By: Shelley P.
Miran Salgado MD
My experience with Dr. Miran Salgado and his staff has been such a life changing and miraculous one! As a mother, wife and teacher, being diagnosed with Parkinson's in my early fifties was devestating. This disease slowed me down tremendously and simple motor skills became challenging. Since I have been under the supervision of this caring, supportive and professional doctor and his staff, I have regained so much of my former self. I feel more energized and am enjoying much better quality of life once more. Dr. Salgado helped me understand all I needed to know about my condition, available treatment, lifestyle adjustments and additional supportive services accessible to me. The medication Dr. Salgado prescribed has being very effective in treating my condition. I'm truly greatful to God for having met Dr. Miran Salgado, his Physician Assistants Tara and Jackie and all the other members of this amazing team of care givers! The genuine warmth and concern for the welfare of their patients creates a platform for all they do. Thank you so much guys!!! You rock!!! God Bless You!!!
By: Greg W.
Ahmad, Nawaiz
Had a few simple questions about my scar whose stitches were just taken out and I told his receptionist that I preferred to ask him the questions. I asked if she could have him call me when he had a free minute. Neither his receptionist nor the doctor called me back. When I called in to inquire I was told by the receptionist, "the doctor already told you everything when you had the stitches taken out. If you want to speak to him directly, you need to schedule a consultation and pay $300." She told me that i could ask her, but that i would need to come in and pay to speak to the doctor. I didn't need a consultation, just had a few questions that I preferred to ask him versus the assistant. If I am asking her the questions, to just ask him the questions, what is the difference? I think this isn't right. I will probably pay for a consultation with a new doctor, but not to the person who I already paid for a procedure, but cannot be bothered to speak to me directly. Horrendous!
By: Marina K.
Dynasty Pediatrics PLLC
December 18, 2014 by David Ray R. (Verified ZocDoc Patient)We cannot be happier with our pediatrician, Dr. Marina Klotsman, as she is a good doctor who on top of her medical expertise gives us good advice on child rearing. She does not have a tendency to give unnecessary prescriptions and tests, which fits well with our preferences. She is very natural with kids, and our toddler loves coming to see her. This is great, because when our son was a bit younger he could not stand any doctors' visits. She has a new office on Ocean Pkwy next to Ditmas, which has relatively short waiting room time. This location has free patient parking, which is rather rare in Brooklyn. We recommend Dr Klotsman to all our friends. If you want to see a lot of smily faces, check out her office's (Dynasty Pediatrics) Facebook page._________________________________https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dynasty-Pediatrics/171286609703343
By: Ruth G.
Ovchinsky, Alexander, MD
I have had the smoothest, most caring experience with Dr. Alexander Ovchinsky. Starting with the office staff, and ending with the doctor himself I truly felt taken care of. Going into surgery I was as nervous as could be but I knew I was in good hands as I was able to contact the staff with any questions, at any time. Dr. Alexander Ovchinsky has hands of gold, and I mean that. He is work is neat. At our consultation he took he is time to hear me out and he delivered just as I requested. The entire experience felt like a breeze. Recovery was smooth and as short as a couple of days. I was back up and running around, and back to work after 10 days! I get compliments from people around me all the time, and I will always recommend Dr. Alexander Ovchinsky.
user avatar
By: Dfly808 ..
Chavkin, Diana E
We started seeing Dr Chavkin Aug of 2014 after we had 3 pregnancy losses. she's very personable and kind. rare for a doctor to take her time to really talk to her patient and lay out the concerns and the next steps to take. i have an abnormal liver enzymes and she made sure i got cleared from all the liver tests before we even got started with the fertility treatment. she's strict and will push you to be healthy which is what i needed. she recommended me to see a nutritionist in Nov 2014 and i'm glad i listened to her. we did 3 tries of iui. we started Jan 2015 and now we're very happy to share the great news that we're pregnant. Dr Chavkin's nurses and staff are amazing as well. praying that this blessing is for us time. ������������
By: Jennifer G.
Vaynkhadler, Mark, MD
I have been with my GYN for about 11 years, but because of a change of location, I needed to search for a new GYN, I found Mark, he is an exceptional doctor, his bedside manners were outstanding he really does care for his patients, and love his job, he enjoys what he does, he is well informed, office staff is great, it is not an outdated office, everything is clean, he does not rush you, even though he has a packed office, he gives everyone his time and effort. Some people say they feel like their doctor's do not listen to them, well with this doctor you will definetly not feel that way.
user avatar
By: Boris K.
D Starosta Zalman MD
I am very satisfied with my visit to this doctor. The doctor is very knowledgeable, has a lot of experience. He is very kind and sympathetic. You can draw a blood on the same premises on the same day of your visit . I got the blood results back the next day with the doctor's comments on them. The doctor referred me for a renal sonogram which was done very conveniently at the office on the same day. The results came back in 5 days, which is also unbelievably fast. The only thing that I have to mention is that the doctor is very popular and I had to wait for 40 minutes to see the doctor.
user avatar
By: Brittany F.
Ivy Urgent Care-bensonhurst 86
Great experience from the moment I walked in until the moment I walked out. I brought my 20 month old son in after what I thought was just a cold hadn't subsided after 4 days. Turned out he had an ear infection. We saw Dr. Arcilla and she was really wonderful. She had so much patience w/ my very fussy toddler (who is absolutely no fan of going to the doctors!) By the end of the visit, he was smiling at the doctor & waving to all the staff members. Everyone was so pleasant. I will definitely return when one of us is sick again
By: secretive
Dr. Leonard Grossman
It's been at least 2 years since my surgery with Dr Grossman. I am very pleased with results and the care I received at his clinic. The doctor is very different in every way from other plastic surgeons I have consulted with in NY. Down to earth, honest and reasonably priced. I remember the operating room actually being warm and not cold, warm blanket and hot tea after the surgery were a big plus. No pain at all after surgery for reasons I can't explain.I recommend Dr Grossman highly as the top plastic surgeon in NYC.
By: Robert K.
UrgentWay Brooklyn
I was in the city and was already sure I had a head cold. Half way through the day my ear started to hurt and just knew I was getting an ear infection. I searched online and found Urgentway near me and saw the good reviews and took a chance. I was not disappointment one bit. The front desk was super nice and doctor was very professional. Every one made me feel at ease and I walked out with a prescription for antibiotics. Overall a good experience and I would use them again if I am in the area.
Tips & Advices
Academic medical centers provide the widest range of specialty care treatments, including the latest technological advances, clinical trials, and surgical techniques. In general, an academic medical center is a better choice than a community hospital for complicated treatments or rare diseases. Pediatric intensive care, especially, is usually performed at academic medical centers.
Academic medical centers offer a broad range of specialized services, from allergists to urologists. Some of the larger medical centers have entire hospitals or clinics focused on a particular medical service, such as cancer treatment, though specialties vary among the centers. Patients whose community hospital or local doctors do not have the facilities or expertise to address complex medical conditions can be referred by their primary care physician or local specialist to a major medical center (there are more than a dozen in the United States).
Yes. In addition to their inpatient hospital services, medical centers can offer a wide variety of outpatient services, such as pain clinics, rehabilitation centers, surgery, imaging and laboratory, mental health treatment, and outpatient cancer treatment. Medical groups – doctors in private practice but affiliated with the medical center--will also have offices within the medical center.
Physicians, nurses, physician’s assistants, residents, and attending physicians makeup the clinical staff of an academic medical center.
Medical center accreditation is not required, but most centers work voluntarily toward accreditation because it represents higher standards of healthcare quality and patient safety.

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