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By: Cecile S.
I like going to this store. It's clean and not as crowded as other Ralphs stores. The produce are always fresh. They serve fresh prepared food. Service is good at the Deli. The pastries are a little bit pricey for me compared to Albertsons. They have variety of ice cream to choose from but our favorites are always out. They have Red Box inside the store. No bank inside the store but there is an ATM. This store very convenient and is located at the corner of Victory Blvd. and Buena Vista. Parking is shared with CVS. Empire Shopping Complex is less than a mile away. I don't find the staff at the self check out, friendly at all.
By: Lindsay Z.
Ralphs Pharmacy
This is a decent Ralphs. I think it could be cleaner. It's the closest one to me so I go here out of convenience but I prefer the Victory location. There is always a horrible smell outside the store because of that disgusting seafood place next door. Not Ralph's fault of course. Parking can also be a problem because that restaurant actually gets crowded and they take up all the spots. The staff is friendly enough but there are a few cashiers that have slight attitude problems. The store's selection is very good so that's a plus. There is also a pretty decent bakery and deli area.
By: Jackie F.
Sprout's always has friendly, helpful employees. The other day I asked if there were more Hawaiian rolls in the back. The girl could tell I was in a hurry and literally RAN to the back to I could get on my way. I really appreciated it. I gave Sprout's a 4 for selection because they don't have a lot of the main stream products I use. I recognize this is a specialty food store, but I usually have to got to more than just Sprouts to get what I need. Lastly, Sprouts has delicious sushi. I stop in for lunch all the time. It is always fresh!
By: Annie H.
Love their deli and salad selection. Several different kinds of olives to choose from. Also great organic cheese choices. Fruit and veggie displays are appealing and prices are not that much more expensive especially on their specials. Plus the produce from my experience is always fresh. They also often have seasonal floral options that I appreciate as well. They have tons of grains, dried fruits etc in barrels as well so you can get as little or as much of an item that you want. Kids always love to get some gummy worms.
By: Jillian M.
Handy Market
There are so many things I love about Handy Market, and I'm very lucky to live so close by. They have the BEST BBQ on Saturdays - the ribs are a must. They also make great breakfast burritos, very helpful butchers, strangely large and impressive craft beer selection, and last but not least the largest specialty ice cream selection. Parking is easy, they have a large lot in the back and the staff is very friendly and helpful. They are also very well known for their great catering service.
By: Samantha M.
Trader Joe's
This my go-to TJ's in Burbank. Parking is rarely challenging, their selection is wonderful, prices are competitive and the employees are treated so well that they love their job and it shows. Seasonal items are my favourite, we try to stock up on favorites! This week we discovered they even sell a gingerbread house making kit! My kids had a blast making it and the gingerbread wasn't hard as a rock. So easy to put together and the kids can't wait to eat it!
By: Annie H.
Prices are regularly higher than Target here. The only thing I like about Kmart is their after holiday sales often discounting up to 75%. It used to be up to 90% but those days are for some reason gone. The kid's clothing section is regularly a mess and again prices are just too high. The toy aisle is all the way in the back of the building and is dimly lit. Only upside is there is plenty of parking in the front in San Fernando.
By: ilovebacon
I love that they sell loose nuts, granola, flour, etc... saves money and saves waste. If you are smart, go on Wednesdays when they will honor both the previous and upcoming week's specials. They ran out of organic chicken breasts, and the butcher gladly allowed me to pick another cut of chicken I wanted and he would honor the sale price for it, or he could offer me a rain check. How nice! Super clean, super easy shopping.
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By: Josephine F.
I have started to use the Clicklist for my grocery shopping. It is so convenient and I don't have to worry about long lines. the employees make it so easy. If there is something not available they will find another equally better choice and there have been so many times that I have had $10 take off my order for some sort of inconvenience. It's so worth it. i will keep doing it just to have more free time.
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By: Cathy M.
My "go-to" store in Burbank. Great selection at good prices. I love their sales. Lately, service has declined from when they first opened. The deli used to be the best in service. Now, I always have a wait even if there are no customers at the counter. The workers sometimes never turn around to help you. Otherwise, the food selection and prices are good.

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