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By: Michelle F.
Tony's Tree and Landscaping Inc.
From the time I called for an estimate, i knew that this company was top notch. It is apparent that there are 3 generations of excellence with a 100 years of family experience in this business. This was evident right from the beginning. TJ the office scheduler was the first person i spoke to, he was courteous and and kept me informed on when the estimator would be out to see me, which was within a day I had the pleasure of meeting Tony from Tony's Tree and Landscaping, Inc. Tony was professional, friendly and absolutely fair with pricing (he was half of my lowest estimate after seeking out 4 other companies). Tony took time to hear my thoughts and gave me great advice, his honesty was refreshing, seeing i did not know much about this service. I was amazed at his expertise when educating me on the current crisis with the Emerald Ash Bug, which is killing all the Ash trees in our region of WNY. Lucky for me, i had many (lol). I referred him to my neighbor who has been looking for a tree service she can trust with knowledge, advice and pricing for the past two years and she too was impressed with Tony's professionalism and prices. She hired his company immediately. Within one business day Tony and his men showed up to do the job and I am in awe with the job that has been done. Tony personally came to the job to show his crew what they needed to do and spoke with me confirming our agreement and the scope of work to be done. He always made sure that I was satisfied with the work being done at my home. What i ABSOLUTELY loved is that Tony went above and beyond our agreed upon price/work and his company identified other issues and took care of them without asking for more money. Folks… here is a company that will not take advantage. I can not be more confident in recommending this company to anyone in need of tree removal and/or tree trimming. I will absolutely be calling this company back for all my landscaping needs in the future. Lastly, i find it interesting that 4 other neighbors on my street are also using Tony's company for their tree and landscaping needs, which speaks volumes to their professionalism, work demeanor and pricing.
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By: Carrie O.
Tony's Tree and Landscaping Inc.
My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Tony's Tree and Landscaping! We lost one tree to a wind storm during the spring and were very concerned to lose more, causing damage or worse yet, injury. Originally, we had contracted with different tree removal service in the area. However, after they did not show up for over two months and failed to return several calls, we contacted Tony. We are so happy we did! Tony came out to do an estimate the same day we called, and within a week and a half, the job was complete! Not to mention, the price was FAR BETTER than what we were quoted by the other company. Tony's did FOUR TIMES the work for HALF of the other guy's price! Tony and his crew were prompt, courteous, and all-around great to work with. We HIGHLY recommend them to anyone in need of tree removal service in the area! DO NOT waste your time calling the "other guy"-- get in touch with Tony's Tree Removal and Landscaping, you will NOT be disappointed! They truly live up to their motto and awesome reputation... they really go out on a limb for you!!!! You can tell this company has been around for 3 generations and you can see that they are truly family-owned and operated! What I like about Tony's Tree Removal and Landscaping is that it is not just a company name, it is their family name-- they will not do anything to tarnish that! Not only did Tony personally come out on the day of the estimate, he was here to oversee his crew to ensure they completed the job as discussed, and as he promised he would. From the first phone call, to the estimate, to the completion of the job, Tony did everything he said he would. As he showed the crew the job, he noticed a few other items that needed to be taken care of in our yard and took care of them for us at no extra charge. What companies do that in this day and age?! Tony is truly a man of his word! GREAT COMPANY, GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT SERVICE!!! Thank you Tony's Tree Removal and Landscaping!!!!
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By: Brandon K.
Tony's Tree and Landscaping Inc.
Let's just start by saying that you could barely see my house from the road. My wife and I just purchased our home in June and there was so little light that the grass in the backyard wouldn't grow! There was no sun in the house and little-to-no sun anywhere on the property. Our neighbor mentioned that no one had trimmed the trees here in at least 10 - maybe 15 years.Tony (owner of the business - 3rd generation!) came by on Tuesday night to give me a quote - I needed 3 trees removed, 3 trees trimmed and about 25 small, shrubby trees taken out. Also, I have to mention that there isn't much room to work here - I am in the village of Williamsville and packed in between 3 different houses and the road. Not only was the price incredible, but he was able to provide my service the NEXT DAY. I had gotten other quotes and they began at 6 weeks - some were as high as 9 weeks! As a side note, it is clear that Tony is passionate about his work. When he saw the potential in how much difference his service could make, he was running around the property taking pictures and just getting generally excited. It really shows in the way his company performed. When his crew arrived, they were friendly and incredibly efficient. I chatted with a couple of the guys and you could tell that they really loved working for Tony's - there was pride in their work. In less than 5 hours (from 6-8pm one night, 8-10:30am the next day), they had done all of the big work and were packed up and onto the next job. I cannot recommend these guys enough. To be honest, I rarely write reviews - who does? - but when I find a company (and an owner) that really goes above and beyond for their customer, I have to let others know. Please - do yourself a favor and hire Tony's!
By: Adam S.
Tony's Tree and Landscaping Inc.
