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By: Michelle C.
Connie's Tailors & Cleaners
I bought my daughter a winter coat only one they had at the store it was ripped at the seam the threads came out she is 4 so i had too get it fixed before she made it worse took it in told them i need it back asap because it suppose too be cold tomorrow it was a little hole they called in a few hours and didnt charge me great place very friendly made my daughter very happy her favorite coat got fixed
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By: Logan W.
Connie's Tailors & Cleaners
I recommend this place to everyone I know! I am a weekly customer with 3 suits, 5 dress shirts plus etc. Not only does he get all my food stains out every time but he also charges 1/2 the price and is quick! I've also had alterations done on all my suits and find the staff friendly and kind. So 5 stars every week for 3 years for me!
By: Lucy P.
Connie's Tailors & Cleaners
awesome alterations, but totally unprofessional. These women need to stop asking customers about their personal business
By: Thomas S.
Kohler Awning Inc
I purchased a home with a fairly large kohler awning already installed and although not my taste, enjoyed its functionality for one season before I ran into trouble. Awning is fitted off the back of a 2100 square foot colonial for reference...pretty standard.I was scheduled for early april installation, and sure enough the guys showed up with my awning april 1st. Unfortunately, 45 minutes later, I went out back expecting to find my awning and it was not installed.None of the installers knocked on the door to tell me any change in plans, so I was very confused.I contacted Kohler a few days later to find out what was the matter and there seemed to be some confusion as to the source of the issue.An hour or so later I received a call from one of the owners telling me that unfortunately my awning has some damage and could not be installed. He said there was a tear in the fabric. I said, that is strange because there was no tears in it when they took it down last fall ( I pay kohler each fall to remove and store my awing, then again to reinstall in the spring). He said my options were to patch and maybe it makes it through the season, or full replacement.I said that I would like to see the awning in person and view the damage and he politely offered to meet with me and explain.In my estimation, one of their installers managed to put a 2 foot rip in the middle of my awning. Mr. Kohler stated that these things happen when the awnings age, mine being 9 years old. He said 10 years was the expected life span. He then continued to grab the fabric assessing it as near paper thin, due to the sun exposure over the years. I grabbed the fabric with my hands and stepped on the other end with my feet and proceeded to try my best to rip it apart, but alas me, at 6'3 225lbs, could not tear this feeble fabric! He offered to patch the awning, albeit with a glue patch as it cannot be sewn in the vital spot the tear occurred.Other options included full replacement of fabric with a 15% discount (5% bump over the prorated discount given to a awning that fails in 9 years....apparently within 5 years its covered 100%). This option would cost me around $3300 and while it wasn't exactly shocking, I was disappointed that I landed in this predicament due to damage that occurred by the professional installers, whom I pay a few hundred a year to install and store my investment.So much for having it made in the shade.
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By: Julia B.
Ann Rhod's Tailoring & Dress
Work never on time. Customer service very unprofessional.
By: S M.
Maurice Tailors
BEWARE! AVOID AT ALL COSTS! I was assaulted at this shop. I brought in my wedding dress to be altered. When I picked it up I noticed black stains and several snags in the sheer material, along with small holes. Maurice's wife denied even seeing the stains that were obviously there. She offered to press the dress to see if the snags would be less noticeable. While pressing, she was able to remove the one large black stain, but brought the dress back out with four more black stains. Maurice arrived at this point and she told him I was looking for trouble and there was never a stain on the dress to begin with. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. Maurice and his wife obviously have a deny deny deny strategy when confronted with complaints. Then Maurice told me no one would notice the stains because they were on the bottom of the dress. I brought in a beautiful wedding dress and they ruined it. Maurice got very defensive with me and was screaming "how would I stain your dress when I have nothing black in the shop"? Obviously their equipment is dirty. I told Maurice that I would not pay full price for the dress and wanted to be compensated for my losses. He grabbed the dress bag out of my hands and attempted to grab the dress from me while screaming at me. Then he blocked me from leaving his shop. He threatened me, assaulted me and held me against my will. I had to call the police to get out of his store. I was in tears, crying and telling him to keep his hands off of me while he was blocking my entrance to the door. He was still screaming and blocking me while I was on the phone with 911. The police wanted to arrest him for unlawful imprisonment, but I didn't want to deal with the drama of court. These people are crazy! This was the scariest situation I have ever been in! I would never ever recommend anyone go to them.
By: poptara
Kohler Awning Inc
Great product. Fast delivery. Overpriced ( probably due to very little competition ) . Also, every time I called I felt like I did something wrong. Even over the phone I could tell they were not even trying to smile.I'm sure they would be out of business if there was another customer friendlier company providing same service.
By: stacy.kilanowski
Connie's Tailors & Cleaners
I would not recommend this place to anyone. The seamstress missed a layer of my wedding dress and the bustle was not strong enough to hold the back of the gown. I wish i would have saw these reviews before taking my dress there.
By: walt12
Joanna's Tailor Shop
I needed a dress altered but I recently moved to the area so I didn't have a new tailor here yet. I called around using the phone book, and finally settled on Joanna's after reading the good reviews online. I told her I needed the dress done fast, and she did the alterations in TWO days! The dress fits perfectly now. The price was so reasonable, and she even charged me a little less than originally quoted. Such a sweet lady!
By: laura.boydkolodziejczyk
Connie's Tailors & Cleaners
I agree with the other review, this place is now a joke!!! It deserves zero stars but you can't submit a review without any stars selected. My dresses are ruined and Marie is on vacation when she said she would be available for "tweaks" to the alteration. I will be asking for a refund and possibly reimbursement for the cost of my dresses as they are completely ruined. I can sew better than this hack!

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