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    The company's name is (cleverly?) misspelled- Nexus vs Nexuss Interiors
    I don't have a single nice thing to say about the owner (JERK), Jay.
    We were forced to use him because of Traemand. I now know this is ludicrous. Traemand is the Exclusive installer for Ikea Brooklyn, & Nexuss is the Exclusive contractor for Traemand.
    Jay arrived & gave us a great first impression, intensely listened, reviewed my drawings/design, & made helpful suggestions.
    But it was a very short honeymoon.
    He didn?t send the building mgmnt his contractor?s license or a lawfully required permit, or certificate of insurance as required. They didn?t cover hallways or our floors during construction. It cost us over 3,000.00 to repair/redo the horrible gauges in our floors & the hallway carpet. We ended up doing 7/8ths of the demo ourselves (me & my 60 year-old husband!) because he did not show up on the carting date. He never once cleaned the job site.
    His employees are absolutely not professionally trained in contracting. They had no clue whatsoever of what they were doing & had to borrow our tools (seriously, even our hammer!).
    I?m from a family of trades persons. I know most areas of construction & finishing. I am telling you, these guys knew nothing. One of them left 22 caliber cartridges from misfiring a ramset- all over the job site. This actually could have cause injury or death if hit by a hammer or heavy item. They disconnected the gas line without shutting it off. They worked on the electric without shutting off the main power. They did not secure cross studs to the frame where a heavy load of kitchen cabinets would be hung from! We had to add these in ourselves. These guys could have died from stupidity any number of times or harmed the other building residents (& of course, sued me!).
    But what is worse- they were off on the construction by 4 inches, even though I had extensive plans & Spray painted the floors for wall lines. We had to change the entire kitchen design. We lost a full set of uppers cabinets & had to change the stove to a much smaller one. We?d already bought & opened the first stove & cabinets, so we had to eat the cost on everything. I guesstimate that this was about another 3700.00.
    After about 12-13 no-shows & screwing up our kitchen floor-plan, we called the owner of Traemand. Jay's BS excuse was that we had changed our design after the fact. I proved via Ikea's (dated) online design program he was lying. Luckily I had also videoed the entire bad experience & showed a portion of this (thanks, Dateline NBC) to him and Traemand. But instead of offering to fix it, he demanded several thousand (additional) $$$to make ""the changes"". We fired him on the spot & we also cancelled Traemand. We had about 75% of the drywall installed, no floor, no plumbing, no cabinets. I ended up taking over 4 1/2 months in my spare time to undo & finish the kitchen myself.
    Only one blessing in this whole thing; once you have the design perfected, Ikea kitchens are actually easy to install. We saved over 2k installing the kitchen ourselves, which offset the extra costs. You just need to have patience. What was difficult was redesigning on a shoestring budget.
    If you can't there are many companies who now install Ikea Kitchens. I hope you never consider using this guy, even if pressured by Traemand. Just don't do it! He is definitely a crook. After the fact, we discovered all the positive reviews we saw online about him were actually written by the same person (a female).

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