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By: manalb35
Left Turn Corp.
I absolutely agree Valeriy is unique Instructor.Left turn driving school has excellent staff however it would be desirable to share my own experience. I have heard to 5 hours a class with instructor Valeriy and he has suggested me to take driving lessons with him but his prices have seemed me very high and I have taken a cheap package with instructor Anastasiya. She was very patient with me and taught me well, thanks. My husband was practicing with me additionally but I did not pass my first road test. I continued to be engaged with Anastasiya and my husband but 4 next attempts to pass the test have not brought to me success. I was in despair and did not know what to do. Finally I have addressed to Valery and we have started to prepare me for the road test. I shall tell to me it was not easy but my driving became better from a lesson to a lesson and I began to understand more nuances at conducting the car. We was simulated the road test many times during every lesson. Valeriy tested me very strictly and thoroughly. After such practice I have understood all the previous mistakes and have passed the actual road test with 5 points off only.I would like to note Valeriy's the highest professionalism. His skill to explain in detail what is a mistake and why and how to avoid it. Valery possesses natural gift to calm. You forget about excitement and fear with him and start to take pleasure in driving the car. My opinion is if you over 30 years old or nervous – Valeriy are your driver instructor!P.S. I have lost plenty of time nerves and money. To pay it is necessary to professionals – it is strongly lowers expenses and reduces time.
By: Rebecca G.
Left Turn Corp.
Very impressed with this school ! I only took 2 lessons one 45 minute lesson and one short pre road test driving class and I passed the test ( practiced on my own time but they taught me all the necessary steps to pass the test ) ... my one class was with Isaac.. Isaac was very good he talked a lot and explained everything gave a lot of advice .. he was very professional and knowledgeable .. the 30 minute class I took with Eugene and once again very good experience ... our road test was in Staten Island so we left Brooklyn with plenty of time before the test .. when we got to Staten Island Eugene drove around for quite a while showing us a lot of tips while driving to pass the test ( totally extra he didn't have to do any of that he was just a nice guy who wanted us to pass ) after that we had a 30 minute pre test class ( it was me and another student so I had 30 minutes and the other student had 30 minutes ) and again Eugene was so helpful and so calm and very helpful ! Even though I know how to drive the road test itself has many rules and if you don't follow the rules the inspector will fail you with any big mistake otherwise they take points for every mistake and you can fail .. I would recommend this school to everyone and anyone ... !!! Not all schools have teachers who will actually help you some schools have instructors who don't care .. I'm going to send all my friends here !
By: yaricsa
Left Turn Corp.
God luck your Business - Valeriy!I highly, highly recommend instructor VALERIY- Left turn driving school ! I got a job down south and needed to learn to drive ASAP, but was very nervous about the process (I had tried to learn twice before with other schools and had actually failed the test 3 times over a period of years). Valeriy was a great instructor -- very calm & professional. I especially liked the way he taught parallel parking, which was a little different from the other schools where I took lessons in the past. I took 7 lessons with Valeriy (1 initial lesson to see if I liked the school, then a 6-lesson package that included the 5-hour class and road test), took the test and finally passed today! I am really relieved -- plus my family is in shock since I failed so many times before ;) Another great thing about Valeriy is that he doesn't schedule lessons too close together. This meant that he was always on time for our lessons but never made a fuss if the lesson went 5-10 minutes over time. I really appreciated that he wasn't constantly watching the clock like some other teachers. I also thought that Left Turn was very affordable, especially since I did a package. Not sure what else to say -- I had a great experience! Thanks a lot Valeriy
By: ivanka
Left Turn Corp.
Highly recomend Anastasia, only Anastasia! ANASTASIA THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! ON 9/30/2012 I passed my road test on my first attempt Anastasia was my instructor. A major challenge for me was parallel parking. It became an issue because I was trying to memorize the turns. Anastasia realized what I was doing and told me that this can t happen and my focus should be to think of the position I would like the rear or front of the car to go in and then turn the wheel accordingly. Her advice made the world of a difference as she was spot on. Anastasia is a stickler for driving properly and safely. She brings the simplest mistake to your attention even if she has to repeat herself over and over. With that she reminds you of what you should have done. Ensure that you do as Anastasia says and you will be well on your way to passing your test. Trust her judgment when she tells you whether or not she thinks you are ready for your test. Anastasia is an excellent and patient instructor! Don t hesitate to call her right away and request her services. You will have no regrets. She will answer all your driving questions. Left Turn Diving School is really Excellent!
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By: Irina H.
Left Turn Corp.
I had a wonderful experience with the Left Turn Driving School! Took 5 practice classes and succesfully passed my road test at first time. A BIG THANK YOU to my instructor Valeriy - a real professional! I am so grateful for your patience, clearity in explanation, motivation and encouragment!!! Eventhough I wasn't a perfect driver, Valeriy always made me feel relaxed and confident behind the wheel. You understand that every single cent you paid for your classes worth it. I would recommend this school to everyone! Guys, you are real professionals!!! I really appreciate all your help, time flexibility, patience and kindness!!! A real 5 star School *****!
By: sabrys
Left Turn Corp.
I am about to turn 40, grown up in Brooklyn, NY and have always feared driving. I find Valeriy with Left Turn driving School on line. He was wise and very calm during all our lessons and gave me valuable tips still run through my head when i was driving around. He is really tops, especially if you re anxious about driving. His car is brand new and clear.His easy stile to park a car helped me wile road test. Can t say enough good thinks if you live in Brooklyn and want to learn to drive, this is your man. Left turn DS is really helpful and friendly. Thank you Valeriy and Good Luck your business!
By: Ilke A.
Left Turn Corp.
Hi, I worked with Isaak Gelbinovich, and he was a very professional and experienced driving instructor who was also very flexible to schedule with. He was incredibly helpful and patient with me throughout each lesson. He guided me through every step of the driving process. Because of it, I was well equipped to pass my road test! Thank you!!!
By: amelchanka
Left Turn Corp.
I had a great experience learning how to drive for the first time in my life at "left turn driving school". Valeriy is a great and very special teacher. If he could teach a blond like me how to drive in order to pass my test from the very first try, he can teach anyone. I highly recommend Valeriy and very thankful to him!
By: Izabelle Y.
Left Turn Corp.
Valeriy is just amazing. He thought my mom how to drive when I was still a little kid and all of her friends. I just passed my license and I'm proudly saying that he is just great. He has so much patience. He just tries to help. He never pressures anyone and that's the only way to learn. Thank you Valeriy,Highly recommend.
By: Stephanie S.
Left Turn Corp.
My instructor name is Sam, he was very kind, professional, and informative. He just helped me pass my driving test! I recommend him to anyone.

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