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By: Ken I.
Eastern Car Service
I used to use church ave car service which is closer to where I live, for years church ave was my go to car service but recently I have had some issues with rude dispatchers and drivers who are clueless and do not speak English. one driver actually had an accident while taking me to work and i was delayed for 45 minutes. My wife cant stand church ave. so we started using eastern and so far so good. I am not convinced that eastern is really any better or different than church ave or any other service as church was great for years and only recently have I had problems. anyway the last time I used eastern I was informed by the driver that there was a new app that I can use. It is similar to uber in that you don't call a dispatcher and it uses GPS so you can see where the cars are . seems like a great Idea but I can't endorse it yet as I have not actually used it yet but I am Impressed that eastern is trying to make the car service experience better and easier for both drivers and passengers. best of all not calling dispatch and relying on their eta's. hopefully it worksedit .. I have used the app now three times and it is great. I have not waited more than 5 minutes for a car. i enter the pickup and drop off address so i dont have to direct the driver orget frustrated when the driver does not know where to go. gps takes care of it all.
By: duanee924
Eastern Car Service
"Eastern Car Service has been incredibly reliable for us. We really depend on them as we have toddler twins and no car of our own - so to get certain places, we need a car service that provides car seats. We have had very few problems with eastern. My only issue is that often I will be going to and from the same location many times, and sometimes the drivers quote slightly different prices. It makes me a little suspicious, I know it's not like a yellow cab where it's always metered but why a random three dollars difference in quoted price? That's my only beef, and of course it could be solved if I called the dispatcher to get a price quote every time, but often when I am wrestling with my children it just doesn't seem worth it.I really love their online reservation system - it makes it so easy. Again, my only issue with this would be if they could add a few more options - a place to check off that TWO child seats are needed, and what kind; and it would be very cool if the price for the trip would come up on the online reservation system once the to and from locations are entered. Also these guys are usually early. really, they're great."
By: Kali N.
Eastern Car Service
I have used these guys probably 20 times all around NYC and they've never failed me. They're always on time, frequently early, always polite, clean, super-cool. Here's why I always go to them over any other company, though, if all other things were equal: the laziness technology factor. Being able to request a car online, both in advance and ASAP? Hell yeah. Getting a text message or email when my car arrives? mmhmm. I only wish they had a mobile site and/or a way to request via text message, simply because I've seen that in other cities and that would be SWEET. One of the drivers offered me a tip - do not call the dispatch line. Just use the website, go to it on your phone or something. He said when you put in a request via the website, it's sent out to all the drivers at once, and they can snag it instantly if they're nearby. It's a LOT faster than calling dispatch. And he's right - every time I've done it, I've gotten a call from a nearby driver in less than 5 minutes, often more like 1-2 minutes.Also, requesting online doesn't get you a price, but they have a pretty full list of rates on their website as well.
By: Emit B.
Eastern Car Service
We recently used Eastern twice in a very short period of time and found them to be fairly reliable. The reason we used Eastern was because we were traveling and needed a car service with a child seat. My wife called Eastern prior to our arrival and they immediately sent a text confirmation and continued to send update text messages when we arrived regarding which car will be picking us up. The driver was exactly where they said he would be located. The car was clean and the driver was friendly. On our departure, we called about 36 hours prior to leaving and asked for the same service. Oddly though, we never got a text message so we called 3 times to confirm and we got a verbal confirmation each time. However, when our pickup was scheduled, we got a car at our hotel, but it didn't come with a carseat. The driver called dispatch and asked for another car with a carseat. With some mixup on addresses, our taxi arrived 30 minutes after our scheduled pickup. Our flat rate fare from LGA to Brooklyn ran about $40 including car seat and gratuity. I would highly recommend them.
By: Haydon D.
