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By: Bruce K.
Dr. Qin's Acupuncture Office
My name is Bruce Karp, and I am 74 years old. Although I am basically pretty healthy, I have suffered with osteoarthritis in my l knees for the past ten years.. Through the advice of a friend, I began to see Dr. Qin for acupuncture treatments.. Dr. Qin has advanced degrees in acupuncture from both Chinese and Japanese medical schools and he has many years of successful practical experience in providing acupuncture treatment. At the present time, I am free of pain; I can walk up to a mile without discomfort, and a follow-up MRI scan showed actual repair to the cartilage of the damaged knee.During the course of my treatments by Dr. Qin, he also helped resolve two other painful conditions: severe pain in my right elbow which came from sustained, excessive use of a computer mouse; and a lingering pain in my upper left cheek, due to a root-canal operation. I am very grateful to Dr. Qin for the help and relief his treatments have brought to me. Although I was initially unfamiliar with acupuncture and therefore somewhat skeptical about its effectiveness, I now know that it is a safe and very powerful therapeutic modality. I recommend Dr. Qin highly, without any reservations whatsoever.
By: Vincent S.
Dr. Qin's Acupuncture Office
Through acupuncture, Dr. Qin helped me to avoid back surgery.Through acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Dr. Qin helped to reduce my sensitivity to alergies and to control my diabetes.Through acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Dr. Qin is healing me from the effects of Hepititus C - A disease I got from recovering from Gillian Barre Virus Syndrome in a medicalhospital in 1970. Through the medical treatment at a medical hospital, I contacted Hepititus C. As a result, my liver was almost 3/4 damaged.Today, January 9, 2015, I am happy to say that my liver is almost 95% restored! I will continuetreatment with Dr. Qin until I reach 100%.

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