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By: Carajw003 ..
Ink Spot Tattoo
I had been thinking about getting my other nostril pierced for my birthday. I decided to go to Ink Spot tattoo after briefly reviewing their shop online. I walked in spontaneously a few days before my birthday and it was a little awkward when I went inside. There was a guy and a girl sitting behind the counter and they were cordial but kind of cold. Neither of them introduced themselves, even when I said I was going to go though with the nose piercing. I previously had gotten (and healed successfully and uneventfully) a nostril piercing on the other side of my nose so Louisianna (whose name I got from my waiver) didn't explain anything about the procedure and didn't offer aftercare instructions until I asked. She also had me pick out jewelry from the display case in and took it directly back into the piercing room without sterilizing it. I should have left at this point. She took me and my boyfriend to the piercing room, wiped down my nose with alcohol and then took great care in marking my nose to get it to match my other one precisely (for which I am grateful for). She took both her needles and her clamps out of sealed packages and took a bit to set up while we chatted. When I asked her, she said that she had been piercing for a total of 5 years; a little inexperienced, but I was still willing to give it a shot. The piercing itself was painful-much more painful than I remembered my first nostril piercing being. She poked me with the needle once before even doing the piercing, SLOWLY put the needle through my nose, and then stuck the inside of my nose with the needle on the way out. She bent the jewelry so that it would accommodate the swelling, but it was so long it kept poking the inside of my nose. I think most of the mistakes she made were pretty much due to inexperience. I'm not a piercer (nor do I claim to be) but I personally trust someone with a little more experience under their belt. I will not be returning to ink spot again for a piercing. Ill be going to Keith at Cowpok for all of my work --as should anyone who reads this.
By: Anthony S.
Hard Core Tattoo Studio
I went in a last week with my girl. She wanted a piercing and i wanted a tattoo. I was hoping for fat boy but he wasnt available. So we decided to just get a piercing for her. Firstly the piercer didnt even acknowlage me or my girl when we tried to speak to him, he just looked at his phone. The guy at the desk made it seem like i was bothering him. He spoke to me like i was stupid, which i can assure you i am not. And proceeded to talk to another guy about smoking and pulled weed out of his pocket. I dont know if he was trying to impress my girl, but it didnt work. He was really rude, unprofessional, abd disrespectful. We decided to leave. Ive never felt so unwelcomed in my entire life. I will never re enter hardcore again while that joke of an employee is there. Which is ashame because ive heard and seen nothing but amazing tattoos come out of there. If the owner sees this please feel free to email me directly because if that was happening in my business i would most definatly want to fix it asap. I cant imagine what other people were made to feel coming in and out of there.
By: becca.ringholz
Living Canvas Tattoo Studio
I just got a decent size tattoo on my arm of a turtle. I came in with some reference images and a few ideas and made an appointment with Jason. He gave me a gorgeous tattoo that I get compliments about daily. The lines are solid and the colors are vivid, bold, and beautiful. I would highly recommend this shop. All the guys are really friendly and I felt really comfortable knowing i was in their hands. The price was extremely reasonable but I would have paid more for such a great experience. Their online profiles are really helpful and they have more of their work displayed in the studio if you're curious.
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By: Catherine S.
Hard Core Tattoo Studio
Ive been getting tattooed at hardcore for almost 10 years by danny lazi aka phatboy. I will neber step foot into another shop again. My tattoos are clean, vibrant, readable, and exactly what i wanted. Danny has such a great understanding of not only his trade, but people aswell. Ive personally witnessed some very difficult customers leave with the biggest smiles afyer being tattooed by him. Hes very light handed, and patient with me, because i can be a cry baby. Lol but i will never let another person tattoo me other than him. Id follow him anywhere. I highly recomend paying him a visit!!
By: Paul R.
Hard Core Tattoo Studio
The last review was written by a girl who lives with a piercer who was recently let go. Its funny how her best friend and roommate was tattooed at HARDCORE TATTOO up until she no longer worked for them. They were good enough then but not now a week after she doesn't work there. Go in look at there books or even look on Facebook or instagram they are on both. But to bash them cause your friend no longer works there is kinda childish if you ask me. Never had a problem with any of my work nor has any of my family members..
By: tedgomes
Renaissance Custom Tattoo
Started coming here a few years back in college, got a few smaller pieces. I would often pop in on my way to campus and the staff was usually busy working away but was always quick with a "hello" and "how are you?" After graduation I rewarded myself with a sleeve by Tom who took my ideas and turned them into something really amazing and one of a kind. Really chill place to get tattooed, comfortable and professional.
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By: Salvatore I.
Hard Core Tattoo Studio
I've had 4 tattoos done at Hard Core by Dani Lazi and have always walked away very pleased with the work he has created for me. He always takes what I think I want and gives me so much more. He is a true artist and always makes me feel comfortable when I'm in his chair. I think it's time for another visit soon!
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By: Emily M.
Ink Spot Tattoo
Derrick is the best!! He did my first tattoo, so he ran me through the steps of making sure everything is safe if I ever get one somewhere else and even made sure I was good with the needle before he started. The artwork was amazing and I am definitely going back to him when I want my next one!!! :)
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By: Cassandra P.
Hard Core Tattoo Studio
I've gone to hardcore for all seven of my tattoos. They have all been done by Dan Lazi and I wouldn't dream of going to anyone else. An amazing artist, with an awesome personality. The shop feels very welcoming and is very clean and professional. I highly recommend it.
By: Mark M.
Madd Ink Tattoo & Piercing
Madd Ink Tattoo & Piercing in Buffalo New York has moved to a new bigger location at 408 Amherst Street behind Buffalo State College! Call us today at 716-783-7652 to schedule your custom tattoo or body piercing appointment with us!

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