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By: Godesi B.
One Stop Towing
Hi, on Jan 2nd @ 10pm, my mercury mountaineer alternator gave up while I was on Vere zona bridge . I was goi to JFK airport to pick my family, who came and was waiting for me. After Highway cops pushed my car at 92 st exit and Dalhpan PL, I called Liberty mutual at 10.35 pm. That’s when my irony started.Person on line asked meAre you at safe locationWhat’s color of your carWhats make model of your carWill you be with car when service arrives And asked me to wait, till he connects to towing service near by.After on hold for 10 min, he connected me to service and advised that service on way.After waiting till 11.40pm, I called liberty, they said that they had put ‘hold’ on my car as I was suppose to confirm.Being surprised, I asked to send promptly but this time, lady said that waiting time is 4 hours.I even said that my cellphone battery is dying so I do need prompt resolve and help.So I was advised that customer service will call me once they have someone.At 1.45 am, I called as no one called me, I was told that there is no record of my calls and so again, 3rd time I have to go over all questions as listed above and when I said “I am freezing in cold and need service asap”. Lady said “ Sir, do you want to report service call or no”. So I gave all answer like what color car, etc. etc. even when she knew that my cell battery is dying and will finish in 2 min. All these questions were asked to me, each time I called . After going over all questions, she made me wait for 20 min and then said that service coming in 40 min..So I switched off my phone and when started after 50 min, and seeing no one came till 2 am, I called towing company number that automated service gave, and this time towing service lady said that they need $148 to pull and tow me to nearby location and if I prefer to go to NEWJERSEY, then it will be $249 somethingI confirmed thinking money might help them to pick me first.So she said someone coming soon..But no one came till 3am and finally when I asked my wife to call customer service, she was told that I was pushed behind line as I wanted long distance towing and service had one driver less so I have to wait till 5 am.In this time, I called 911, but they said, since I am not on highway so they can’t help and suggested to call my towing company which I did but to me, they were dead as they were just to mechanized and asking repeat questions every time instead of giving me help. Even 411/311 suggested to call towing . I asked me if can leave my truck and pick it tomorrow and even on that , I was advised that I Can’t leave my car or else I will get ticket so finally after losing all hopes, knowing I have 1% battery, I searched local towing near me and after trying 7 companies, One company one stop picked up and said will take $300 to drop me to nj and I confirmed yes. After 10 min, one person came. I saw me freezing and cold, so without losing time, he picked me, took me to his location nearby, and gave me coffee, blanket and bagel, and suggested me to get car repaired here instead of going all the way to NJ and paying $300 and further repair cost. That was good decision. Till car shop mechanic came at 9am, I was given home like treatment. I felt happy. I felt blessed . All of a sudden , I started believing in god again. While discussing, I noticed that all three person who were ensuring I am happy, were from Pakistan and I am Indian. I never knew, Indian and Pakistani can have so strong bond. I loved hospitality offered and love shared.I started thinking that may be god wanted me to stay till 5 am so I get car repaired and go one time back to my home by 9am instead of getting car towed at middle nightThanks and regardAnil Aggarwal34774633748885511050 roadside assistance phone #case # 789268
By: J V.
Super Towing
Great Service. I was stuck on the ice and the insurance company told me it would be 3 hours before anyone got there. I called Super Towing on a whim and he was there in 12 minutes. I was on my way less than 20 minutes after calling. This was my one experience with them but it was a positive one and they are at the top of my list if I ever need help again. Bravo.
By: Tracey J.
chris&son towing inc
I had a vehicle parked in front of my garage all night 311 was called ,I waited until morning to give the driver another chase to move the vehicle,called the Precinct and I was given this towing company called them within 15 minutes or half an hour they were there and it was removed now I can go to work thank you ChrisTracey J
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By: Taylor C.
Super Towing
I have been getting my automobile serviced and repaired at here for at least 3 years. I checked 5- excellent above.They took care of my Subaru all this time, but now I’m selling it at repokar and probably will come back next time with an Audi
By: Nando S.
Louie Towing
Louie is awesome... He was quick and hilarious, speaks a little too much but super friendly.. Price was great.. Didn't beat me over the head like other tow drivers.. He's definitely my go to guy if ever in need ... Great job !!
By: Oscar F.
Brooklyn Towing & Collision
great job on my 2012 Lexus.i took it to Brooklyn Collision last month for some body repair for my car,the job/quality was excellent.i highly recommend on this company for anyone need a collision repair in Brooklyn.
By: Oscar F.
Towing Brooklyn NY
i give them 5 stars for quick service,in 2am.15 min from the moment i called them the tow truck showed up.he took my car to the service station,and at same day was ready,run & drive.thanks to Towing Brooklyn NY
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By: Gymgang F.
chris&son towing inc
Very great service ... Chris & son towing provide you with the help you need!! My car wouldn't start and they made sure I was able to get the help I was lookin for after calling a bunch of towing companies
By: Sam M.
Towing Brooklyn NY
i called this company Towing Brooklyn NY this morning when i was looking for towing in Brooklyn to tow my V.w Jetta.i looked for company that operate 24hr in Brooklyn,and also haslocal auto repair shop.
By: Tanya O.
Towing Brooklyn NY
This company provide me quick and fast service on Labor Day weekend, when all others company didn't answers the phone. Thank you for great service even in the weekend.
Tips & Advices
Yes, most roadside assistance coverage plans offer towing services. There might be certain restrictions, however. For example, the plan may only cover towing services for a certain number of miles. Drivers should check with their providers for details.
Which cars are covered depends on the roadside assistance provider. AAA services are available to members and not specific to any vehicle. As long as members pays their dues and have their membership card on hand, they can use AAA for someone else's car. Generally, auto insurance plans cover the car itself, not the driver, so people can't use their roadside assistance for another. However, details vary between providers, plans and local laws. Drivers should consult with their insurance providers to see whose cars are covered.
Roadside assistance coverage varies depending on the provider. However, they generally include:
  • Tire change
  • Battery jump start
  • Towing services
  • Locksmith service
  • Minimal mechanical labor
  • Delivery of oil, fuel, batteries or other parts
If a driver has a flat tire and no spare, roadside assistance services can deliver a new one. However, these services will not pay for the cost of the tire. That will be the driver's responsibility. Based on the location, some will tow a car to a tire dealer.
Most roadside assistance plans offer gas delivery and service. However, clients are generally responsible for the cost of the gas.

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