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By: l.e.m.
Organizing PROS@Amazing Being Consulting
My very first encounter with Anna was over the phone and she asked me right away: Are you ready for this? She wanted to make sure before even starting that I was ready not only physically but emotionally for this huge change that was about to happen to me and to my apartment. This was already the first of many gold stars I would give her. She really showed compassion, empathy and care toward me and made me feel at ease.My apartment was in shambles since being sick, I still did not have the energy to even unpack many of my boxes when I moved to my apartment three years ago. I don't think I was a hoarder but someone way overwhelmed in front of the task I had before me: Clean and organize my apartment from the invasion of moving boxes and lots and lots of stuff.She arrived with her helper on time and she quickly got things started. Only once or twice did I feel that I couldn't throw out this or that but she was able to talk sense into me and to give up many things I just didn't need anymore, were junk, were broken, were out of fashion. She was so focused and was able to see several projects happening at the same time. She and her assistant stayed 2 extra hours to make sure that we did the huge majority. She left me with the kitchen and my "dining room" to do on my own.When she left, I waited a couple of days and saw how nice and clean and organized the rooms she did were and what I could do to have the same effect on the rooms she left me to do. I went through those spaces and I was able to follow her advice and make my kitchen clean and simple, organized and practical and the dining room actually became a real dining room and not a table with piles of books and papers. I actually found my dining room table and chairs and cleaned up the whole room.Anna was also able to help me create a real office space and that I didn't have to work on one small part of the dining room table but actually use a small room for a clean and organized office.But the biggest project she did was to take my living room which was becoming a sad, dark space with boxes galore. We tossed a lot of junk and we went through all my books and though I have a real love for books, Anna was able to make me see that I wasn't reading hardly any of the books and that these books should go on to other people's lives. Thus we donated 15 boxes of books to a charity organization. She even helped decorate and arrange the room so that it became a real living room. It was such a great room that a couple of months later, I treated myself and the living room to a nice couch so that I can finally have guests over without having to talk above or around boxes of books, piles of books, stuff cluttered everywhere and just plain junk that made the apartment look gloomy.Thanks to Anna, the apartment became full of light and I have fallen in love again with my place. I have even had friends over and I am not at all embarrassed since Anna was able to really give me a good shake up and a huge cleaning to my place. Everyone who comes now to my apartment, compliment me right away on how spacious and airy the place feels and the warmth of coming in and using the living room and dining room without feeling that I should hide things under sheets and blankets.Anna is really incredible, not only for the physical work she did but how caring she was and knowing how people can be with their stuff, she was able to show me that I did not need a huge chunk of the stuff that was all over the place. She was kind, sweet, gentle and caring: all aspects that make her special in helping people get a grip of their material life to improve on their spiritual well-being. The quote: Clean House, Clean Mind and Heart, really applies to Anna's work ethos. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to do a real change in the way they live and how they live.
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By: Juliet D.
Michael is a fabulous contractor. I had Michael come out to give me an estimate on repairing my ceiling and another issue i had with changing the values on my heaters that was leaking.He's very responsive and helpful in terms of answering questions and provides solid advice on decisions also very skilled and professional.My common concerns on working with contractors is usually quality, reliability, cost, honesty of the workers who will be in your home, privacy, noise, cleanliness, neatness, attention to detail, and having someone who is knowledgeable and capable of giving advice about issues that will come up if it is not taken care of properly.You cannot find a more honest, reasonably priced, totally competent company, owner and skilled labor.I was extremely satisfied with the end product.In fact, even after the completion of the project, Michael addressed a few lingering knacks. There is no doubt that we would turn to Michael once again for a renovation...in a heartbeat.
By: mike.johnson339
Innovation Construction NY INC.
I was looking for a contractor who specializes in brownstone. I nearly spoke with a dozen of general contractors. Until, one of my colleague recommended Innovation Instruction Co. After meeting with Ekram (the contractor) I found he is assertive and professional! This was a big project that consisted of restoration of the front and side facade of a 4-story building to renovating my brownstone stoop. The entire team was MARVELOUS! They were able to reproduce hand carved ornaments and all elaborate stone details to match existing Architectural styles. Ekram even gave me some tips of how to prevent damage to my brownstone building. This project was finished couple of months ago and I could say my brownstone building still looks better than before. They are truly the experts of brownstone! With no doubt, I would highly recommended Innovation Construction Co.
By: Joe F.
DCON Renovations & Remodeling
I own my home for twenty years, and I’ve had several contractors work in my home for all different kinds of renovations over the years. All my friends kept telling me it’s worth spending a little more money and getting better results. Recently, I had a major leak in my basement which destroyed almost everything. Out of the three contractors that came to my home, I chose DCON Renovations. I must say they were extremely polite, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I took a two week vacation while they did the renovation, and they constantly gave me updates and sent me photos of the updated work, per my request. I must say they went the extra mile and was well worth every dollar. I was very happy with the finished product, and would recommend them to everyone!!
By: Jessica H.
DCON Renovations & Remodeling
Excellent experience with Dcon!!My husband and I we're looking to renovate our bathroom and kitchen, and to replace our floors that where really old. I needed to get permits and specific paper work for my building requirements. The Dcon team helped me through the whole process. My husband was very happy with the price and we started the job right away. I was impressed by the quality of work and communication. I'm glad we hired Dcon and any future jobs we will be sure to hire them again!!
By: brownie15
Innovation Construction NY INC.
Innovation Construction is extremely wonderful. During the completion of my recent project comprised of gut renovation on my brownstone co-op, re-pointing the bricks and restoration of my brownstone steps. This was a big project and they were punctual, chivalrous, specialized in brownstone and just a delight to work with. Their work is beyond outstanding. If I have any upcoming projects I certainly know who I’m going to call and that’s Innovation Construction.
By: strawberry_wonder
Innovation Construction NY INC.
We used Innovation for a complete remodel of our small kitchen. The entire project took roughly 6-8 weeks, which I've heard is great for this type of project. We had a few bumps in the road (which is to be expected) but the contractor always dealt it in a positive way and took ownership for anything his crew was responsible for. It was great working with him that way. My kitchen looks brand new and we are happy with how kitchen turned out, thanks to Innovation.
By: Celena G.
Moneta Construction LLC
I highly recommend anyone looking to renovate their Apt or House. I renovated my kitchen and bathroom to stand-up shower. I wanted to remove my old tub and build a shower instead. I completely loved amazing work they did in my house. I'm so glad I had an opportunity to hire best contractor in city which I can say it out loud. Plus I'm willing to continue working with them in the future as well.Highly Recommend ! Cheers
By: David B.
H K Marble & Tile Corp
I bought new kitchen countertop for my place this from this company and I got beautiful stone with very good price.the quality is really good and price was much less expensive than others with installation and making a hole of a faucet are included.when I went there to get an estimate, they were very polite and kind. David Hu was very helpful and patient. Appointments were on time.I strongly recommend this company .
By: Opu I.
Nexus Painting & Construction
I am pleased to share information about this. The contractor name is Shohag who is young, energetic, and believable person having innocent smile on his face. He did my work. I astonished to see his work with his workers that was incredible. Although he is 22/23 years old, he works the best. He does it not only for earning but also for making people happy. That's why I recommend him for his great feelings to people.

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