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By: Kristin R.
1. Walking in the front door, the team greets everyone by name - all the time. How they have managed to memorize everyone's names/faces is beyond me. Very often, you will even get a welcome hug. You will ALWAYS see a smile.2. The team is encouraging in a firm and motivational way but with so much support and enthusiasm. 3. The class level is mixed. I didn't feel like a total failure. I didn't feel like I was doing worse than everyone else. The way it's set up, I don't even pay attention to what anyone is doing. You are brought right into the workout and go from one step to another and you are challenged against yourself to always get better. 4. Fun with high intensity. The workout IS tough yes. Not going to lie. But what tempers all of that is the sense of fun and enjoyment the team brings. Aside from the lead instructor, there are co-instructors who walk around the room to check everyone out and correct form and keep you working - again, with a smile on their face and a word of encouragement or perhaps some silly banter.5. High-fives for everyone after each tough set. 6. The studio is clean and spacious (ha and no HUGE windows for all the deadbeats on the street to walk by and stare at you hahaha). Oh and for anyone looking to drive, there is usually plenty of parking nearby. And delis so you can grab some water and power-up snacks prior.7. Interactivity. Join up and get in the VIP group on Facebook and get to know everyone better. It really makes coming in so much more enjoyable to have this sense of community with each other. Regular tips on form or nutrition are posted regularly in addition to the fun and silly times on the board.8. They do good. Check-ins bring benefits to those who can use it. Coat drives. ILKB gets involved with you, with the community, with the world.9. Any place that encourages me to bring my dog to visit is A-Ok in my book :)10. Simply put - I feel good. A perfect stress reliever. I wasn't motivated prior. Now I am.
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By: Heather L.
I checked this place out initially because it was right by my house and their try-us-out deal was amazing. The staff was immediately warm and welcoming via phone and Facebook before I even set foot in the class, so that helped quell some anxiety. (Important, as I haven't done cardio like this, um, possibly ever.)Despite my trepidation about committing to a tough exercise regimen, I joined after the first class! I mean, the time to get in shape is always now, right? Time waits for no one. (Insert dramatic sigh.)Anyway, the class is high-intensity and it hurts during and after for a newbie like me, but it gets exponentially better each time I go and I really feel like I am gifting my mind and body with something truly important. Health! (Oh...and maybe a summer bod I can be proud of!)If you are nervous about what shape you're in or are embarrassed about group classes like this, absolutely don't be. The instructors are all super-friendly, positive and motivational and there is no judgment. Class members are focused on their personal goals and trying to get through the sets without pausing (haha--of course maybe that's just me). Speaking of pausing, if you need to, you can. Again, no judgment. (I find that I need to stop less and less with each class.)To sum up - if you are looking for a lightning-fast way to get yourself in shape in a fun and friendly environment, you'll find it here!:)
By: Chanira R.
I Love Kickboxing Park Slope is amazing! When I took my first class, I was nervous that I wasn’t in shape enough to make it through, however, I ended the class with a feeling of empowerment and strength. I was paired with an instructor who showed me all of the moves and helped perfect my form which made it less intimidating. I was hooked instantaneously. The staff are so friendly and nice and go above and beyond to know their members. It feels like we are a family of fitness warriors on a journey to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have noticed my clothes fitting better, my energy skyrocket, and my over mental health improve. Punching and kicking relives so much stress and for someone who has a full time job and attending grad school at night, it can get overwhelming. I am building confidence that I never knew I possessed and it is thanks to I Love Kickboxing Park Slope!If anyone who is reading this is on the fence on trying I Love Kickboxing Park Slope, please give them a try. You will not regret it. I go three times a week and it is always the highlight of my day. It’s been a month since I’ve joined and it was the best decision I have recently made.
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By: Kathryn S.
The team at I Love Kickboxing Park Slope has created a community where everyone feels comfortable in their own skin and encourages each other to excel. My first class was with Rubie and I had Rachel as my own personal coach helping me with proper form and technique. I came to class with previous injuries, but Rachel showed me different ways I could safely modify some of the workouts. I've been coming to class for about a month now and can already feel a difference. All the instructors have been great about sharing tips to improve performance and get the most out of your workout. For anyone on the fence about joining, I encourage you to try it out. If you can get through the first fifteen minutes (you can totally do it), then you can get through anything. And, fun fact, the even have DJ nights... so now you have to try it out.
By: Erica O.
I love kickboxing Park Slope is incredible! My boyfriend and I signed up in the beginning of April and having been going to classes a few times a week. We have completely different schedules and this is a wonderful way for us to spend some time together in a positive way. Each class targets your entire body and we're steadily seeing results throughout. The staff is extremely helpful, motivating, and full of energy during the entire class. The location is organized, well maintained, and very clean. If you're looking for a fun workout that will give you great results and help you feel and look great, I highly recommend I Love Kickboxing in Park Slope!
By: Cydney W.
I joined for a year and this is just my second week at I love kickboxing Park Slope and I love it. The atmosphere is fun and the instructors are hard workers so don't expect to come to class and slack off!! I love that!! I can't wait to see my results when I hit my one month mark!! Ppl like to listen to good music while working out so let me tell you,  their playlist is rocking!!! I have to stop myself from dancing sometimes!! So if you're looking for a place to have a great workout (or to relieve some stress in a positive way) with fun and friendly ppl great instructors that push and motivate you and pumping music.. this is the place for you!!
By: Erin B.
Joining ILKB was literally the best decision I've made. When you join you immediately become a part of the family. Both the instructors and all the other members are so friendly, welcoming, and supportive. I was so shocked when I would walk in after just joining and people knew my name already. Everyone really cares so much about each other and genuinely wants to see you get fit and succeed in kickboxing. Going to class is my favorite part of the day and is slowly becoming like a second home for me. I can honestly say I LOVE this place and I LOVE kickboxing (lol).
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By: Jessica F.
Step out of your comfort zone and into this warm bubble of kindness and sweat! I joined for a year after my first class and I'm never looking back. Times are stressful and punching and kicking a big bag will relieve your stress like nothing else. You also get the direct support of dynamic, attractive, and super sweet instructors. I KNOW I'm going to get in the best shape of my life doing this & make friends in the process. I also recommend this location - it's clean, bright, and the members make it a community.
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By: Tina G.
I've been looking for something to excite me about fitness again and I found it at Ilovekickboxing. As a certified Zumba instructor and personal trainer I have done a lot of different types of workouts and not to many keep my interest. From day 1 I❤️kickboxing has kept my attention. The instructors are fierce and friendly. They push you to take it to the limit. I highly recommend I❤️kickboxing to whoever wants to get in shape and enjoy the process!
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By: Keith B.
Purchasing a membership to ILoveKickboxing Park Slope may just be the best thing I’ve decided to do for myself. When I used to work out, I would have to drag myself to the gym, dreading the cardio and weightlifting ahead of me. Since attending classes at ILKB, I’m feeling stronger and more energetic, and when I leave the studio, I’m already figuring out when the next time I can come back is.

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