Eastern Car Service
My experience with Eastern was great. After vacationing in NYC, we called for a ride from Carroll Gardens to JFK just a few days before our return flight. We received a confirmation text within minutes. They texted us again on the day of our reservation to let us know what vehicle to look for, and to give us the driver's cell number. We were thrilled to find he'd arrived a few minutes early. Although he was unshaven and was wearing a scruffy white T-shirt, he was an excellent driver and very personable. The car was nice and clean (Toyota Highlander) and the ride back to JFK was very relaxing -- MUCH better than the death ride we had in a cab from the airport when we arrived a week earlier. He didn't do any crazy driving, and we enjoyed classical music all the way to the airport. The driver said the normal fare was $35, but it would be $45 for us because of all the luggage we had. I didn't mind as it was still a better deal than the crummy yellow cab. I would definitely call them again.
By: Tandy S.
Eastern Car Service
We had initially called several different transportation service companies to obtain a quote to be transported from Brooklyn to La Guardia Airport and received quotes of $80 to $130. When I called Eastern Car Service I was quoted a price of $30. When I booked the service for 3 am the next morning, I immediately received a confirmation text. After reading reviews, I was very skeptical and planned a back up ride to the airport in order to ensure we did not miss our flight. The next morning we called at 2 am to confirm our reservations and was told the driver will be there at 3 am as requested. At 2:45 am, we received a call from the driver indicating he was 10 minutes away. The driver arrived promptly (Sam), assisted us with our luggage and was professional. The car was a new 2014 vehicle, clean and very comfortable. I was very pleased and will use this service again.
By: rafaell945
Eastern Car Service
"Wow, I am really surprised at the previous unhappy reviews. I called about 5 car services to get a decent rate from Park Slope to La Guardia about a year and a half ago and Eastern gave me the best price. I haven't used another car service in Brooklyn ever since.Every time I call, I ask for a rate, get a deliciously good one, and when I ask for one, there's a car outside. I have never had to strongarm a driver to get me where I need to go (I've certainly had my fair share of cabbies and drivers drop me off on a corner that's convenient for them), give me a fair rate and not drive like an a**hole. Cars are clean and presentable, drivers are friendly and the rates are very, very reasonable. I have used them many times and even recommend them to all my friends and family. I have yet to get into a car that reeks of B.O. God bless Eastern!"
By: amanda.dillard.96
Williamsburg Car Service
I live in Bushwick, and needed a car for my Mom who lives outside of NYC, After calling other places and being told they don't take credit cards over the phone or not giving me an accurate fare amount, I was so pleased when I called Williamsburg Car Service and Edward picked up and was super nice and very helpful. He provided me with an exact rate, was happy to take my credit card over the phone, and was also able to provide service within the short notice I gave them. I spoke with my mom after arrived at her destination and she said that Luis, who drove her, was very nice and as others have mentioned in their reviews, an absolute gentleman . I'm so grateful for this Car Service and how seamless the process was when working with them, that I just wish they offered their services in Bushwick & Williamsburg
By: Didon E.
Eastern Car Service
I needed to get from Brooklyn to JFK Airport today and I was just dreading it. I've never had a good experience with any car "service" thus far. I made my reservation with Eastern online (thrilled that I didn't have to TALK to anyone) and I received a confirmation email after doing so. The car arrived 8 minutes early (whaa?!?!?) and I received a very nice notification of this via email. "Your driver has arrived but will wait for you until pick up time..." AWESOME! I was greeted with a spotless car, a really nice driver and a speedy delivery to JFK. It was refreshing that they got the basics right. Bonus points for joining the rest of us and actually using technology to their advantage. I'll absolutely book them again.
By: Nisa Y.
Eastern Car Service
Because of snow, we needed a car service to take us to an appointment in Manhattan on the 14th. We phoned one car service to make an appointment, and we were told the fare would be $200.00! I logged on to the Eastern Car Service website and was able to make a reservation at their regular, non price- gouging rate. On Friday morning, our car arrived right on time. The driver was polite and very professional. He was an excellent driver, and he regularly monitored his mapping device to find routes that were not congested. He was fabulous, and our experience was nothing less than wonderful. I love the fact that it is possible to make reservations on the internet. I recommend Eastern Car Service and will use it again.

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