By: nancyt911
Lil' Footprints Childcare Inc
I agree with MonikaOrtiz718, the first post is highly incorrect and full of lies. Lil' food prints is very diverse and accepting. None of the staff is Chinese and myself being part Chinese find that highly offensive. The first comment also spelled the world Chinese wrong. Lil' footprints is full of diversity and acceptance to any child, parents, person regardless of race, gender, disabilities and any other discriminatory orientation . Is the first post commenting this daycare by mistake when it is meant for another review? The staff are very kind in their effort in helping parents that are struggling in any situation. The kids are in a caring, loving and education environment. The owner and the staff are very welcoming . The Lil' Footprints Childcare's staff are wonderful. Once you walk in you get a warm welcome where the staff whole heartedly cares. I have been to several different daycares before choosing this one. They were very helpful and informative unlike several others nearby. I called in to check if there are any space still available for my child and just by the sound of the staff you feel a warm welcome. You can really tell that they do try their best to help out every parents situation. They understand not only what the child needs but what the mother needs as well. I enrolled my child there and got a lot more than I expected. I just want my child to have a safe and fun environment to grow, but unexpectedly my child has grown allot more. Not only did my child learn how to communicate with others with a well respected manner but he also learned his ABCs, 123s and days of the week, and now he knows how to write and read faster than expected. I would recommend lil' foot prints to anyone who lives a busy schedule as a parent and would want their child to grow up in a warm, loving, fun, educational environment.
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By: Ines S.
Learn And Explore Preschool
I am so extremely happy that I pulled my daughter from another daycare that she was attending and moved her to Learn & Explore. Whereas before she would scream and cry when we were even getting ready for a daycare, now she can't wait to go. My daughter absolutely loves her Learn & Explore family and so do I. The days she does not attend she asks when she can go back. The staff and the owners are always available for a meeting. Every time I’ve had something to discuss with them, they were responsive and helped me solve the issue. The children are always smiling and always engaged in different activities. The programs that they teach are amazing. Every month has a teaching theme, which is broken down into smaller sections per week. All their activities are an opportunity to learn, but they make them fun for children.To say the very least, this day care is clean, loving and the absolute best place to have your child enrolled.
By: Noza U.
Learn And Explore Preschool
Our family is extremely pleased with our son's experience at Learn and Explore Daycare. Learn and Explore has been wonderful. It is very clean and meets all of our expectations. The staff is always greeting you with a friendly smile and makes you feel welcome. The entire team has made the transition very easy and I feel secure knowing my son is in a safe environment and in loving hands. The activities he does in class with his favorite teachers are age appropriate and engaging. I love seeing pictures of him and his friends interacting with each other and truly enjoying themselves. We love the daily communication from our son's teachers. We receive feedback on his eating habits, behavior/moods, what he experienced during the day, and special notes from his teachers. This Daycare is the perfect match for our baby. We wouldn't go anywhere else!!!
By: Margarita N.
Learn And Explore Preschool
My son has been with Learn and Explore for a year, and is staying for UPK next year as well. The team is amazing from management to teachers. They are always available to help and support with anything. Love having parent teacher conferences throughout the year, they are very informative.. overall my son loves going there, wakes up on Saturdays asking if he is going to school.. He also loves his teachers and friends. I was very worried when time came for my son to go to daycare and I was supper hesitant, but the team in Learn and Explore made it so easy for me. He has learned and made such a huge progress with spelling, writing and counting. He comes home full of information about his day; yoga, music classes, art projects, free play and learning.. Highly recommend Learn and Explore to take care of your little ones. ����
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By: Geminibee S.
Highlights Academy
Highlights Academy is the best nursery in and around the crown heights area. This school reminds me of back home in the Caribbean where learning is the key to success. This Caribbean based school is run by Ms Mendes, a Jamaican lady who is passionate about education. She might come off as rude to those parents who are uninvolved and uncooperative who are seeking babysitting services, but are disappointed when they realize it us a school in every sense. I have 6 children and I have sent all of them to Highlights Academy and I will refer all parents to send their children too. I use to work at a nursery too and not all staff members are truly passionate about kids. Some are just in for the pay. Ms Mendes is a lady who runs her school with her heart and she gives endlessly. BIG UP TO MY KIDS DIRECTOR MS MENDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Dan G.
Bambi H Day Care Ctr Inc
I'm not sure what is going on with the other reviews, but I had a wonderful experience with Bambi on Hancock street. My child learned a great deal, letters and numbers, and it was overall an excellent pre-k environment. They always came home positive and talking about what they learned or what happened that day. Facilities are a bit small and I cannot speak to the other reviews, except they don't go pick anyone up from after school, so not sure there. Pre-k teacher is certified with 25 years teaching experience, so a little confused as to the other review. As an educator myself I was very pleased with the social interaction and curriculum. It seemed there was a new theme every couple weeks with a new song my child was singing. I felt like it was very enriching for a Pre-k class.
By: loving-mother
Little Flower Day Care School
I had become very disillusioned and exhausted trying to find the perfect preschool for my 3 year old son. When a friend highly recommended Little Flower I scheduled an interview immediately. The principal, Ms. Chhattani is warm and always has an open door for the children and parents alike. I love the fact that they teach an advanced curriculum so the children stay challenged. My son is already reading phonics way past his chronological age and he loves to sing the songs that he's learned while in school. I highly recommend this school for parents looking for a warm and nurturing environment for their children. I will definitely enroll my 2 year old son in this school next year!
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By: Catina Q.
AZ-Fun Daycare
I could not ask for anything better for my daughter. I went back to work from maternity leave when my daughter was 1 year and 9 months. It was the toughest time for me with trust issues. I visited tons of daycares and was scared. When I was about to give up looking, god has lead me to the perfect daycare. I'm extremely happy with it ....and my daughter is happy too. She leaves with a smile and tells me Many stories that puts not only peace into my heart but puts a smile on my face.....the food is very healthy. The daycare is extremely clean.....all the kids are well mannered as well as the parents. My daughter learned plenty!!! I highly recommend AZ fun to all!!!!....
By: Karina K.
Learn And Explore Preschool
This day care is impressive in many ways. This is the 2nd year my son is attending. The first year was a transition year and this 2nd year has been transformative. My son comes home with new concepts and pre-academic information every day. He loves the daily projects. This is really a hands on learning environment where they focus on exploratory learning and social emotional growth. The teachers are caring and involved and the owners are approachable and knowledgeable. The classrooms are large, well equipped and clean. We feel very lucky to have our son at this day care and would highly recommend it to our friends and family.
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By: Milda L.
AZ-Fun Daycare
Every single parent wants the best for their kids. I got the luckiest mom when I met Nazira, the owner of AZ FUN day care. Back then my son was only 3 years old. He is 8 now. I can't be thankful enough for care that is provided in that day care. Nazira is the most kind, loving and caring person and so is her staff. We are attending after school program now and I don't think we will stop it up until he will finish high school. The knowledge he is getting from Nazira is priceless. If you are looking for the fresh homemade food, love, teaching and guiding your kids into right direction AZ FUN is way to go !!!!

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