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By: timothyhoffman
Spiritual Therapy by Ella
In a world controlled by images and the media I am so relieved to have found Ella. When life gets tough most of us turn to avenues of guidance and healing that have back roads which lead to a few greedy people who will stop at nothing to manipulate the masses, prey on their weaknesses with out a second thought as long as they have their money at the end of the day. Thank god there are people like Tamara who use their gifts to help others simply because they care about the greater good of the individual and the greater good of humanity. I have been working with Ella since the summer of 2012, almost a year. And let me tell you my life at this very moment is exactly what I wanted my life to be like when I was stuck, depressed, and ridden with anxiety exactly one year ago. Most of which had to do with my career. Since working with Ella I am now surrounded by the best of the best of both industries I am a part of and find those little baby steps and little mile stones appearing within my reach as I have faith that my life is unfolding as it should. There have definitely been challenges and set backs along the way, but Ella's guidance has helped me keep steady through it all. Picture a car driving on a mountain road cliff to one side, wind, snow, blizzard, the works; but all the while the driver maintains a calmness and knowing they just have to ride the storm out and then everything will be fine. But I want to be clear that while she has helped me with her guidance, she is helping me reach a place within myself in which I can be my own guide. I am becoming stronger, and more independent every day.Her intuition is unquestionable. She's never been wrong. Even if I didn't quite understand her conclusions at the time, eventually everything she says made sense. One of the greatest things I experienced with Ella was her immediate sense of who I am and where the root of my problems stemmed from. Most who have known me my entire life will never understand these things the way she does. With this understanding she has been able to help me figure out what I need to overcome my obstacles. Everyone around me sees and feels the improvement in my quality of life. My relationship with my parents has been improving; relationships I thought would always be challenging and grief ridden are now loving and supportive. She's the real deal. If you're looking for a genuine reader I highly recommend Ella. She works quietly out of her home and knows that her gifts speak for themselves. She doesn't put on a grand show or work from her ego like other healers/readers I have come across. I also have to add that I was raised around metaphysical workers my entire life. I know how to distinguish between those who work from a place of light and love and those who work from ego. Ella has brought peace and serenity to my life and I am so thankful for her presence.
By: Linda F.
Spiritual Therapy by Ella
I have always been in the mystical psychic new age kinda stuff but never had a psychic reading done. We've all past by psychic shops/boutiques but again like I said never had the chance to get a reading done, so one evening I searched for a psychic in New York And of course millions popped up! But I came across spiritual therapy by psychic ella, and I did some research on her I seen a lot of great reviews so I decided to email her, I made an appointment with her luckily I got the opportunity to get a reading with ella the very next day. And I was in complete shock on how a woman can be so gifted with a amazing real psychic ability. She honestly helped me fight and overcome my depression due to marital problems with my husband because I decided to take him for a reading also and now she both councils the both of us and we have seen incredible progress and change in each other from Ella's amazing work. We both cant thank her enough for helping us and rebuilding our love,family and marriage all over again. Bless your heart ella. Highly recommend 5 stars.
By: Alana D.
Spiritual Therapy by Ella
I've been a client of Ella's since 2002 and i still remember my first session With herHere's what unfolded:* A series of specific facts were dispensed concerning my love life, social group, family dynamic, work life ("what work life?" - I was unemployed at the time).* A pervasive shuffling of pieces of information that Ella is able to gather out of thin air that ring truer than if I had written her a script myself .* A charismatic, effervescent, deliciously charming personality* True guidance. This is actually a big one.* Intuitive knowledge of which points to touch upon without input from me on what I "would like to talk about next".There are a lot of people in the world, and psychics don't have to care about who you are. A lot of the times, they do, which makes them even more amazing--but being subjected to honest, objective and heartfelt guidance from someone who truly knows us and has our best interest at heart is what we are ultimately looking for.Ella has been my resident psychic ever since. Book an appointment with her.
