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By: Kim L.
Western Beef
This is my first time at this location and first review. As for the crowd we went on a sat yesterday night around 8pm and wasnt crowded at all by time we left at 9:30 it was nearly empty no line. The deals are great so much options. The deli section was small disappointing for such a large store. Not many combo too choose and what was offered like boars head turkey and swiss was $8. I can get that combo at Guinta Meat Frams or Compare for $5 on sale. I have to say the deli employee was professional & friendly. There were some items that were stamped with a good expiration date yet the item had mold on it. Probably causedby over crowding the section or case just not set at right temp. We entered to double doors to a warehouse of meat & frozen items. The selection again was grand. We were shopping with my children one whom is a 3 yr old. She needed to use the bathroom my husband took her he asked 1 employee if bathroom was dirty he replied "alittle". My husband was mortified walked in to toliets full of FECES. My husband frantically found a bottle of bleach and cleaned the seat himself he was left with no choice or my daughter feces would have been part of the mess. The fumes from bleach caused my daughter to have a headache and my husband whom suffers from high blood pressure skyrocketed so much he came out physically flushes red faced made a scene. The young woman manager said she knew it was like that and had no one to clean it. She said customers were complaining all day. Well if maintenance was out sick it is her job to call another employee or do it herself. Really they should have a sub contractor they can call for emergency to come professionally sanitize after an incident like that.
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By: Antonella D.
BJ's Wholesale Club
My husband and I go here all the time together, and also my mom and aunt go on their own. We all have been going here for about over 15-20 years now!!!! Best place to get everything we need and we also love that a lot of things are in bulks!! Every time we go, We all stack up on 3-5 carriages worth of stuff that we purchase!!!!! Even though in less then a month, we still have enough things left over, we still go back like about every 3-4 weeks, to stack up a lot again, so we always have what we need in our home. Plus a lot extra!My husbands side of the family goes here too and also stack up.We all love Costco! And good prices too!!
By: Miriam H.
The kosher answer to Whole Foods. While the prices on some items are pretty high, you have to realize that most kosher foods are more expensive than non-kosher to begin with, and then decide if you are willing to pay more for top quality. The kosher meats, fish, and gourmet cheeses available here are the best I've found, and I'm willing to pay accordingly.
By: Chris N.
iMarket Global, inc
This is a great company that allows people to have great opportunity. i currently work with the company in the NYC area for over a year now and cannot be more satisfied. Thanks to the imarket global management team for all the opportunity!
By: Lorrine T.
Food Basics
My experience with this store was outstanding. They had everything. ACS . I am so sorry that they are closing . when ever I leave work I go to basic.. The employee was so respectul.. Such a friendly place. Will miss them. Truly heart felt
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By: Morallisticallysweet R.
Starrett City Deli and Grocery
There was a time that I enjoyed patronizing this store but lately I have found the individuals in the store to treat everyone in the neighborhood like they are Crack Heads, they show no respect for their customers.
By: jazelperex
Tops On The Waterfront
Great service, selection and prices. You can t beat this grocery store! I love that it's near my house and by the water. I love the service and selection. They have all my favorite brands!
By: Diana L.
86 Supermarket Inc
This is my go-to place in the neighborhood for fresh seafood, always fresh, always tastes amazing. The also have a good fruits and vegetables selection. Reasonable prices and good food.
By: justinbreer
Tops On The Waterfront
I come here because I always get the top of the line gourmet food here it is always so fresh and so tasteful. Thank you for making my grocery experience always a great experience.
By: Micki G.
Fresh Place Market Inc
clean, friendly and has everything we need. If they dont have what we want they order it and have it next week. Great prices and friendly. I go here at least 2 times a week!

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