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By: Terri G.
Party City
They need a separate line for taking orders, checkout is longer than it needs to be and staff need customer service training! I picked my balloons up and 3 were missing and the employee said no there wasn't. We discussed this several times, she finally agreed and said oh yeah 3 popped and handed me the order. I said what about the missing ones, she said you want those? Yes! She said she couldn't replace them with the star war ones I bought as they don't have extras. I said hold on and came back with a bag (like the one I bought) and said here, she said I can't open it. I said I ordered these, paid for them and need them for my party in an hour. I'll have to charge you for them, I said no I already paid for my order, you popped them. She said I can't do it, just take what you have. I said no, can you ask your manager, she said no. I said yes you can, she said really!? I saw him down the isle, waved to him, told him what happened and he opened the bag and told her to finish by order.
By: Annie H.
Color Me Mine
Kids really enjoyed coming here. Tons of figurines to pick from varying in price. You paint your figurine and leave it to be baked and glazed. Then you get a call a few days later and you have this amazing shiny piece. We've also attended a birthday party here and it's super fun and organized. The wonderful lady who runs the store also told us that you can do a girls night out kind of thing as well there.
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By: bharadan
Elegant Designs
Edmond the owner did a fantastic job on our cushions. He spent enough time with us and walked us through a variety of fabrics and gave us ample time in order for us to get back. Once we told him what we would like, the job was well done on time. I totally recommend this upholstery.
By: Deborah S.
Bell Cottage
This is one of my favorite places to shop! Their merchandise is unique and make wonderful gifts for really any occasion including YOU!!! The thing I most love is they remember your name and they love dogs! Any place that welcomes my dog is okay in my book.
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By: Michelle R.
Color Me Mine
Rented the location for my daughter's birthday and it was great. Had the entire store to ourselves and all the kids got to paint and create. Afterwards we are Ana sang happy birthday. All the fun and none of the mess.
By: ashley.erikson
Party City
Their selection is horrible. They never have what we need for the themed birthdays were doing. Halloween costumes get less and less each year and theres always new employees so no one knows what they're doing.
By: Jennifer R.
Party City
The employees are always so rude at this location. They're never happy and could careless about helping you have a successful party. And it takes more time waiting in their line then your actual party!!!
By: Talia Z.
Party City
They always have the most random items you're looking for when you are in a bind. I wish that they would restock the inventory faster and that the lines moved faster as well. Overall great store to visit
By: Annie H.
Party World
There is always a line here that takes forever even if there are just two people in the store. They should get some additional lighting for the back aisles because the lighting is just dreary right now.
By: Tracy S.
Party City
Love to hang out at Party City. You can find just about anything you need for a holiday or party. They were getting out their holiday stuff today.

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