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By: rango.fromoutwest
Coastal Wind Sports
I had a terrible buying experience with Angus from Costal Wind Sports!                I ordered & paid $460.00 for a PowerBlast 2-4 Angus had listed for sale on his website June 14th.I called Angus Campbell on June 17th to ask about shipping. I was then informed me that he in fact, did not have one in stock. He assured me that he would call Revolution to order one in for me being that he already received my payment.               I called him again June 18th & 19thhoping to get an update. When he did not answer my calls I left him messages. However, I did not receive any  response. I figured if I couldn’t get an answer over the phone I would just send him an email. I sent my first e-mail on the morning of June20th.no & requested a “read receipt”, my email was opened & blatantly disregarded. I tried again to contact him by phone on June 21st. Again,  he did not answer but did call back shortly after. Only to  tell me they no longer carry the color that I ordered. At this point, I advised him that I didn't care what color it was I just wanted my kite. He promised he would call revolution as soon as we hung up to get it ordered & sent directly to me. He assured me he would give me a follow-up call after he placed the order. However, he did not.So once again, I initiated contact on the 24th and 25th. Again, I received no response. Annoyed with the lack of customer service Angus showed, I called Revolution myself. I spoke with Lolly- she informed me that she had talked to Angus & she was awaiting a response from him in regard to the color of my kite. I explained to her that I had been waiting quiet sometime to get my kite & I no longer had a color preference. She was courteous enough to assist me in selecting a color, and arranged to have the kite sent directly to me in effort to avoid any additional delay from Angus.In summary, had I not initiated contact with Revolution on my own- I would still be waiting on my order to be placed. As much as I look forward to receiving my new Power Blast 2-4, this has been the worst buying experience of my life. Never again, will I waste my time or money in purchasing products from Coastal Wind Sports.

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