give and take from our customers too, and when it is all take and no give our job can be very stressful. Ask anyone who does this for a living . We are only human.
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By: Chelly K.
Campbell Notary Service
A nice, family business to get your Notary Work done!!! I enjoy going there when we have notary business to do!!! :-) <3

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