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By: A B.
Mayfair Sales
I bought bags of Mayfair Select Brands mixed candy, so that I could use them to make up a bunch of bags with different candy in them. I bought identical bags, get them home and there's supposed to be a variety of 12 different individually wrapped candies in each bag. Well open them up to find, for example, the bags only had like one pack of Swedish fish, one big lemon head, three Sunkist fruit chews, one pack ofSour Patch kids, etc. Couldn't even use it for what I purchased all them bags of cand for-very disappointed!
By: Beth K.
Mayfair Sales
Hello,always been pleased buying mayfair chewy favorites,But I purchased a bag last week I was disapointed to find there was no bit o honeys and no airheads.all there was was carmels,chocolate carmels and goetze's (very few),and mary janes(in which that company needs to rethink their packaging.when to go open one the wrapper sticks to the candy then I end up throwing it in the trash)
By: Mary N.
Mayfair Sales
I purchase alpine valley white cheddar bulk popcorn faithfully four bags weekly. I was disappointed last week wirh three out of four so salty I had to discard. This is by far the best white cheddar, what happened?

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