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By: Yana R.
Shore View Nursing and Rehabilitation
My mother is almost 90years young.After a prolonged illness she was placed in the hospital dehydrates,refusing to eat or drink not responding verbally. Her doctor suggested to look for a hospice as a final place of care. I didn't want to give up and found Shore View nursing home though a friend. Still very weak my mother was slowly adapting to the situation of being in the nursing home. I often rushed to feed her when she was home but was amazed to see the aid at the home feeding her and the variety of food available. Before she was just lying in bed all day. Now she spends time sitting in the wheelchair and socializing with people around her. Her room has has a TV in her native language and despite a poor vision she still gets stimulated by the sounds. The staff is very attentive to her needs. I had calls from different departments asking me for suggestion and information regarding her habits and abilities. This was clearly a sign of staff caring and wanting to improve her life there. I am no longer worried about her as I see that staff is just as caring about her needs as I was when she lived at home. My mother gets her needs fulfilled and her health issues addressed in the most professional and dedicated way. Thank you to every one at Shore View for caring for my mom and giving me a peace of mind and peace in my heart. Marsha Apartsev.
By: Bella F.
Shore View Nursing and Rehabilitation
I've placed my mom Sofya at Shore view Nursing Home in June 2016 for a long term.I would like to thank you so much to all 4th floor stuff members: Nurses -Olga and Nurses supervisor Chen, doctors-Dr. Newman, social workers especially Roza Klig, Victoria Chiripko-financial coordinator, Maya Solovey-Associate Director, and many, many more-I just don't know all names for their attention, kindness, human warmth. I was touched and I'm happy that my mom is in the good hands.Thank again,Bella
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By: Iza B.
Haym Salomon Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation
Rehab and nursing staff are top notch, especially OT Anna D, words can't describe how much I appreciate how she worked with my mother and got her back on her feet, she is my Angel. She is so sweet and truly loves her job and all of the residents and it shows, she has a heart of gold. MJ, Anabell and Michael -PT were fantastic. This was our second time here and both times extremely positive and fabulous experiences. Thank you to all!
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By: Barbara B.
Mjhs Menorah Hospital
I believe that your staff hastened my husband’s death by how they treated him. When you staff proceeded to change his bed linens because one of his leg bags leaked, your staff put him in terrible pain, which he could not tolerate. They lowered the bed so he was flat. He could not tolerate that because he had 14 metastases to his spine. They rolled him back and forth as if he were a piece of dough, to change his linens, ignoring his cries of pain, and his pleas for them to stop. They yelled at him, and told him he had to let them do their job. Your staff then proceeded to ignore his requests for ativan and oxycodone, and that he could not catch his breath. Your staff’s inhumane treatment of my husband was the very opposite of what hospice care should be. After much waiting, they gave him a shot of something to ease his discomfort. Afterwhich, his eyes rolled up, and within a short amount of time, he was dead. Instead of a peaceful death, he had a painful, undignified death.
By: V E.
Shore View Nursing and Rehabilitation
My mother has been at the Shore View Rehab Center for a few weeks. She is on the 7th floor and is getting an excellent care. We visit her at random times and days, she is always well and taken care of. She loves physical therapy and other activities provided. Nurses,therapists and social workers are outstanding. We are very pleased with care and attention she receives at Shore View.
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By: Bilous V.
Shore View Nursing and Rehabilitation
My father was a resident at Shore View Nursing and Rehab. He was admitted after having received total hip replacement surgery. The services provided to him were outstanding. The progress he made was extroarindary. Our family was incredibly pleased with the level of care and professionalism from the rehab specialists and nurses. He made great strides within just one month and since his stay he is back on his feet. We couldnt have asked for a better outcome.
By: Niki F.
Shore View Nursing and Rehabilitation
Do not send anybody to this horrible place. My 90 year old mother almost died there due to their medically negligent and incompetent care. In 1.5 months period that she spent in this dump she was sick 90% of the time with bacterial infections due to their basic neglect of hygiene.My mother was admitted for weakness in her legs and inability to walk. She was otherwise a reasonably healthy 90 year old. We just naively believed the advertising on the Russian radio, that this place provides comfortable and familiar Russian environment. After spending a few days there she had her first urinary tract infection and this is how our nightmare begun. They treated her infection but in about 10 days she had it back, then another one, then complications from multiple antibiotic treatments, then wrongly diagnosed pneumonia, treated with very strong antibiotic which was contraindicated sending my mom straight to intensive care unit fighting for her life. Dr. Orlovsky did not answer any of my calls, did not discuss my mother's medical condition even once. She was still very sick and the same doctor discharged her back to this hell hall. In the next 2-3 days i watched my mom getting sicker and sicker and the doctor didn't even show up to see her or answer my multiple calls and cries for help after being paged many times. He just abandoned his patient. The nursing staff told me to wait till the doctor will answer the page, but he didn't for 2 days. Nothing was done for my mom and her condition deteriorated to the point that she became unresponsive due to untreated bacterial infection in her blood. But her doctor, who did not show up as usual, demanded to talk to me on the phone for the first time. I wanted to take my mom out of there and to a hospital emergency room but the Dr. who didn't see the patient, yelled at me on the phone, was extremely rude, could not answer coherently any medically related questions, threatened me because I was taking my mom against his medical advice. This doctor in my opinion should not be practicing medicine. He was criminally negligent while treating my mom and his incompetence almost killed her. I took my mother to another hospital "against his medical advice". She went straight into intensive care unit and spent almost 3 weeks there. At some point she was placed on hospice care and I was told to start funeral arrangements.This is my story. Every time I hear or see advertisement for this place, I want to tell everyone not to fall for this.
By: Tom L.
Atlantis Rehabilitation Ctr
This place is really horrible in so many ways. Its best viewed as the opposite literally of their ads that promise "to met and exceed expectation." What a sad joke. Go see for yourself. Ads are all lies. Formerly the Atlantis, except for the new name its still the same bad place. It's dark, stinks due to poor ventilation, understaffed and every patient looks very unhappy. Rec is being propped in a room in front of a small TV. The building looks like it has not been updated since being built in the 1950s. Outside is actually worse-one of the worse crime ridden public housing in the city. Many nurse stations have a fan- no kidding. Half the patients are Asian yet there are only a few staff that can speak their language, and they are frail elderly themselves. On every floor theres only 1 or 2 orderlies, and no one-from the front desk to several staff - knew even if there is an attending doc, as if that was unheard of. This place is very short staffed with medical professionals above a nurse practitioner. There is hardly any rehab equipment and no obvious actual patient care so given the extremely higher than average Medicare billing for services this place is obviously a Medicare billing scam. Sham, sham on the operator for exploiting elderly who can't complain. There should be a special place in hell for you.
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By: 3280tiara
Crown Heights Center for Nursing & Rehab
A bunch of loud rude and unprofessional west Indian who don't know the first thing about caring fo
By: Yakov T.
Shore View Nursing and Rehabilitation
My 89 year old mother has been at the Shore View Rehab Center for a few weeks now after complicated surgery and we are very pleased with our choice of the facility. Nursing personnel is outstanding, she receives around the clock care as well as physical therapy and to this point I can honestly say I have not had a single complaint about the facility or staff that help make it happen. We did a lot of research prior to choosing a Rehab Center and read some negative reviews on this and some other sites, but our experience has been really positive and if asked, we would recommend Shore View without any hesitation

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