Being a previous customer of another tree service company, I can 100% say I highly recommend Tony’s Tree Service for all your tree trimming and tree removal needs. Tony’s Tree Service came in and offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse; over a thousand less dollars than the previous company I dealt with (all while doing more work)! The best part of the arrangement, though, is the time and care the personnel of Tony’s Tree Service took to ensure the work was done in a clean and professional manner. Even with a rain soaked ground, and after all my trees were removed, one could not tell there was ever anybody there. To further drive the point home, I had a four foot gate through which Tony’s Tree Service removed over ten trees and over 30 bushes; no heavy machinery of any kind was used! Because of the care and concern that goes into each project they undertake, stump removal was put off until the ground became harder and firmer so as to not destroy my lawn with the machine used for over 40 stump removals. If I ever need any tree services in the future, Tony’s Tree Service will be the company I will not hesitate to call!! Thanks to Tony and his staff for a job well done!
By: George P.
Tony's Tree and Landscaping Inc.
. Tony's tree had come to take down my neighbors ash trees. I had ten very large ash trees, over my garage also over the power lines. I thought that it would be costly, when i told tony i am on a budget since my wife fell very ill He took great care of us working with our budget to make my home safe. Tony came over and found dead trees that were almost hidden but they would have done serious damage to my home soon if they hadn't been taken down. Tony was here the very next day to take the trees down, his crew was very polite and respected my property. Tony took great care of my wife and I knowing that i am a war vet and senior citizen. Lemay court was a danger zone with ash trees before tony and his crew came in. Thank you tony and crew so much for such a fantastic job, great cost, great experience...over all they are fantastic in every way. Thank you for taking care of war vets and seniors it made me feel fantasist to see someone who truly cares about the customers and their homes.
By: Gary W.
Tony's Tree and Landscaping Inc.
I would like to take this opportunity to share how happy, Impressed, and SATISFIED I am with This Truly Family Owned and Operated Tree and Landscaping Business that Tony's Tree and Landscaping Truly Truly is! They Took down Dead Ash Trees, trimmed some trees over my House, and Removed my Bushes all the way around my House. They also immediately upon removing the Landscaping around my House they Installed ALL New Landscaping and Did all this within a few Days and they were almost half of my Lowest Estimate that I received from 3 other Tree and Landscaping Companies! Tony's Tree and Landscaping gave a HUGE DISCOUNT to Honor me as a Senior Citizen and a Disabled Veteran where 2 of the 3 other Tree Companies Would NOT SURPRISING ENOUGH!! THES GUYS ARE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFULL, MEN OF THERE WORD, And Professional and Friendly SERVICE! THIS SHOULD BE YOUR "ONLY" and "LAST" CALL YOU need to make for your Tree and Landscaping needs!
By: Brian V.
Tony's Tree and Landscaping Inc.
i contacted tonys tree and landscaping because i had a large lead from one of my back trees come down on my garage during a storm. Due to the urgency to get someone out there i had heard from friends that tonys tree and landscaping had an emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. tony came out personally himself and gave us a great price to take this large limb off our garage. tony came with the guys to come show the job and checked on it every stage of the way. Tony was fantastic helping along the way really putting our mind at ease.The crew was fantastic they worked together great from guys in to tree cutting it down to the guys on the ground. You can tell that this company is the real deal and they have all the right equipment and insurances to do it. I was very please to hire this family owned and opp orated business.thank you for a job well done tony and crews.
By: Patrick M.
PB's Greenthumb Landscaping
I sent Peter an email through his website and he was able to come out next day to take a look at the project. Peter told me he could take some pictures and create a design that he would email to me. Which he did. This was a much better option than just hearing about what he planned to do. Once we settled on a design he was in contact with me throughout the whole process of scheduling a date. They arrived exactly when Peter said they would. Most of the project was done in the first day. Then they came out THE NEXT DAY, on a Saturday no less, to complete the job because Peter told me he doesn't like to leave a site unfinished. Moral of the story is that my landscaping looks fantastic. And they left the area spotless. Peter and his crew are top notch. I plan on recommending this company to friends and family without hesitation. Thanks again Peter, awesome job!!!
By: Vern A.
Tony's Tree and Landscaping Inc.
tonys tree and landscaping came to my house for a quote on july 30th. Tony came with the crew a few days later took my trees and shrubs out, hauled my wood away and even ground out the stumps. I was able to use just one company to do it all which was very accommodating. There was a short delay with the water company for the 811 to clear for our stumps to be ground out but I am glade this company does things the right way and the safe way. The office called on me on Thursday to let me know the landscaping crew would arrive on Monday or Tuesday and Tuesday they pulled up and had my job done!!!. The price was fantastic, the crews were great and even tony himself was on the big truck helping out . This family owned and operated business really did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone looking for any tree or stump removal landscaping and so much more.
By: Joe Z.
Tony's Tree and Landscaping Inc.
We highly recommend Tony’s Tree & Landscaping Services. The work crew was very skilled at their craft, courteous and professional. The best part was receiving such a great service at a price that other tree services would have charged twice and in some cases three times as much! Tony estimated the job himself, he arrived with the crew and reviewed the details of the job with the crew to ensure the work was completed to our satisfaction. Now I know why many of my neighbors have selected Tony’s Tree & Landscaping service for their tree and landscaping needs. All were completely satisfied as we are. And Working with a three generation family business was special as their pride in workmanship was evident. Great people, great prices and great service! Joe Z

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