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By: Michele L.
King Solomon Restaurant
I was holding a memorial dinner for my son. I needed everything to be perfect. We checked out every possible kosher restaurant and catering hall in Brooklyn. We found dairy restaurants, Italian restaurants, and standard catering halls but there was absolutely nothing to compare to King Solomon. It is a one of a kind hidden gem in Brooklyn.Firstly, they offered four different fantastic menus to choose from but you are not restricted to these menus. The owner told me he would serve whatever dishes made me happy. We had numerous discussions about the menu. Always, I was treated with such patience and respect. In the end, I chose a combination of the four options plus several creative dishes he suggested. They serve family style with the waiters coming around with large platters and serving each guest. Each menu offers non-stop food from the beginning of the event to the end. It was truly a banquet fit for a king. The food was unbelievably delicious dish after dish. It started coming and continued for several hours. There were tons of cold and hot appetizers, served by the most attentive waiters. Between courses, the wait staff stood behind each table to respond to every request. Each waiter wore an earpiece. The purpose of this was to pass along any request they were unable to fulfill directly to the owner who would immediately appear to meet the most minor of requests with a smile. At the end of the evening, the waiters provided take-out containers for each guest to take home the remaining food. The venue itself was perfect. A large round table in front of a lovely tapestry curtain held all the seating cards. Either side of the table opened to the main room. Since my son loved purple and we had chosen centerpieces with purple flowers. The owner provided cream colored tablecloths with purple napkins. He assisted me in making many of the choices I ended up going with and he was always right. The room was bathe in pale purple lighting which just pulled the whole look together. At the end of the room, is a stage behind which is a waterfall effect. I was surprised when I found out the restaurant provided at no extra charge a piano player. He performed throughout the evening on stage. In the front of the stage was a video monitor which we used to show our guests a video of our son’s life. For a small fee, the restaurant arranged get valet parking which meant so much to the guests.All in all, it was better than I could have ever imagined. The whole success of the evening boiled down to one thing: owners who are concerned with every detail of each event that takes place in their restaurant. The customer service is amazing. No matter how many times I called or popped in with questions, they were there for me and truly happy to help me. Following the dinner, I received texts and emails from everyone who attended. Everyone shared the same thought. It was a perfectly amazing dinner.I give King Solomon five stars only because they will not permit me to give them one hundred.
By: johnnystenoknight
The Royal Restaurant
I would have to say that I recommend Royal Restaurant as a diner that is a cut above the rest. Mind you there are not many good diners in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. With the exception of Hinch's and Pegasus diner, the staff at Royal Restaurant will make you very happy. They are professional, and service orientated. If you are a lover of food just take a look at the specials, the food is fantastic, but also try the entrees like the Chicken Florentine and Chicken Cordon Bleu, they are so good that they simply melt in your mouth. The menu also offers a huge variety of tasty and healthy dishes. I absolutely love the food at Royal Restaurant, while my family is away for the summer, I order all of my food from them, because I know that the food is excellent. If you live in Bay Ridge, or are just visiting, why not give them a try, because you will not regret it.
By: noellem
Coco Roco
We always come here for their Rotisserie Chicken Special for $8.00! You can't beat their prices and they are very generous with their portion sizes, I stress VERY generous. If you're looking to loose weight and cut back on the carbs I probably wouldn't recommend coming here, but if not this is the place to go!I'm still not sure I understand though what Peruvian style food really is, but than again ordering the Rotisserie Chicken combo probably doesn't tell me too much. Maybe next time I should go for something more Peruvian sounding like the Pulpo Al Olivo! The service here is mediocre. They don't necessarily wait on you hand and foot, but the food comes out quick, and that's usually what I'm most concerned about. This is not the kind of place you have to come in your Sunday best for. Trust me nobody will be judging you there.
By: noellem
Song Restaurant
You can't come to Parkslope, Brooklyn without eating at Song! The ambiance is very trendy and relaxed and the crowd is lively, but not obnoxious. Everything I've ever ordered here was delicious, but I would highly recommend the Mango Gai Yung- thai mango salad with a grilled chicken half and sticky rice.The portion size is very generous and the mango really adds to the dish by complimenting the flavors. The seasoning in their dishes sets them apart from most thai restaurants. Even their traditional pad thai tops the list as exceptional. But, I should warn, they are closed during most holidays and occasionally I've walked by and they've been closed for no apparent reason so always call before you just show up.
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By: jodideoliveira
Mirage Diner
The Mirage is wonderful. The staff is outstanding. From the guy who parks your car, to the Maitre, to the waiters and busboys, you will not be able to find a better staff. Billy and Bobby (the owners), are kind and considerate and remember you the next time you walk in. George, Nate and Gustavo are the best around and treat you like family. The food is outstanding and the portions are huge.Thank you for your Mirage Diner!To those who gave the diner a 1-star rating and negative comments - do we go the same diner? In the same borough - state?
By: Ty H.
Shake Shack
I was at a game at Barclays center, my friends said lets go to shake shack, it's across the street. The line was not as bad as I heard. First time eating at stake shack and it was great. The food tasted so fresh and the young lady who took our order was amazingly nice making suggestions to me based on what I told her. They have earned my business
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By: Leon F.
Buckley's Bar & Restaurant
This place's main dining room is nicely decorated. It has a large room for private parties too. The front bar is a modern tavern. Everything here is pretty goodI have been there many times throughout the years. I enjoy their steaks and burgers. Great steak or string fried potatoes. The best mashed turnipsVery reasonably priced.
By: Prunish C.
La Villa Cafe Restaurant
My absolute favorite food is the Pumpkim Spice Pancakes and hot chocolate whether its to stay or to go they always give it to me fresh. Free delievry as always and top notch food preparation skills. I order whenever I want to get breakfast in the evening and gues what its still fresh to go.
By: Esther E.
Joeper's Smokeshack
With my husband we were looking for a restautant and see this place, even though is small i have to admit the food is very good, i am not an expert in smoky food but my mouth say was good, i like the ribs, awesome tangy mustard sauce mmmmmm..And the best bourbon bread puding.
By: Joshua C.
Favor Taste
A cool place to hang with large groups. Expect to eat plenty, but that goes without saying in an All-You-Can-Eat place. It's better if you come starving, so you'll enjoy the flavor of the broth more, as each ingredient you boil in it makes the flavor deeper.

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