By: Susan F.
La Difference Auto School
I had a completely different experience from the other reviewers I see here. The classes were very reasonably priced and the management was always professional and helpful to me, always. They worked around my schedule and I was never penalized when I cancelled even a minute before scheduled driving practice. The main problem I encountered was contradictory approaches when I had someone other than my regular instructor working with me. I was lucky to have Gabriel as my instructor for the most and he was very meticulous, and was very invested in my learning to drive and passing the test. There is a fantastic method to his teaching that prepared me well for the rigors of the road and the test. I went to this school after having experiences with impatient teachers at another school, so I went there with a tough zero tolerance attitude for impatience. I was direct whenever I felt any teacher was not operating with the patience I demanded, I let them know straight up that I was not going to deal with any attitude and impatience. So if you are going to this or any driving school, expect teachers who are impatient at times but that should not be a factor you cant vary especially if the teacher is excellent otherwise. Take control of your learning. ask questions until they are answered and don't be afraid to say from one adult to another "you are being very impatient and I am not going to tolerate this today". WRT the accent, I do not speak creole but when at the times I did not understand a driver, I asked him to repeat, just as we do in NYC when we encounter someone whose English accent is not exactly the same as ours.On the day of my test, Gabriel was the one giving me tips all the way to the road test site. To each his own I guess, but I had a great experience with this school. I did not pass the first road test because I obviously was not prepared, I just hadn't taken enough classes. I cant blame a school for that. I passed the second time because I took many more classes in prep. Nobody can make driving automatic for you, it depends on practice and practice depends on the number of classes you pay for (if you don't have a family or friend with a car to practice in your own time). I would highly recommend La Difference if you are like me, who was looking for reasonably priced instruction, close to home (Brooklyn) professional friendly management who always accommodated me, and experienced, talented and though sometimes tough teachers such as Gabriel.
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By: Pascale G.
La Difference Auto School
It was THE WORST experience ever. Let me just say in all my years I have never yelped a company but I felt it was incumbent upon me to do it for this company. After lesson one I had my reservations as the first instructor ran a personal errand on my time and in the middle of a lesson he answered his phone. Despite his faults I didn't make a big deal about it and proceeded with lesson two. Well, well, well. The guy was 11 minutes late picking me up and provided no apologies. I pointed it out and he looked at me as if I were speaking an alternate language. Whatever! And again I made no big deal about the HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I was a nervous reck and the driver made me feel like I was stupid and expected me to know what I was doing....HUH news flash, I'm taking driving lessons for a reason. Anyway he confused me a lot. I was checked out and jaded about my lessons. I called the company and canceled all future lessons. I like to support my haitian companies but not this one...F-
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By: Serena W.
Brooklyn Prospect Charter School
We transferred to this school from our district Magnet school, PS 133, and I couldn't be happier. The staff is concerned and caring, the teachers are excellent and my daughter is undoubtedly thriving here. She went from being indifferent about school to being extremely engaged and enthusiastic. The small community is warm and friendly, the student body is diverse, with wonderful children and the atmosphere is always calm and nurturing (my daughter couldn't get over the fact that no teachers yell at this school). I wouldn't transfer her to any other place (including private schools) after observing the positive changes that have occurred in under a year in her learning habits and she has progressed beyond my expectations in a very short time. I highly recommend Brooklyn Prospect Charter Elementary for promoting such a learning positive environment where kids are encouraged to be curious, imaginative, and their best possible selves.
By: nana.brooklyn
Globex Driving School
hello everyone.before i start , i have to say thanks again to mr DUNES, he is an amazing instructor. he works from his heart, he gives everything a student need to pass his road test. at first i couldn"t believe. if ill get my license one day. i was very eager to get my license, but , i wasnt ready. to be honest, but since globex school gave me MR DUNES. as instructor, he always told me my friend , all ur need is to follows the rules. respect stop sign, parking always turn ur head observe, before pulling out. then the day came. 10/26/2012, at 11:39:26. i respect everything, and the result. i definitely got my driver license. i highly recoomend MR DUNES to the new student. there is no human being perfect, but for sure he is perfect as instructor.. thanks to globex too. for having an amazing man like him on their team.
By: cdx100
Asa College - Brooklyn Campus
ASA is not a bad college, it is not a good one either. I remember i was at ASA , the one in Brooklyn , I felt down the stairs, i had a big cut on my finger that was bleeding. I went to their health department, they didn't have a ban- aid to give to me. they didn't care about me at all . i was very disappointed. this is my last semester, i can't wait to get out of here. They have a mini mini library, mini lunch room, mini restroom... i think the ASA is way too expensive for that...If you think about coming to ASA think twice, and make sure you speak up, because there are many things the won't tell you at the beginning , when you will find out it will be too late for you... ASA is one of the last college i would recommend to anybody......
By: Cynthia F.
Holy Angels Catholic Academy
Reading the article regarding Daniel Fitzpatrick was rather disturbing. I feel it is both the parent's responsibility as well as the faculty. Intense counseling for the parent's as well, sending Daniel off to another school wouldn't solve anything. Alcohol is not the solution either. Did anybody consider reading the first seven Psalm's perhaps, recite the Rosary, confession,?????? May you rest in peace Daniel Fitzpatrick!
By: Henry F.
Globex Driving School
Today I took my road test and passed on my first sitting with all thanks to Mr. Reid. He was very helpful in my classes before my road test which lead to a success. He pays close attention and makes sure you understand everything in your own terms. Thank you again globex school and Mr. Reid for making this possible.
By: peteyboi
Asa College - Brooklyn Campus
Great experience. Classes were challenging but professors made time for individual attention. They had just started building a hotel or something RIGHT next door to the library so was also a big annoying to study in there but the Manhattan was is actually pretty beautiful. Other than that, good school!
By: Arnit V.
Ps 180
i have been in the school for a very long time but over the years some teacher dont grade important papers which can cause students to fail. also the fighting is horible and students would curse a lot.making friends is hard if your grade is 6,7, or 8. but the teaching and classes are ok.
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By: Alisha M.
Globex Driving School
Had the pleasure of practicing with Mr. Reid and i must say it was a pleasure. Great instructor. Did my exam today and with all the hard work and dedication giving to me i was able to pass on my first attempt. Hats off to Mr Reid, thanks a million.

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