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By: chasemc
Youfit Health Clubs
New Equipment and only $10 per month but if you are trying to get out of your contract then I hope you are willing to walk in Houdini's shoes because you have to perform some type of miraculous escape act to end the agreement with them. They make it nearly impossible and that is why they are able to charge you so little per month. I am used to large spacious gyms so this was WAYY to cramped up for me. The best way for me to put it into perspective is like this... Take your average home gym and ask yourself how many times you use it per month. Sure it's great to have some extra equipment at your house as a backup, but you can't rely on it all the time. THERE IS NO MOTIVATION to work out at home with your own equipment. The only thing that keeps us active and pushing to reach our goals is some sort of motivation whether it's a person, quote, song, or a number on the scale. You just don't get that same motivation at YouFit that you would in a more traditional type of gym. I mean this review in no way, shape, or form to be harmful to the business. This is simply my personal opinion and everyone is entitled to their own. Regards,Chase
By: chasemc
Body Plex Inc.
I'm a member!!!! It's a no frills place. no pool, no basketball courts, no hot tub! And the best! No high powered sells! Either you like it or you don't. The classes are awesome the best in the world! No kidding they offer the Les Mills Body system... Bodyflow, bodypump, bodycombat, bodyjam, bodystep, ect. LOVE THESE GUYS! I have never met such a friendly staff in my life. It brings a smile to my face every time I walk in the doors because I am always greeted by the friendly and professional front desk associates.Also, Bodyplex in Buford allows you to freeze your membership for several months if you need too and it's only $2 per month to do so. Not sure if all Bodyplex locations work in that manner, but all the other gyms I have been a member of previously either did not give me the option or it was a lot more costly.I can honestly say without hesitation that I cannot see myself belonging to another gym. Bodyplex is as good as it gets. So if you just want a great workout and aren't out just to be seen this is the place for you.
By: Dennis M.
LA Fitness
Great club and wide variety of equipment. Always clean and conveniently located to Hamilton mill. Safe environment for young and old.

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