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By: Robin L.
Butler Memorial Hospital
This 'hospital' is HORRIBLE! The wait is insane and the staff is DISGUSTINGLY UNPROFESSIONAL! I am Not exaggerating when I say that it NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!
By: Ruth M.
Butler Memorial Hospital
i went to Butler Hospital today for ER treatment. After I signed in and entered the waiting area, there were patients ahead of me waiting also. There was a woman with her husband whom was in severe pain. It was obvious that this gentleman needed immediate attention. Several people asked at the desk if they would please get this man treated immediately. The woman was then told that he wouldn't be able to seen by a doctor for at least an other hour At this point she took her husband and left to go to another facility .I was so upset with the way this poor man was treated that I also left without treatment. My husband and myself are very dissappointed in Butler Memorial Hospital ER and from this day forward will use a different facility for emergency treatment. Shame on you Butler Hospital. !!
By: Elizabeth C.
Butler Memorial Hospital
I took my 3 month old baby girl to the DR, she had a temp of 100.8. DR had no choice but to send us to the ER, due to age and temp.Took her to the ER, right next door. Registered her in, Taken to have her temp taken and health history, when she went to do her temp, she took it by her forehead which showed 99.8...[*Which I come to find out later that under a year old, it is only to be taken rectally!!!*] After we were sent to the waiting room.*We waited for 3.5 hours to be seen*. During that time, a lady came to take a swab for the flu, as I held her. [*Later, come to find out that you are suppose to stick the swab in both nostrils and up into the nasal cavity for a swab, not just in her nostril!!!*]When we were finally taken back [along with 5 others at once], baby had to get an X-ray, the girl who took us told me that they had never put us on the lineup to be seen!!!Everything was negative and we were told to keep doing what we were doing. AWFUL!
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By: bigrad
Butler Memorial Hospital
I had an er visit with severe pain, no interest in diagnosis, just flexeril & a dismissal. Treated like a junkie. ..I refused their offer, and was told I would not be charged because I was so disgusted with dr. Do very little. I am now holding a bill for 500$. Do Not go to butler hospital.
By: Michael C.
Butler Memorial Hospital
I've been going to the Pain Center at BMH for nearly a year now. The parking there leaves a lot to be desired. As a disabled man, I do not find that amusing. Most recently I ran into a snafu with my pain medication. I called the pain center in the hope of ironing this issue out. I was told, basically, that I'm out of luck. While I ultimately wished to be weaned off the meds, being cut off in such a manner was not what I had in mind. I find it especially annoying and insulting coming from someone who, unless I'm very wrong, has never experienced opiate withdrawal. I'm giving one star because it won't allow me to give the zero that is deserved here.
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By: Bridget K.
Butler Memorial Hospital
This hospital is a joke. Your to park at the tower entrance. .. no parking ! No parking out front. !!!!! No parking in the garage !!! How is anyone with disabilities to get to where they need to be when they have to walk a mile . It's ridiculous! !!! You really should rethink how to utilize your space if you want to be an outstanding hospital. Totally uncalled for! !!!!
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By: Krystin M.
Butler Memorial Hospital
This place I love when I broke my foot this winter ther treated me so nicely thanks so much butter memorial hospital
By: cschiebel
Butler Memorial Hospital
My mother was suffering from a bought of c-diff. They took her to Valley and treated her for two weeks and tested for it. They didn't immediately find any more c-diff so they stopped treatment for it and gave her a clean bill of health. Less than a week later, one of my siblings went to go check on her because she was still week and she was found eyes open and babbling incoherently. They rushed her to Butler Memorial and admitted her right away. When we told them she was treated for c-diff at Valley General for only 2 weeks, they said they would test but that really there was no need to because c-diff takes much longer to treat correctly than two weeks. On top of that, her kidneys were not working well enough and her ph was low and potassium was sky high. She has been unconscious for 3 days and they hope that through dialysis she will wake up when her blood levels straighten out and she gets rid of the pneumonia she has. There is no doubt what so ever that this Allegheny Valley General's fault and that she would have died if not for the better care Butler Memorial is giving her.
By: bullshark911
Butler Memorial Hospital
I give it one star for the service we received today. We went here whenever a tick became embedded underneath the skin of my daughter's eyebrow. I personally saw the tick myself prior to the visit and did what I could to remove it. Unfortunately it was on its belly on the skin so I could not get a grip with a tweezer. I ended up putting BACITRACIN over the tick as last effort to force the tick above the surface of the ointment. I wiped off the bacitracin after a few minutes and noticed it wasn't there anymore but there was a black spot under the skin, like a splinter. We figured it to be the head or either the tick burrowing as the tick was extremely small. It was most likely the head because ticks would suffocate underneath the skin. I said lets take her to the E.R. and maybe they could dig it out with numbing cream and ATLEAST give her some preventative antibiotic. Unfortunately for us there was a very incompetent and extremely confrontational doctor who insisted it was not a tick and this wasn't even tick season, he chalked it up to an INGROWN HAIR. Although I've hunted archery in these woods and have had ticks crawling on my legs, stomach and chest in late October. ALSO during the mild winter my friend had ticks whenever there was snow on the ground later in rifle season. Between the lack of customer service (this is still a business with customers) and his 9 + years of med school minus life experience we got absolutely nothing done. I am forced to pick out the tick on my own or wait out a possible infection. I will be writing a formal complaint of the treatment my wife and daughter received from this doctor and the one nurse that was extremely abrasive. The other nurse that knew it was a tick apologized completely but she was unable to do anything.. at risk of becoming victim to this doctors misdiagnoses I would find another ER. The experiences I have had with the FastER care were a lot better, but then again you didn't have to sit as long and endure terrible service for hours on end. ALSO about a year before that I complained of pains in my legs and flu like symptoms along with a rash. I was sent home with cortisone because i was said to have hives. It wasn't until a month later, a month filled with extremely painful leg cramps that were also misdiagnosed as sleepless legs, whenever I came down with Bell's Palsy plus a 75lb weight loss was my condition recognized as Lyme disease. There are some really great nurses in that building and great doctors but when you get an idiot you are totally screwed because there is not a chance of getting another doctor to check you out unless you come back another day at a different shift.
By: daisybitc
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