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By: Oscar L.
Whoa Nelly Catering
Wow, fried pork belly and avocado skewers (see picture). All the food that they made was delicious and made from the freshest ingredients.Aside from how good the food was, their service was also the best.When you hire Whoa Nelly, it may be a a bit on the expensive side, but its worth every penny. Its worth it to know that the food will turn out well, its worth it to know that they will be able to set up and arrange the tables without being micromanaged, its worth it to know that you will be taken care of.All their food is cooked on site and served fresh instead of being precooked and kept warm. The only downside is that they require a kitchen buildout becuase of this and the rentals can get expensive if you don't plan ahead and get a place with a kitchen already. However, they were very quick on returning phone calls and there were no hidden fees, everything was laid out very clearly from the beginning.Bottom line, very professional and made all the difference.
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By: Joanna P.
Pub Nowhere
Our whole family went into an extended mourning period when Not a Burger Stand closed last summer. There are so few local restaurants with the feel of that place, even fewer with the quality of food. Needless to say, we were all very happy when we heard that the owner of NABS was opening up a new place. We were thrilled to find out it was in our neighborhood. Pub Nowhere offers a simple menu, but every dish is extremely well done. The house chips with pickle hummus are a must try, and, trust me on this, order the fries with a side of garlic mayo. (You're welcome.) The beer list is good, and the atmosphere and wait staff are very friendly. Kids are welcome, and there is even a chalkboard wall to keep them occupied.
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By: Danielle C.
Commonwealth Restaurant
This place has phenomenal food. It's all tapas style, so small plates, priced reasonably. Excellent ingredients, very tasty, and some nice surprises. I loved the bacon and burrata, the fried chicken, and the pork belly, but everything our table tried was fantastic. Highly recommend making a reservation - the place is very small. The ambience is nice, but the dim lighting can make it hard to read the menu, and it can get quite noisy when full. Parking is available across the street at JJ's auto shop. Be prepared to spend a while at dinner - the plates come out slowly - but the servers are nice and knowledgable. PS - the butterscotch pudding is AMAZING. Order it.
By: Hilary B.
Urban Press Winery
A great new addition to San Fernando Blvd. If you like wine, you must check it out! They JUST opened a week ago and are working out all the kinks. The biggest kink is food. The haven't quite worked out their menu yet and need to do so quick!! They'll make more money selling wine if they can offer something to pair it with. The wine was MUCH better than I had expected. We'll definitely be back!! They have a great upstairs space for a small private event AND they welcome outside food being brought in. An outside back patio is also in the works!! Woohoo!!
By: Jillian M.
Commonwealth Restaurant
I love this restaurant, and it is such a great addition to the somewhat lacking food scene in Burbank. Super cute and cozy space with night lighting. We go here for date nights or birthdays pretty frequently. Convenient parking at the lot across the street and it's fairly easy to grab a reservation. Hands one of the best dishes is their mussles - they might be the best I've had. They also have a great, unique wine list and are very helpful when making recommendations. This place is a definite can't miss in Burbank.
By: Julie R.
Coral Cafe
Great little family diner. Usually get my food to go and they deliver which is a huge plus for me with 2 littles under the age of 5! Fast delivery too! Great portions for the price. And they serve breakfast all day! I'm never disappointed because I love food too much but if I could make something better maybe it would be quality of food. Like one time I asked for hollandaise sauce but it tasted like turkey gravy or something. Just not what hollandaise should taste like.
By: Lindsay Z.
Corner Cottage
Awesome breakfast burritos! There is always a 30 to 40 minute wait for burritos unless you get there at 6 AM because they're that good. I always get the plain, which has egg, potatoes, and cheese. Hot sauce comes inside unless you request on the side. If you like spicy you'll love the sauce. My kids love the Orange Bang. Cash is the only form of payment. If you don't want to wait you can order and go run an errand to pass the time. That's usually what I do.
By: atlien27
Fuddruckers makes my favorite hamburgers. The meat melts in your mouth, even when cooked well-done. The bun is soft and sweet. The fries are good as well and they make a mean milkshake. Also check out their dessert counter for some good cookies and brownies.One thing that sets them apart from many burger joints is that they have a toppings bar where you can add your lettuce, tomato, onion, etc yourself; so you can add as much or as little as you want.
By: Hilary B.
Caf De Olla
I had my first experience at Café Olla yesterday and I can't wait to return. A friend and I had breakfast and the food was AMAZING. The coffee was exceptional and my breakfast burrito was mind altering. Seriously, I'm dying to go back and try lunch and dinner. The place is SMALL, parking isn't plentiful but this place is worth any and all effort it may take. The service was gracious and friendly. Go to Cafe Olla. You'll be happy you did!!
By: Traci L.
Commonwealth Restaurant
The food is phenomenal. Small plates - Tapas style. A hungry couple could be very satisfied with 4-5 plates. The lobster was the highlight of the evening. Our waiter was also very thoughtful and planned out our courses for us so that we could enjoy each plate to the fullest. The only downside is that is gets very loud with the cement floor and high ceilings. A couple decorative baffles in the corners would go a long way.

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