By: Roy B.
Ybt Van Lines
This has been my first time using Ybt Van Lines and I am extremely satisfied with this company. I had a long distance move, from Hazleton to New York and I needed real professionals to do the job. My friend Matthew recommended the company to me saying that the whole team at Ybt is awesome. My team of movers were Bill and two workers. They came to my apartment on time and packed everything very fast. They even put together my desk and a few other things that were disassembled. I talked to Adam, a sales person, who was extremely friendly explaining everything about their service thoroughly. So, a day after, Bill arrived to my apartment with two friendly workers and start moving all my stuff. As I mentioned, they even put together a few things and did not charge me extra for that. It made my day. All my things are intact, nothing got damaged or broken. These people are so professional. Also, the price was incredible, really competitive and reasonable. I will say that if you are looking for a moving company, choose Ybt Van Lines! Definitely the best choice!
By: Jade L.
AM Home Delivery & Trucking Co
I loved this delivery service! I ordered my appliances forom AJ Madison and withing 2 weeks I was scheduled for delivery. I recieved a call on Friday for delivery on Monday between 7-11 am. I loved the 4 hour window since UPS and others give you no such thing, with them I have to constantly check my email for 12 hours. About an hour into my window I got worried and called the main office. I asked to be transfered to CA and was. I told them I was worried so they offered to call me 30 minutes ahead so I could relax. They called me about 35 minutes before and the drivers were awesome. They were clean careful and very polite! We joked and laughed the whole time they were there. I want to order something else just so I can see them again. Awesome serice with a smile.
By: Lola G.
Ybt Van Lines
I live in Houston and my boyfriend lived in Sacrament so once he asked me to marry him we decided to live here in Houston. Of course he had to move, but it wasn’t that easy, because we found a new apartment and we had to move a lot of things. So our double moving was done thanks to YBT Van Lines. They crew that was helping him relocate from California was trying to keep up with the movers that were packing me, so within two weeks more or less our things were delivered in our new apartment. It really paid off because we both get good service, quality and dedicated movers and fast delivery.
By: Susan b. N.
Ybt Van Lines
When I got my new job in L.A I knew that moving would be inevitable, but I had no idea that I only had three weeks to do it. I lived in a small town in Texas and I won’t lie I was panicking because I wasn’t able to find a company that would be eager and good enough to relocate me across country. Finally, after ten days searching, my mom found YBT Van Lines and we hired them instantly. They are life savers – my moving was done in 12 days; it was carefully done, the movers were professionals and dedicated to the job they had. I’m really satisfied from the price too.
By: Mark B.
Ybt Van Lines
Moving from San Antonio to Los Angeles was one of my greatest moving experiences so far (I was usually moving around Texas, but compared to this moving, those were really nothing). YBT Van Lines showed me that borders and long distance moving are not a problem for them. After four days of packing and sorting things in the vans, they drove off to California and in the next eight days the vans delivered the things to my new address. It was an affordable and most importantly stress free moving.
By: Consuelo B.
Ybt Van Lines
My family’s business was relocated from San Juan to San Antonio in three weeks with the help of YBT Van Lines. We are all very satisfied from them, because this was a huge step for us and for the company, but it was done fast and professionally. We are glad we collaborated with hardworking and reliable movers, who simply were there to do whatever was necessary without being rude, late or unprofessional. The price was also affordable, suitable and completely cost-efficient.
By: Cruz C.
Ybt Van Lines
Moving from Texas to California was one of things I took off my bucket list this summer. I got the finest help of YBT Van Lines and the movers made my life in Cali possible after only 2 weeks. They were the nicest, the most organized and the best movers I ever had (this was my third moving and first out of country moving). I loved every minute. I paid the price I signed for in the contract. I absolutely recommend their work.
By: Ruth B.
Ybt Van Lines
I relocated my two sons from Houston to San Francisco last year when they moved there for college. I trusted this company because I had no other choice – it turned out I was right. They packed my boys, and relocated their belongings in the next 2 weeks, charging me the most reasonable price I could pray for. I loved their professionalism, honesty and reliability. I strongly recommend them to everyone.
By: Frances E.
Ybt Van Lines
I moved from Fort Worth, TX to Sacramento, CA, with them and I am glad to give them this review because I got moved there for sixteen days. It was the fastest moving in my life and the most well organized. The movers had a lot of work during relocating my furniture from my four bedrooms home. The service was better than satisfying and I recommend them for that, and of course for their low prices.
By: Ann P.
Ybt Van Lines
I moved from Fort Worth to Santa Monica this summer. It was hot as hell but the movers from YBT Van Lines made their best to relocate my things within two weeks. It was a good organized moving, full with laughter and jokes and the movers were really friendly. I liked the whole process. Nothing was damaged or lost and I paid the price I signed in the contract. It was cost-efficient for sure.

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