By: junemayham
Spiritual Therapy by Ella
It's been about a year since I started working with Ella and I am still crazy about her. Her work has helped me to turn my life around 180 deg. and I couldn't be more grateful. I have recommended her to so many people and they have all been so impressed with her too. She really knows how to work with your energy and help you to help yourself. It has been emotionally arduous work at times, but nothing worth doing is ever easy and Ella has been tremendously supportive of me in this journey. Our work together is almost over, but I know she will be in my life forever as a friend and mentor. The best advice I could give to someone going to see her for the first time is to be honest and don't try to play games. Go in with good and pure intentions and you will be rewarded with the kindly-delivered guidance that you need, even if it's not what you want to hear. She gets you out of your comfort zone and that is where growth takes place.
By: Tasha H.
Spiritual Therapy by Ella
Ella is a very gifted intuitive who is able to see things that you might not see or might not be willing to accept. Unlike some "psychics" who tell you the number of children you will have or the initial of the man you will marry, Ella provides a form of counseling using the patterns, themes and insights she gathers from the cards and her intuition. She brought me a great peace in regards to a deceased loved one, and I am very grateful for her reading. I was additionally impressed that she provided me with a recording of our session, so I could go back and really reflect on the insights I was given. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a real and gifted psychic. Spiritual therapy by ella is 100% just what I needed and looked for.
By: Jenna L.
Spiritual Therapy by Ella
Psychic Ella is outstanding! …..I am a salesperson handling the east coast. My job is highly stressful. My body was aching, constantly in pain. I had been feeling anxious about loosing my job. I support not only my immediate family, but my elderly parents. I hit a wall. I felt so depressed that I couldn’t go to work. I found spiritual therapy by psychic ella online. We scheduled a phone reading. All I can say is how amazing it was. She got to the center of my issues in the first session. I felt as if a weight had been lifted. I never understood how spiritually depleted I was. Ella helped me through my darkest day. She worked with me daily until I was spiritually healthy once more. I recommend her services to all. 5 stars.
By: Dan W.
Spiritual Therapy by Ella
I've been seeing Ella since August 2011. She is amazing! My sisters have gone to see her as well and have nothing but great things to say about her. She helped our family during some tough times and she has seen us all make 180 degree turns in our lives. --all of our changes, she told us about before they happened...we were well prepared! She was able to describe events and people in our lives that I have never told anyone about. She helped us make tough decisions when it came to family health issues and concerns. She has been on point with my career path questions and I will be taking her advice so that I can witness the successes that she foresees. I am very thankful for our conversations.
By: oscarglendale92
Spiritual Therapy by Ella
Over a period of time I was lost. I honestly felt as if I was drowning and suffocating in my worrie's fear and stress. I felt empty inside, I had no hope no strength to move forward I honestly felt emotionally disabled towards life itself. I was looking for somthing that would cure me emotionally and when I found Ella the search was over. She helped me in so many different way's her ability is god-sent I am a new person and drug free today because of her. If you feel hopeless the same exact way I did seek help as soon as possible. People have many ways of getting help, for instance doctor's or shrink's but what I recommend is spiritual therapy by psychic Ella.
By: khanamber
Spiritual Therapy by Ella
I'm new to the area in brooklyn New York and found Ella because of her high reviews on Yelp. I am SO glad I did. She is open and honest, and she doesn't hold back, even with negative things - although she does take care when phrasing things that may be hard to hear. Much of what she told me was very on target - to the point where I laughed out loud at one point because she said something so obscure yet dead-on it was incredible! There are definitely things she said about my present situation that really got me thinking. If you're struggling with a decision, trying to find your path, or just want clarity on a situation, go see Ella.
By: Pia O.
Spiritual Therapy by Ella
Ella is very professional and good at what she does. I had a phone reading with her and the way she conducted it exceeded my expectations. This is definitely someone who is legitimate and has lots of skill. She was able to pick up on a lot of things that were spot on, and best of all, she didnt have to ask me any questions...real psychics dont need to. She is as real as it gets, and was also very compassionate, tactful, and helpful. For every answer she gave me, she offered me good advice and resources to help me in my goal of progress and improvement. 5 stars in every way! Book a reading with her, you'll be glad you did.

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