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By: Hans F.
Around the Clock Bail Bonds
HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL! I paid the bail bondsman on Sunday, Today is Wednesday. I still haven't been contacted for an update. Other bailsman told me "it only takes a few hours. To get the person out, they are JERKING YOU. Get YOUR MONEY BACK!" I've tried contacting them about my refund. A women named Shareece answered and was very rude. The same person that have been giving me the run around since Monday when I asked for an update on what time the person will be released. She kept saying someone will give me a call back. But NO ONE EVER DID! I called everyday and got the same response. So I finally decided to give up on this bail bondsman and ask for my money back. Now hear this. I called to ask about my refund, Shareece stated that my money isn't there. Someone will call me back. I heard that several times from this woman. So I'll already know she's lying, I can see this is about to be hard just to get my money back. Now I'm hiring an attorney to get my money back and to sue them because the person should have been out by now and it's a totally an inconvenience for me to run around trying to get my money back and trying to get another bail bondsman to get him out. Please do your research before doing business with any bails bondman. I will also be posting my experience on my social media platform where I have a large following and we can get the word out about this BAD Bailsman who practice Very Bad Business. So if you have LOVED ONES and need a Bail Bondman DO NOT USE AROUND THE CLOCK BAIL BONDS BROOKLYN, Manhattan, etc.... NONE OF THEM if you CARE for the person getting out and NOT LOSE YOUR MONEY!
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By: Patricia F.
Around the Clock Bail Bonds
By: jackiedevaynes.borkowski
Empire Bail Bonds
Unfortunately I have had a bad experience with the Empire Bail Bonds location on Staten Island. There young bond writer JR seems to think that it is appropriate to speak down to customers and he carried an abrupt and condescending tone when questioned why his agency would write a contract for a bond and go to court without checking to see if the person was remanded elsewhere. Simple question right? No need to start a personal attack on my family members character saying it's not Empire's fault my family member "is a screw up". To rub salt in my wounds JR continued his condescending tone on the date I delivered the court disposition. He is curt and rude. His actions fueled me to stoop to his level and I left the office in tears, ashamed that I had allowed someone else's lack of respect to disrupt me. After I collected myself, I reached out for the main office in Nassau. After placing me on hold twice the office manager told me she would give a message to the owner who would contact me. The owner did not. I followed that up with an email to the office. Still no response. I have to conclude they just don't care. This agency has very poor business practices. I will go out of my way from now on to make sure I share my story with everyone I can. I guess for this agency it's only about having the power to prey on people who are in need of their services to help a loved one.
Tips & Advices
Bail bond premiums are not refundable. These are considered payment for the bail bond agent's services.
A co-signer is a person who arranges bail for another person. This individual pledges to post bond on behalf of the agent should the defendant fail to appear in court. Similarly, a co-signer will provide payment for the bail bondsman if the defendant does not do so.
Bail is set by a judge and determined by the crime in question, the defendant's criminal history, how likely that person will or won't show up to court, and other factors.
Collateral options include but are not limited to:
  • Vehicles
  • Real estate
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Jewelry
After a case is over, the bond is returned to the entity who posted it -- the bail bond agent or the defendant. Premiums paid to bail bondsmen generally are not returned.

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