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By: Serena W.
Brooklyn Prospect Charter School
We transferred to this school from our district Magnet school, PS 133, and I couldn't be happier. The staff is concerned and caring, the teachers are excellent and my daughter is undoubtedly thriving here. She went from being indifferent about school to being extremely engaged and enthusiastic. The small community is warm and friendly, the student body is diverse, with wonderful children and the atmosphere is always calm and nurturing (my daughter couldn't get over the fact that no teachers yell at this school). I wouldn't transfer her to any other place (including private schools) after observing the positive changes that have occurred in under a year in her learning habits and she has progressed beyond my expectations in a very short time. I highly recommend Brooklyn Prospect Charter Elementary for promoting such a learning positive environment where kids are encouraged to be curious, imaginative, and their best possible selves.
By: Cynthia F.
Holy Angels Catholic Academy
Reading the article regarding Daniel Fitzpatrick was rather disturbing. I feel it is both the parent's responsibility as well as the faculty. Intense counseling for the parent's as well, sending Daniel off to another school wouldn't solve anything. Alcohol is not the solution either. Did anybody consider reading the first seven Psalm's perhaps, recite the Rosary, confession,?????? May you rest in peace Daniel Fitzpatrick!
By: Arnit V.
Ps 180
i have been in the school for a very long time but over the years some teacher dont grade important papers which can cause students to fail. also the fighting is horible and students would curse a lot.making friends is hard if your grade is 6,7, or 8. but the teaching and classes are ok.
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By: Md M.
337 Herkimer
Hi my name is Moinuddin Rahman this is BROOKLYN international high school one Billion Ridge tshort 2017
By: Andre P.
Sunset Park High School
I'm glad I was able to experience high school here

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