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By: clarenceres
Brennan's Bowery Bar
We've been going to Brennan's for over 25 years, but our recent experience will keep us away for a long time. My husband, son and I were dining there on a Saturday night. The restaurant was quite full, and we were seated in a booth toward the back of the restaurant where the kitchen and waitress station are. When we were about halfway through our meal (which was only average), our waitress and began a loud argument with another waitress that lasted through the rest of our meal. They were oblivious to the fact that diners were turning to stare and sending them dirty looks. When a manager came to break it up, I assumed that he'd have the good sense to lead them back into the relative privacy of the kitchen. No such luck. He jumped into the fray, and we had to hear the whole thing re-hashed. Brennan's used to be a fun neighborhood pub with better than average food. But they've expanded and, in trying to accommodate far too many tables, have allowed their food and service to suffer. There are many better choices within a stone's throw.
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By: Kim G.
Agape Parents Fellowship
Before we came to Agape my autistic son, who had destructive and violent tendencies, spent 6 years on various waiting lists for residential placement. After we came to Agape, he was placed in less than one year. We have an excellent service coordinator at Agape who truly understood our situation and did not stop looking until she found placement for our son. Now he is doing very well. Agape also found our family an excellent special education lawyer when we needed one. I would recommend Agape to any parent with a special needs child.
By: mjw9326
Frank's Sunny Italy Family Restaurant
This used to be one of my favorite restaurants. I used to go there at least once a month. Not any more. Every time we go there, the service gets slower. The quality of their food has dropped as well. The portions are still big, but not nearly as good anymore. I would give it an average at best. I won't likely go back there too soon,
By: mjw9326
I have been going there for nearly thirty years. I have tried Anchor Bar several times. I will always choose Duff's, same as the President (he just picked the wrong one). You get a lot of bang for your buck, and a lot better meal than Anchor Bar. It's in a lot nicer neighborhood, as well.
By: Theresa W.
TGI Fridays
I recently had a chance to go back to Fridays. This time we were given a booth with a tv which is great for the kids. The food was good and the service was even better. The waiter was mr. skylander and he was great. I will definitely return
By: Stacy L.
Sophia' Restaurant
Yum! Love breakfast at Sophia's. As long as you can beat the crowd and don't have to wait (and drool in anticipation), it is the best breakfast place around!
By: lectric41
Ruby Tuesday
If you like all the salads you can eat this is the place. great place when to sign up to their website. Coupons make it worth your while.
By: sensualofficer
Scotch N Sirloin
A fantastic bar to have a beer and unwind. I love it here! I just stumbled upon this bar a little while ago.
By: C. C.
800 Maple
The staff loves what they do and it shows. The food is excellent...especially the filet. :)
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By: techyteach
Baker Victory Services Adoption
Very Nice, Brand new, Great Dentists and Good experience for the price!

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