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By: Diya R.
Wayne Agassi's Salon
These guys are fantastic. I do not have the healthiest hair, but this Aveda Salon ensured that my hair improves while I color it. I am amazed! They are truly the bets in terms of quality and assurance.
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By: Kt K.
Unisex Beauty Salon
My scalp is chemically burned, there’s chunks of dry, dead skin all over my head, with patched of hair coming out, & my hair is burnt to a crisp; lifeless and dry. I now need to cut at least six inches off my hair for it to look somewhat decent. I didn’t receive the result that I wanted, the job was not done correctly! I want my $180 back. Overall unprofessional salon, rude management, NO license up, no sanitizer on stations, dirty tangled up hair brushed everywhere, and dirty sink. SAVE your money, & save your time, DON’T GO HERE!!! Go to a PROFFESIONAL salon, like Adam’s, Lotus, or Delacqua! June 28th, 5 PM, entered this salon with a photo of an ombre hairstyle & asked if the stylist can recreate it & they said yes, it’ll cost $130, should be done in about 3 hours. I agreed & we got started. 2 ½ hours later. My scalp is burning up & the resulting hair color is the same as when I walked in! I asked the owner when the darker color is coming in, and she said it’s be a separate appointment along with a additional $70 – for the same style she originally told me $130 for. They made the appointment for Friday, june 30 at 1pm & told me I had to pay upfront. I was going to pay via credit card, but the owner said she only accepts cash ( to avoid paying taxes) & opened the door & sent me to the ATM across the street. She said she did me a “favor” and took $20 off, so I paid $180 cash, and when I asked for my receipt, she said the register was closed and I had to come back for it the following day. I posted my before and after pictures in a local beauty page on Facebook, and dozens of people reached out to me, many also had horrible experiences with this salon. I don’t trust them to fix their mistake, they’ll just damage me hair and scalp even further. 6/29, I came to pick up my receipt but both the owner and stylist were on their day off, so I came in the next day, 6/30 to cancel the 1pm appointment, get my receipt, and get a refund. I asked for the receipt and the same owner said that salons don’t give receipts & there’s no way I’ll be getting one from her. She said she can only refund me $15 out of the $180. She said she saw my facebook post, and demanded I take it down, to which I replied HECK NO! I asked her where the stylists license is, and she said it’s none of my business! I told her it’s the law to have it in plain sight, and she said nope, it’s for her as the owner to have for record, not for the public. She started cursing at me in Russian & yelling at me to get out of her store, because the only option is to “FIX” their mistake, not refund my money for THEIR mess up. She knowingly took the license off the wall, and hid it somewhere because she saw that people in the beauty group online told me to go snap a pic of it and report it to Albany, and she knew I’d be coming in to take that photo. DON’T GO HERE!!! Go to a PROFFESIONAL salon, like Adam’s, Lotus, or Delacqua!
By: Sarah L.
Heritage Human Services
This organization is absolutely terrible. You're special needs child will not benefit from this program in the slightest. Not only do they not do much with the kids in regards to building vital, everyday living skills...but they don't even communicate or let you know what they did or where they went with your child. My child skills has DECLINED since she started (over 4 years!). Currently in the works of removing her. She has come home with too many problems, either physically or emotionally and I've had enough. DO NOT PUT YOUR CHILD WITH THIS ORGANIZATION.
By: Elizabeth K.
Noervana Hair & Beauty Office
Ladies, I am happy to recommend Noervana Hair & Beauty Salon. I stopped in today as a walk-in and received excellent service. The salon is beautiful and the stylists are great. I stopped for a manicure and liked the place so much I stayed for a wash n set. They even gave me a rain scarf so my hair wouldn't get wet! I'm impressed and will definitely go back again. Liz K.
By: Trina C.
Dominican Hair Salon
The people are nice but they don't know how to do many styles only the same style. In addition, they don't have many curlers to curl and they try to give you a style they like not what you ask for. I was disappointed because I thought all Dominicans were good with hair not this salon. They overcharge you if you ask them to do too much to your hair also. Very disappointed. I'll go back to the previous Dominican salon who does everything and they have confidence in their work.
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By: Cecile J.
Salon 718
A very professional group of workers. Puts their clients in a state of comfort and relaxation while attending to their hairs need. A shout out to my favorite stylist Ayana. She brings out the youth in me. Much love my friend.
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By: Ras A.
Atiba's Unisex Salon
Greetings to everyone! We have been ,in business for over 11 years! Our atmosphere is welcoming ,to everyone. We hold regular conversations on current affairs. It is a hair haven ,for visitors and residents. It is a place where you are instantly empowered ,by the support of the practitioners. We offer one of the highest standards of work, by using the guidelines of the NY State. Atiba's Unisex Salon is a place of perfect love and pride!
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By: Galaxyevolution H.
Galaxy Evolution Hair Design
Our goals is to provide professional attentive and genuine personal care for each of our clients. Our talented and professional teams of stylists will help you find a look that's right for you .We provide full hair service including hairstyles haircuts & hair coloring, hair highlight ,extensions ,relaxers ,Perm's and Keratin.
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By: Cassandra R.
Yole Beauty Salon
Such a horrible job and they overcharged me $45.00. First they tried to detangle my hair with a rat-tail comb which is not how you detangle natural hair, she practically ripped my hair out. She didn't have any products geared towards my hair type and she kept saying "your hair is too hard." I went back the very next day to get my money back and Nicole practically insulted me and said "you used my water to wash your filthy hair, we did what you asked. I'm sorry you can't get your money back" It was horrible experience. I don't suggest anyone with non-permed hair to go this unprofessional salon.
By: Kin N.
Marina's Ritz Look Inc
This place is just plain old racist. The owner is rude and disrespectful to costumers that are not Russian. They literally talk about you in Russian right in front of your face, which makes it uncomfortable to even be there. Even though I don't speak Russian, I can tell when someone is talking about me in their language. The service is horrible and they can't seem to do anything you ask for even if you show them pictures. They suggest their own opinion a bit too much and really don't consider your voice. I completely felt out of place at this salon and I would not recommend it to anyone. If I am paying you money to do my hair, I expect you to do what I asked not the other way around. Overall, I had a terrible experience and these people are heartless. They have no right to judge us when we walked through the door.

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