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By: Leigh R.
J & S Mechanical Contractors
I was referred to J and S mechanical by my home warranty company because the first AC company they referred me to still had not contacted me after three days. I went online and looked up reviews for J and S and I read through both the positive and the negative comments. I wasn't sure what level of service to expect but I am so glad I kept the appointment because everything turned out great. They called and gave me my four hour window of when they would arrive, and then they called me 30 minutes before the technicians arrived to tell me they were on the way to my house. As soon as I answered the door they both introduced themselves and and then they went right to work. These two men were extremely polite. They have either had excellent training or their mothers raised them right because they had manners. Neither one of them said "uh-huh" or "yeah," instead they always responded with yes ma'am and no ma'am and thank you. Although the ma'am part wasn't necessary, I truly appreciated how polite and respectful they were. Based on the symptoms my AC unit was giving, they knew exactly what to check first and when they found nothing there amiss, they started looking at the second most likely cause and immediately located the source of the problem. They had my AC unit fixed in no time flat and they adjusted my thermostat to start the cool air coming in. One of the gentleman took time to explain the 30 day warranty in detail and told me who I needed to contact if I discovered further issues within the warranty period. The technicians were not only extremely polite and on time for the appointment, but they were very knowledgeable about the inner workings of an air conditioning unit. Overall it was a great experience and if I need to call my warranty company again for an AC problem I will definitely ask them to assign J & S mechanical to come fix the problem.
By: Melanie W.
J & S Mechanical Contractors
J & S Mechanical has been my go-to for the past couple of years. I'm Soo glad that my home warranty company introduced me to them. I trust the service they provide - both in house scheduling/administrative and in the house maintenance and repair. They are always courteous and give me details of what's needed (or not needed). They're currently providing plumbing and heating and cooling maintenance for my rental property. I have and will continue referring them whenever possible. J&S Mechanical, when it comes to maintenance, you put me at ease - thank you.
By: Lynn S.
J & S Mechanical Contractors
I was referred to this company by my home warranty comp. after reading all the negative reviews I was more than set to be unhappy with this company! However, there is not 1 bad thing I can say. The girls in the office were pleasant and did exactly what they said they would do. The repairman called before arriving, was clean, very nice and respectful of my house. After maybe 15 min. my air conditioner was running!So happy to be able to post a good review for this company.
By: Kate E.
J & S Mechanical Contractors
I am very impressed by this company. In June my evaporator coil was installed incorrectly by a different company. My home warranty was able to refer my issue to J & S in July when the AC unit began having issues. J&S customer service is AWESOME. Each time I called, some one always picked up the phone, they were knowledgeable and polite. It took about a week for everything to be ordered and scheduled. Michelle the owner is very nice and professional.
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By: Krista L.
J & S Mechanical Contractors
Amazing customer service on the phone as well as from the two gentlemen who came to my home. I can't express enough how relieved I am to have my air conditioner repaired after several failed attempts from other companies. The office staff was also very pleasant and easy to work with. The time frames are a little long but when I asked alternatives of an hour notice solved the issue.
By: pollie123
J & S Mechanical Contractors
I have 2 young children at home and no matter what time or whether it was a plumbing or in my case and air conditioning need, these guy's saved me. I would have had a flooded home once and sweated to death the next. Thanks J & S You are all awesome to me. Kudos pollie123
By: the.real.deal.
J & S Mechanical Contractors
J & S Mechanical is a GREAT company. They are professional and understanding. Every time I have had an HVAC or Plumbing issue, they come out to my home right away and get the job done correctly.
By: computer_girl
J & S Mechanical Contractors
I LOVE this company. The are very professional and helpful. They do not seem at all racist and I will make sure to use them for all of my plumbing and HVAC needs. (:
By: michelle.ramseysmith
J & S Mechanical Contractors
Love them! ;) Best company in the world!

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