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By: reviewguru75
Motorhead Auto Repair
Its seems kinda funny that every time Ive taken one of our vehicles in for a repair they are right back in for another issue. I recently had the front suspension fixed on my vehicle and when i took it up there the engine was running perfect. We had just replaced all the hoses, spark plugs and wires, along with a few other things. When I pulled off from motorhead the car started running like it wanted to blow up. A couple days later it started making terrible sounds at the pully and belts. The next day the car started making a terrible winding sound and and totally shut down. the stearing went out along with the brakes. Its funny because when we looked at where all the noise was coming from it was right where they were working. When I called motorhead about it they were like you need to bring that car up here right away. He said from what it sounded like that was atleast a $600 job. So basically I wont be taking any more of my vehicles there again.
By: todd.campbell.714
Motorhead Auto Repair
I pulled in Motor Heads with my classic 72 Chevy Cheyenne 427 truck with a busted power steering hose pooring fluid. I am traveling threw GA from SC and was expected to be told to leave the truck or return later to get hose repaired. Within 10 min from the time I pulled in Steve the owner had me in his truck and we were off to find a power steering hose to repair my blown one. 45 min or so later I was pulling back on the road. This was my first experience with Motor Heads I just took a chance they would help me as I traveled threw and had a problem . Steve went out of his way to assist my problem . I felt lucky to meet theses people late on a Friday afternoon and they were so willing to help. O yea when I received my repair bill I looked at it 3 times to make sure it was correct I then tipped him a $ 20.00 for the great service. Thanks Guys you made my weekend a lot better. Respectfully Todd C. Townsville SC
By: rbraswellbailes
Motorhead Auto Repair
I can't say enough great things about Steve and his mechanics at Motorheads Auto Repair on Buford Hwy. I initially took it in to Steve, the owner, for an assessment re: my rear end differential needing repair as well as front driver side boot/axle. He quoted me a really fair price so I took it to them for the repairs as they had some good reviews and were located nearby. I went to pick it up and was shocked at how much better it drove; like new!!! These guys give you a honest, fair quote with no surprises when you pick up AND do an absolutely spectacular job. Motorheads is where I will continue to take my vehicles for repairs. Thanks guys!!!
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By: Charlene M.
Shelby's Auto Repair
I can't say enough great things about Shannon and Bob at Shelby's Auto Repair. I'm always weary of who I leave my cars with but after hearing so many great things about their shop, I had to give them a try. I'm so glad I did. Shannon is always smiling and happy to get me in right away! Bob is the ONLY person I will bring my cars to. He goes above and beyond to fix any issue big or small while answering all my questions. These folks are the perfect example of good, honest, hardworking people. Thank You for another fantastic experience at Shelby's!
By: Renee K.
Team Ryan Automotive Service and Repair
Troublesome engine light before a trip out of town. What a great group of folks at Team Ryan Automotive! They had a look, ran diagnostics, drove the car several times over 1.5 days to encourage the stall issue, but nothing. They could have easily made a repair and charged $$$ but their ethical business practices left me with a small bill to pay. Its been 6 days and no issues so far. I felt comfortable with the staff and the owner Dan. Thanks so much for speedy service. I will be back when the time comes for service on my Volvo.
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By: Mickey M.
Team Ryan Automotive Service and Repair
Sometimes it can be intimidating for a gal to go into a mechanic shop. Team Ryan is so clean and comfortable, you almost feel like you're walking into their home! The staff were all extremely courteous and very informative. They took time to explain to me all my options and did not try to sell me something I didn't need. Their services are very fairly priced and their work was done quickly and professionally. From now on, my family will take all our vehicles to Team Ryan.
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By: karkingdom
Motorhead Auto Repair
I had my wifes car serviced at Motorhead Auto Repair, Steve the owner was very helpful and treated me very well. Its a small shop in a little town called Rest Haven and from the looks of the area may not look the greatest but you will be treated fair and they are reasonable with their labor rate. They are honest people and that is very rare to find in the Auto Repair world! I would recommend this shop to my friends and family. Thx
By: wallybear2
Global Auto Center LLC
I have owned BMW's since 1982. I have had service from many dealers, shops and specialists on numerous BMW's and have done much work on them myself. . I have used Global Auto to repair and service three BMW's that I owned when they opened and have purchased two additional from Global. I find this to be the most knowledgeable, honest, most caring group, doing the highest quality work of any BMW garage I've been in.
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By: Ron G.
Shelby's Auto Repair
Took my classic 65 Buick Skylark in for service. Greeted by Shannonin the front office, who was both courteous and professional. Bob diagnosed my problem immediately (tuneup required) and althoughthey were busy, put my car in the garage and completed the work within an hour. Very reasonable price and excellent work. If you want great service at great prices I would recommend Shelby's!
By: madeon
Global Auto Center LLC
I'm an owner of a BMW 318ti, and I've used Global Auto Connection for several years now, and I give them the highest of ratings. They are reliable, honest, and by far the best shop I have used to service my vehicles. If you have any problems with your vehicle or just need a tune up, do not hesitate to take it to Global Auto Connection.
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